The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 15

Miles to Go

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

After an evening at Miles' house, the girls are rushed out the door by their host. Later, Miles comes over and breathlessly informs all of them that the Chicago "Cheeseman" is dead. This causes Miles to reveal that he is not really who Rose believes him to be, but a former accountant from Chicago who had to go into Witness Protection when he got mixed up with the mobster. Once Rose recovers from the shock and realizes that Miles is still the man she loves, she agrees to go with him to Chicago and help him close up his affairs.

On the radio, Rose discovers that the Cheeseman isn't really dead after all, but is on the loose. This means that Miles must go back into Witness Protection, under a new identity and to a new city. When Rose realizes what this will cost, she informs Miles that she can't go with him. As he walks out the door, he gives Rose his copy of a Robert Frost book, and the girls sorrowfully read the last lines of a poem that Miles instructs her to read in memory of him.