The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 25

Mother's Day

Aired Unknown May 07, 1988 on NBC
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Episode Summary

While waiting for phone calls from their children wishing them a happy Mother's day, the girls reminisce about past Mother's days.

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  • Past mother's day experiences. Wonderful episode

    'Now at 17 i wasn't about to do anything you wanted me to do'. For God's sake Blanche you have to be kidding me. According to Blanche at the age of 17 in 1949 (we know now Blanche's age YAY) she ran away to marry an unemployed, divorced man just to kick his daughter off the Cheer leading squad. It is apart of four flash back scenes the girls do while waiting for all their children to call.

    Dorothy kicks off, with a scene including Stan who appears four times in the third season. Dorothy and Stan hoping to borrow money off his mother, a woman who supposedly is incapable of liking Dorothy, of course it turns Stan's mother can't stand Stan and is mean to Dorothy to keep Stan away from her. LOL

    Blanche tells the story of the last mother's day she spent with her mother. I thought it was Rue's best episode of the season. Her character wasn't written in its best form during the third season, but rather i found she was in the background making sarcastic remarks that really should have been left for Dorothy and Sophia. Her character is at its best when she's telling a story about a past experience or bragging about a former sexual experience or remaining totally oblivious to a situation eg. Season 1- Going to her senior Prom with a Yankee.

    Season 2- Going through menopause or wearing black panties during a cheer leading competition with her sister. Which is why i like this episode. Blanche tells a story (in the presence of her mother) of the time she almost got married and once again we get invited into Blanche's little world and it is hilarity, while at the same time the pain she feels knowing that her mother is dying is so evident in her face. Rose tells a story of a mother's day she spent with somebody else's mother. Very sentimental flashback. Rose protecting the women and spending the entire time with her conversing. Rose really is a such a nice person. The laughs though come from Sophia's flashback. She returns to Brooklyn telling the story of the mother's day she tries to get her mother to move in with her. Her mother played brilliantly by Bea Arthur was quite funny especially Salvadore's relationship with his mother in law. It's also important to note the height of Sophia's mother. It proves that Dorothy is Sophia's daughter and rather just got the recessive gene. Best Line- 'Dorothy when i'm older if i ever do this to you i want you to take me out to the field and kill me'

    Young Dorothy- Could you put that in writing.moreless
  • Season 3, Episode 25.

    This was an awesome episode, and a good conclusion to the third season of the show. I liked all the Mother's Day flashbacks. I liked when Rose's son called and she asked him if his tongue would stick to metal and he made her hold. LMFAO! I liked that Blanche was 17 and going to marry a 40 year old whose daughter is her rival on the cheerleading squad. Hehe, I liked Rose's story too. Haha, the lady she was talking to looked like she wanted to jump in front of the bus. Haha, I missed the Dorothy and Sophia flashback because I was on the phone. Cool episode.moreless
  • Could have gone horribly wrong, but works out fine.

    A holiday episode sometimes brings out the worst in comedy writers. Especially with Christmas and Mother's Day they put the emotion in overdrive and kill the comedy. This Mother's Day episode is very different. At the start, I feared to see sentimental pap, but I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Each Golden Girl gets a moment to shine in a flashback, but every sequence has a different tone, with a different type of comedy. And - in the tradition of this show - they also deal with real important issues. Dorothy's story is the typical clash with a mother-in-law, a woman who eventually has to admit that she likes her daughter-in-law better than her son. Blanche gets a peculiar scene: on the one hand we hear more outrageous stories about her reckless youth, on the other, there is something tragic about a mother who's slowly slipping away in dementia. Rose's story is understandably the sweetest. Again, some wonderfully comic lines are topped with a poignant moment. And it's great to see Rose outsmart a police officer. For the final sequence, the writers decided to play it more broadly. In a flashback we see a younger Sophia trying to convince her mother-in-law to move in. The mother-in-law is played by Bea Arthur, essentially switching the dynamic between Arthur and Getty. Both actresses seem to enjoy the change.moreless
Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur

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Alice Ghostley

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Helen Kleeb


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Herb Edelman

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Continuity:Blanche has always mentioned growing up in Georgia (near Atlanta), but in this episode, when she visits her mother in a flashback, she says "I was back in Virginia." Why would her mother be in Virginia, when she lived in GA, and was still married to Big Daddy (Blanche's father)?

