The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 6

Mother Load

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • On the doctor's desk, you can see the traffic-cone monkey that will take center stage in The Monkey Show (1).

    • In this episode, Rose mentions St. Olaf's most famous psychotherapists, Sigmund and Roy. I thought that St. Olafians didn't believe in doctors or psychiatrists.

    • During the therapy session, Stan mentions that his mother never liked him, but in an earlier flashback episode, it was revealed that although Stan's mother thought he was a "yutz" and liked Dorothy, she made him think that he was the center of her world.

  • Quotes

    • Rose: I called Jerry's brother, they haven't spoken to each other since Jerry was arrested for indecent exposure. Dammit there is nothing funny about that clown fearing mama's boy.

    • Mrs. Scott: Did you know that Gerald is afraid of clowns? Or that he can't go to the bathroom, except at home?
      Dorothy: Oh so that's why there's that look on his face right before the weather.

    • Blanche: (to Dorothy and Sophia, about Jerry) Jerry is simply a man who happens to be sensitive to his mother's needs.
      Dorothy: (to Sophia) Ma, Blanche is right. Jerry's aware his mother is getting on in years. He's concerned about her happiness, and he's chosen to live at home with her . . . (starting to laugh) because he can't go to the bathroom anyplace else!
      (Dorothy and Sophia high-five and laugh)

    • Blanche: (to Dorothy and Sophia, about Jerry) Jerry is not a mama's boy. In fact, he and I came to a major understanding tonight.
      Sophia: He and his mother aren't going to see any other girls?

    • Blanche: Awww company's here. And I'm wearing this old ugly thing.
      Sophia: Don't worry. The dress covers most of it!

  • Notes

    • In this episode, the characters played by Peter Graves and Meg Wyllie are Jerry Kennedy and his mother, Millicent Kennedy. However, in the credits they are referred to as Jerry Scott and Mrs Scott.

  • Allusions

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