The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 23

Mixed Blessing

Aired Unknown Mar 19, 1988 on NBC

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  • Eh...

    I don't really like this episode, although it's actually relatively funny. It's definitely better written than some, and if it were self contained, it would probably be alright, but it irritates me. It irritates me because it's clearly one of those "social issue" episodes, which I don't like, and because the characters' histories are pretty much ignored in order to make the point. Dorothy's son is obviously not 23. As the point is made in the trivia section, there's no way her son could be that age, and in the first episode he appeared in he was 29. However, this was ignored in order to make this episode. I don't like the fact that they did that. Plus, Lorraine is pregnant? Eww. She's much too old to be having a baby. Also, no mention of this baby is made in the last episode Michael appears in, and his age is consistent with his first appearance rather than this one. There's nothing wrong with the point of the episode (I think it's nice to see the two families enjoying the cheesecake together), but I do feel that it is somewhat out of place in the series.