The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 9

Mrs. George Devereaux

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1990 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Blanche: (about Sophia) You'd think she'd at least feel sorry for me.
      Rose: To tell you the truth, I don't feel sorry for you, either. I mean, why should I? My Charlie is dead, and nobody's giving me a second chance. Listen, Blanche, I know what it's like to have a husband suddenly taken. I never had a chance to say all of things I would have wanted to say. Well, you must know how that feels.
      Blanche: Yes, but after what he did to me....
      Rose: Blanche, this isn't about getting even. For nine years, you've been missing George. Now he's here, and I'm jealous of you. Tell him you love him. Tell him you hate him. I don't care, but just see him before he leaves. Do it for yourself. Do it for all of us who wish we had the chance.

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