The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 13

Mary Has a Little Lamb

Aired Unknown Jan 06, 1990 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Dorothy: Seems like old times, huh?
      Mary: Oh, I love this house. I love this room. I feel so safe here. After I'd visit Mom in the hospital, I always was so glad to come back here. Now here I am again...only this time, I'm pregnant. It's funny, huh?
      Dorothy: What's that, honey?
      Mary: Well, it's just that I have another human being inside of me, and I've never felt more alone.
      Dorothy: Mary, that's why you have to talk to your father.
      Mary: No way.
      Dorothy: Listen, this is the most difficult thing for a father to accept.
      Mary: What? That I'm a grown woman?
      Dorothy: But you're not a grown woman. Just because the plumbing's in doesn't mean the house is ready to occupy.
      Mary: I think I know what you're getting at.
      Dorothy: Good, because I really didn't make that up myself. I heard it on This Old House.

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