The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 25

Mother's Day

Aired Unknown May 07, 1988 on NBC

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  • Could have gone horribly wrong, but works out fine.

    A holiday episode sometimes brings out the worst in comedy writers. Especially with Christmas and Mother's Day they put the emotion in overdrive and kill the comedy. This Mother's Day episode is very different. At the start, I feared to see sentimental pap, but I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Each Golden Girl gets a moment to shine in a flashback, but every sequence has a different tone, with a different type of comedy. And - in the tradition of this show - they also deal with real important issues. Dorothy's story is the typical clash with a mother-in-law, a woman who eventually has to admit that she likes her daughter-in-law better than her son. Blanche gets a peculiar scene: on the one hand we hear more outrageous stories about her reckless youth, on the other, there is something tragic about a mother who's slowly slipping away in dementia. Rose's story is understandably the sweetest. Again, some wonderfully comic lines are topped with a poignant moment. And it's great to see Rose outsmart a police officer. For the final sequence, the writers decided to play it more broadly. In a flashback we see a younger Sophia trying to convince her mother-in-law to move in. The mother-in-law is played by Bea Arthur, essentially switching the dynamic between Arthur and Getty. Both actresses seem to enjoy the change.