The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 15

Miles to Go

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 1991 on NBC

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  • Season 6, Episode 15.

    This episode was so great. I loved it. It was dramatic and comedic. I felt bad when Rose couldn't leave with Miles. Blanche was hilarious when she said that Miles is dating Rose, and Rose knows her, and the prettiest one is always held hostage. Sophia was also funny. She said, "I don't want to be murdered at my age! That's like being tackled at the one yard line!" Haha, I love it. The poem at the end was sad, though. I enjoyed Blanche's little storyline about the dress that she wanted to return. However, she somehow managed to forget to remove the dry cleaning tag. It was hilarious, much like everything else on The Golden Girls.
  • The truth about Miles reveals.................

    When the girls attend to one of Miles poetry reading.When Sophia accidently turned on the tv.Which reveal the news about the cheeseman dead.This made Miles happy about this.He than told Rose the truth about himself.That he is not an college professor or his name was Miles Weber it Was Nick,I forgot his last name.This shock Rose.She doesn't know what to think of Miles anymore.She wasn't even sure if Nick is liked Miles.Altough Dorthy encourage her to go out with him.It seemed that Nick had the same tasting that Miles did.But when it reveal the cheeseman fake his death.Miles had to leave Miami.Originally Rose was gonna go.However after relizing that she had to leave her friends and family.She was sad to see him leave.

    I admitt this episode wasn't all my fav.I mean I understand that Miles was part of the witness protection.But the moment that they said the news.He could've at least told her right away.But he is an jerk in the golden palace when he marries someone else.
  • Miles is a jerk.

    As I said with "Witness," this episode as well only goes to prove that Miles lied to Rose, despite supposedly loving her so much. How could he do that to her? I didn't like this whole arc of Miles being a completely different person, and Rose should have dumped him from the start. The only good part, which was still melodramatic for me, was at the end when Rose reads the poem. That was touching. But the whole part before when Rose says "Miles, your poetry book," and Miles says "Take it, and when you ready page 73, think of me," that was all too soap opera to me. It was way too melodramatic. All in all, I don't recommend this episode.
  • Two superb St. Olaf story classics!

    Albeit a medicore episode otherwise, I enjoy it thoroughly for the two St. Olaf stories revealed: the first one being the half-man/half-grasshopper, brought up by Dorothy (with great delivery) in her questioning of Rose's belief system. The second one involves the woman who had raised a "dog" lovingly for years, taught it to play fetch etc., only to be informed later this "dog" was actually a RAT. The paused, speechless reactions of Blanche and Dorothy at the kitchen table constitute a truly hilarious moment. These two outrageous and very amusing stories make this a winning and very watchable episode.