The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 23

Mixed Blessing

Aired Unknown Mar 19, 1988 on NBC

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  • Eh...

    I don't really like this episode, although it's actually relatively funny. It's definitely better written than some, and if it were self contained, it would probably be alright, but it irritates me. It irritates me because it's clearly one of those "social issue" episodes, which I don't like, and because the characters' histories are pretty much ignored in order to make the point. Dorothy's son is obviously not 23. As the point is made in the trivia section, there's no way her son could be that age, and in the first episode he appeared in he was 29. However, this was ignored in order to make this episode. I don't like the fact that they did that. Plus, Lorraine is pregnant? Eww. She's much too old to be having a baby. Also, no mention of this baby is made in the last episode Michael appears in, and his age is consistent with his first appearance rather than this one. There's nothing wrong with the point of the episode (I think it's nice to see the two families enjoying the cheesecake together), but I do feel that it is somewhat out of place in the series.
  • great lesson

    Dorothy who thinks she is so open minded, realizes she is not when she hesitates to ccept an older, African American woman to be her Daughter in la, I love how eventually she comes around and accepts her as the lady her son loves, something every should seein hpes they don't have the period of intolerance love is blind
  • Season 3, Episode 23.

    Dorothy's son Michael pays her a surprise visit while his band is in Florida, and makes a surprising announcement: he's getting married! However, his fiance, Lorraine, is black and twice his age! Hehe, this was an entertaining episode. I liked watching it, but there seems like there's racism in this episode. I loved when Blanche and Rose walked out of the kitchen with the mud on their faces while Lorraine's mother and aunts were there. Haha, and I loved when Lorraine's mother said she would hire Dorothy to clean for her. Dorothy: Who are you calling a skinny white boy?!
    Rose: I think she meant Michael. Lorraine's Mom: You got that right.
    Rose: It was easy.
    Dorothy: Shut up, Rose!
    LMAO! I also loved Blanche liking black men. And yay, Lorraine's pregnant! And Michael is hot! Good episode.
  • Dorothy's son Michael is getting married to Lorraine. Problems begin when Michael tells his mother that Lorraine is "kinda black." When Lorrain's family meets Michael, Lorrain's mother refuses to see her daughter married to some "skinny white boy."

    This episode is hilarious! It brings to light many issues that may arise when couples are different, especially when it comes to age and race. Despite these issues being sensitive, this episode deals with them in a lighthearted way. Laughter is unavoidable when Sophia walks through the front door and sees both families facing each other in the living room. Her sole presence alerts the audience that they are in for a laugh. As always, Rose manages to tickle the funny bone as she attempts to keep the peace between the families. Blanche also contributes to the laughter by offering an answers to mystifying questions such as "What could a woman in her 40's possibly have in common with a boy in his 20's?" and "Is it true what they say about black men in bed?" Truly a classic!
  • Michael annouces that he is getting married.

    Michael comes home and he tells his mother Dorthy the great news.That he is getting married.But he didn't tell anything about this girl.So when the day has come to meet Michael future wife.Boy wasn't Dorthy shock when she meets Michael future wife.At first Rose thought that it was Lorine mother.But it wasn't.After learning that Lorine is much older for Michael.She doesn't approve altough Michael says Lorine's mother doesn't care.So when it comes to meet Loreine family.Things doesn't get too happy or exciting.But in the end everything turned out alright.