The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 13

Mary Has a Little Lamb

Aired Unknown Jan 06, 1990 on NBC

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  • A side plot saves the episode

    I don't really love this episode, although it's not awful. What saves it is the side plot between Blanche and Merrell. It seems weird that they randomly decided to stick a pregnant girl in the neighborhood with the Golden Girls and act like she'd lived there for a long time, and there's nothing particularly funny about it either. When I watch this episode I try to skip the parts that focus on Mary and just watch the scenes about Merrell. Those are incredibly funny. I've always thought it's too bad that it didn't either get its own episode or be placed in one where the main plot didn't suck as much. I do like that Dorothy tells a St. Olaf story, though. I just wish the rest of the plot had been more amusing.
  • The girls take in a young, unmarried pregnant woman who has had communication difficulties with her father. Dorothy tries to get her father to understand, while Blanche's pen pal is released from jail and seeks a relationship.

    It's hard to identify with characters who only appear once with no decent explanation as to who they are, and who are never once mentioned again. Given Dorothy's similar situation as a teen, it is fitting that she becomes a mentor to the girl. The subplot involves Blanche avoiding a convict who has come looking for her, which I found much more entertaining. While the teen pregnancy issue is socially relevant, I don't think it works here because you don't know who this girl really is to the four women. Was she just there for the sake of a story for an episode? Was she there just to make a connection with Dorothy? It may have been more interesting if the audience was shown a little more about who this girl was.