The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 15

Miles to Go

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, "Miles" is actually revealed to be "Nicolas Carbone", and "Miles Webber" is actually his name in the Witness Protection Program. However, in other episodes after this one, he is still referred to as "Miles".

    • Rose tells a story about a friend of hers who adopted what she thought was a chihuahua dog, but later found out was a rat. This is exactly like the urban legend of the Mexican Pet.

  • Quotes

    • Rose: (after Miles' big reveal) I can't believe the story you're telling me
      Dorothy: But you can believe the story about Henrick Feldershtool, St. Olaf's half-man, half-grasshopper?
      Rose: Dorothy I'm telling you - when he rubbed his legs together, you'd swear you were on a camping trip!

    • Blanche: I have never been so humiliated in my life!
      Dorothy: Not even the time you lost the key to your handcuffs and had to go with that guy on his mail route?

    • Miles: I am not a snitch. I'm an informer.
      Sophia: Oh, a snitch in a tie!

    • Blanche: I wanted to wear something tonight that Duane has never seen me in!
      Sophia: Why don't you try underwear?

    • Sophia: (on the phone to her geriatric friend, Gladys) Goldfein, I put a Sicilian curse on you! You'll be barren! (listens for a moment) Okay, worse, you won't be!

    • Blanche: So long...
      Miles: Oh, bye Blanche.
      Blanche: (aside to Dorothy) Actually, I was describing the evening.

    • Rose: (reading poetry book) And when to the heart of man, was it ever less than a treason, to bow and accept the end of a love, or of a season.
      (the girls console Rose)

  • Notes

    • Miles is revealed to have been on the federal witness protection program, hiding out after being a "snitch in a tie" to a criminal incident. This story remains in good continuity for awhile but then ceases to be onward.

  • Allusions

    • "Miles to go before I sleep" is the final line of the Robert Frost poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." Miles gives Rose a book of Frost's poetry when he leaves for the Witness Protection Program. The lines Rose quotes at the end are from the last stanza of Frost's "Reluctance."

    • Miles: The Federal Witness Protection Program
      The Federal Witness Protection/Relocation/Secruity program is a program offered in the US for people who could be in danger after witnessing or being the victim of a crime when the criminal(s) have not been placed in custody. Apparently, Miles snitched on the "Cheeseman" and was in danger. Once you've entered the program, you are not to reveal your real identity to anyone until it's annouced you live under an assumed name and an assumed life.

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