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The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 17

My Brother, My Father

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1988 on NBC
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Episode Summary

My Brother, My Father
Sophia's brother, Angelo, a priest, is coming to Miami for a visit and he doesn't know Dorothy and Stan are divorced. So in order to spare his feelings, Sophia convinces Dorothy and Stan to pretend to be married. Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche prepare to star in a play, The Sound of Music.moreless

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  • Stan and Dorthy are force to pretend that they are married.

    Sophia's brother Dorthy's Uncle Angelo comes to visit them to celebrate Dorthy and Stan Aniversary.Sophia wants her daughter and Stan,to pretend to be married just for one day for Uncle Angelo.However things doesn't end so great when everyone is stuck in the house due to an storm.For one day only even though the stormy weather was there.Dorthy tried her best to get along with Stan.However doesn't work out all too great.In the end truth are reveal Uncle Angelo learns that Dorthy and Stan,aren't married anymore now divorce.Sophia learns that her brother isn't an priest.

    Uncle Angelo becomes kinda part of the series appears few times than go.moreless
  • Uncle Angelo comes to celebrate Dorothy and Stan's "anniversary."

    I really enjoyed Blanche and Rose playing nuns and confusing Uncle Angelo especially when Blanche is holding sexy underwear. I also really enjoyed Dorothy and Stan's constant insults back and forth all the while pretending to be married. It was great in the end when they all came clean, including Uncle Angelo, who turned out to not be a priest. This was one of the better episodes of season three.
  • Introducing Uncle Angelo

    In another great installment from Season 3, "My Brother, My Father" succeeds in numerous ways. From the consistent string of one-liners that the Golden Girls is so well known for to the great character interaction surrounding Sophia, Dorothy, and Stan -- this episode is another fine achievement for the series.

    The Golden Girls works so well because of its multi-layered comedy. Often, imagery is just as uproarious as dialogue. This is no doubt displayed so successfully when Angelo discovers Blanche and Rose, in nun's outfits, arriving back from a rehearsal for "The Sound of Music". So, of course, instead of telling Angelo their true identities, Rose and Blanche decide to keep with the gag. "We're here collecting lingerie for needy, sexy people," Blanche says totally unconvincingly.

    When Stan says that a hurricane is headed for Miami, Blanche mutters out, "Oh, Jesus! ... Hear our prayer in this time of need." "Amen!" Dorothy adds.

    These scenes are funny because the writers of The Golden Girls made the most out of a situation, usually by making it as awkward and as unbelievable as possible. Thus, when Dorothy and Stan are about at the boiling point, Angelo comes out with an even more preposterous story saying that he is not actually a priest. So, it appears, everyone has been pulling a fast one. But the comedy it evokes is undeniable, and that's the important thing.

    Speaking of Dorothy and Stan, great interaction here. Their "bedroom" scene is spectacular. "Stanley, if you're doing what I think you're doing, you're in big trouble." "You're wasting your time, Stanley, I'm familiar with the big gun." "Try to climb over me, and you'll know what barbed wire between your legs feels like!"

    The ending was perfectly somber. "Pull yourself together, pussycat. Gershwin confused a lot of people." And we see the true nature of the complexity of the Dorothy-Stan relationship. It's hard to forget 38 years.

    "My Brother, My Father" is another plus in The Golden Girls repertoire. Of course, there were few minuses.moreless
Herb Edelman

Herb Edelman

Stanley Zbornak

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Bill Dana

Bill Dana

Uncle Angelo

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Goof (Continuity): In this episode, it is mentioned that Dorothy and Stanley honeymooned in the Poconos, which are in Pennsylvania.  However, in Season 1's "The Return of Dorothy's Ex (a.k.a.) Stan's Return", it is said that they honeymooned in Miami; they even bought some property in Miami during said honeymoon.

    • Goof (Continuity): In the beginning of this episode, Blanche is upset because she doesn't get the lead of the play they are preforming at the community theater.  Dorothy is "shocked" and says, "But you've played the lead for the past five years."

      However, in Season Two's The Actor, a woman named Phyllis Hammerow played the lead in the play. She also was "Miami's answer to Meryl Streep" and was said to have been in the lead of every production in the community theater.

    • Goof:According to Dorothy, Michael (her son with Stan) is a member of the Boston Philharmonic, but in other episodes, he is in a jazz band.

    • Angelo thinks it'll be crowded sleeping because there are six of them there, Sophia says they used to sleep four to a bed. In the flashbacks when the heat gave out and all the girls piled into Sophia's bed, she said that four in a bed was a treat and meant half the family was out of town.

    • In this episode Sophia says Angelo is going to visit the family in Brooklyn. But, in "Long Day's Journey into Marinara", even though they are talking about Sicily, Sophia says her and Angela are the only two left of the original family.

    • Uncle Angelo's preposterous story of how he pretended for 72 (yes, seventy-two) YEARS(!) that he was a priest because he promised his mother on her deathbed that he would become a priest. All this time, Angelo was really happily married and nobody ever clued into that fact and nobody presumably knew his wife either. And when 90(?)-year old Angelo finally confesses to the girls and Stan, nobody is really all that shocked that his entire life had been a lie. His promise to his mother is also inconsistent with ep. 76, "Mother's Day" when Sophia and Angelo's mother is clearly still alive well into the 1940s and/or 50s.

    • In this episode Uncle Angelo is stopping in Miami to wish Dorothy and Stan a happy 40th wedding anniversary. We know that Stan and Dorothy were married for 38 years when they were divorced because it is mentioned numerous times during the show. At the beginning of the show Stan had already been gone for 2 yrs. So how can they be married 40 years in this episode it should have been around 43 years.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Sophia: [Sophia is in bed between Stan and Dorothy] Think of me as the Berlin Wall, Stan. Try to climb over me and you'll find out what barbed wire between your legs feels like!

    • Blanche:(in nun's costume, bra in hand) We're collecting lingerie for needy, sexy people.

    • Stan: Dorothy, I know it's been a while, but try and control yourself, I need to get some rest.
      Dorothy kicks him off the bed.
      Stan: What the h*** was that for?
      Dorothy: You are not getting into this bed!
      Stan: Then where am I supposed to sleep?
      Dorothy: On the floor, like any dog.

    • Stanley: I just heard on the radio that there's a big hurricane headed this way. They want everyone to stay just where they are.
      Blanche: Oh, Jesus!
      Blanche: Please, protect us, in this our time of need!
      Dorothy: Amen!

    • (rehearsing The Sound of Music)
      Blanche: The Nazis are coming!
      (Sophia runs into the room)
      Sophia: Everybody grab a gun and run to the basement!

    • Blanche: A gay theater director! Have you ever heard of such a thing?
      Dorothy: It's shocking! Next thing you know, they'll allow black basketball players in the NBA.

  • NOTES (4)


    • When Angelo (who is still believed to be a priest) tells Dorothy to "sleep with this man" (Stan), Dorothy responds with "Now I know how Jessica Hahn must have felt."

      Jessica Hahn is the woman who had an affair with Jim Bakker, a televangelist, who paid her to keep her quiet using money from his own ministry.


    • At the end of the episode, when the storm is letting up, Rose (still dressed in her nun's costume) says that she wants to try and "get airborne".

      This is a subtle allusion to a TV show that aired from 1967-1970, The Flying Nun. Itstared Sally Field.

    • Stan: "The man at the shop called it the 'Dan Rather' look."

      Dan Rather is a famous news anchor and hosted the CBS Evening News for 24 years, fromMarch 9, 1981, to March 9, 2005.