    • Goof (Continuity): Blanche mentions that her daughter, Janet, has yet to call for Mother's Day. However, from previous episodes, we know that Janet is not her only child.

    • Sophia's mother is supposed to be from Sicily. Sophia is, and didn't leave until she was 20. Grandma even starts to tell a story about Sicily in 1881.Yet, there is no trace of an Italianaccent. With Sophia, there is a trace, but not with her own mother!

    • Big Daddy once said that he was married to Elizabeth Anne Bennett, but in this episode, and another where Blanche did her family tree, it's Margaret.

    • Throughout the season, Dorothy's son Michael is said to be 22 years old. However, he is a baby in the 1954 flashbacks. Making him in his 30's.

    • Grandmother Petrillo in other episodes was said to have died when Dorothy was 6, but she is alive in the flashback and seen with a fully grown Dorothy.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Jacob;: loudly into microphone Attention! Express to Cedar Grove, River Junction, Northern Falls, now boarding!
      Police Officer:: For crying out loud Yacob, there's three people here! You could have just pointed to the door!

    • Rose: Are you sure you shouldn't call your daughter?
      Anna: Mother's Day isn't until tomorrow, she knows I'm coming, I always do.
      Rose: Still, she must be worried about you.
      Anna: Rose, my daughter's dead. I go out to the cemetery every Mother's Day to be with her. It was always such an important day for us. I like to pretend it still is. Only I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it this year.
      Rose: Aren't you feeling well?
      Anna: I ran away from the home, and I'm afraid they're just about to catch up with me.

    • Anna: (about St. Olaf) Rolling hills, beautiful houses.
      Rose: Yes.
      Anna: Full of idiots.
      Rose: Yes...what?
      Anna: Oh no offense, deary, I didn't say everybody who lived there was an idiot, it just seems that per capita they have more than their share.
      Rose: Oh well per capita, sure...I'm going there to see my children. They figured it'd be cheaper for me to come out to see them than for all them to come out here.
      Anna: They figured that out? And they live in St. Olafs?
      Rose: Yes.
      Anna: You must be so proud.
      Rose: I am.

    • Sal: (to Sophia) Oh boy it's a dark day in Brooklyn, the Dodgers are moving out and your mother's moving in.

    • Eleanor Angelo: Where's Salvadore - he's hiding from me? He's always hiding from me, the little monkey hates me.
      Young Dorothy: Grandma, don't be silly - Pop is crazy about you.
      Salvadore Petrillo: [Voice] Don't lie to your Grandmother it's a sin!
      Young Dorothy: Well, ok, he isn't crazy but he's very fond of you!
      Eleanor Angelo: The man repairs complicated machinery for a living, three times he couldn't set the handbreak on my wheelchair!
      Young Dorothy: Grandma, that was just a coincidence!
      Eleanor Angelo: Please, all three times were at the top of the stairs to the subway station.

    • Big Mama: Wasn't Virginia the slut?
      (Brief pause.)
      Blanche: (with pride) No Mam, that was me!

  • NOTES (4)

    • Big Mama gives out to the audience Blanche's real age...if you do the math. With the calculations in this episode you can figure out Blanche's Age, (Year of the Episode)-(Year Mentioned by Blanche's Mother)-17 years: 1988-1949-17=56, so Blanches age is actually 56, see, she wasn't far off with the age of 42.

    • This was the last episode in which the exterior shots from the Pacific Palisades were shown. Starting next season, the shots would be taken from the facade that was built on MGM Studios in Florida that could be seen up to 2003 on the Backlot Tour.

    • Rose mentions a son named Charlie Jr. in this episode. This is the first known mention as before her only son was noted as Adam Nylund.

    • This is the only time we see Blanche's mother Margaret.