The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 25

Mother's Day

Aired Unknown May 07, 1988 on NBC

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  • Past mother's day experiences. Wonderful episode

    'Now at 17 i wasn't about to do anything you wanted me to do'. For God's sake Blanche you have to be kidding me. According to Blanche at the age of 17 in 1949 (we know now Blanche's age YAY) she ran away to marry an unemployed, divorced man just to kick his daughter off the Cheer leading squad. It is apart of four flash back scenes the girls do while waiting for all their children to call.

    Dorothy kicks off, with a scene including Stan who appears four times in the third season. Dorothy and Stan hoping to borrow money off his mother, a woman who supposedly is incapable of liking Dorothy, of course it turns Stan's mother can't stand Stan and is mean to Dorothy to keep Stan away from her. LOL

    Blanche tells the story of the last mother's day she spent with her mother. I thought it was Rue's best episode of the season. Her character wasn't written in its best form during the third season, but rather i found she was in the background making sarcastic remarks that really should have been left for Dorothy and Sophia. Her character is at its best when she's telling a story about a past experience or bragging about a former sexual experience or remaining totally oblivious to a situation eg. Season 1- Going to her senior Prom with a Yankee.
    Season 2- Going through menopause or wearing black panties during a cheer leading competition with her sister. Which is why i like this episode. Blanche tells a story (in the presence of her mother) of the time she almost got married and once again we get invited into Blanche's little world and it is hilarity, while at the same time the pain she feels knowing that her mother is dying is so evident in her face. Rose tells a story of a mother's day she spent with somebody else's mother. Very sentimental flashback. Rose protecting the women and spending the entire time with her conversing. Rose really is a such a nice person. The laughs though come from Sophia's flashback. She returns to Brooklyn telling the story of the mother's day she tries to get her mother to move in with her. Her mother played brilliantly by Bea Arthur was quite funny especially Salvadore's relationship with his mother in law. It's also important to note the height of Sophia's mother. It proves that Dorothy is Sophia's daughter and rather just got the recessive gene. Best Line- 'Dorothy when i'm older if i ever do this to you i want you to take me out to the field and kill me'
    Young Dorothy- Could you put that in writing.
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