The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 24

Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home (1)

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Rose, Sophia, Blanche and Dorothy are interrupted by the doorbell ringing, only to find a detective who wants to question Sophia about a fire that was started the night Shady Pines burned to the ground. He tells a startled Sophia that they had a deathbed confession from another woman in the home that Sophia –using a hotplate to make s'mores - was the culprit.

After springing for bail and getting Sophia out of prison, the girls hire an attorney who questions each of them. As he does, one by one they recall memories of other times: Blanche talks about her writing a novel and helping Rose with a "save the sea mammals" campaign. Sophia can't sleep either, and recollects with Dorothy and the girls crazy things she's done, too: running her dentures through the dishwasher, living through Blanche's "writer's block," etc.

Sophia admits to Dorothy that the hotplate belonged to her, and since she hated Shady Pines, she subconsciously wanted to burn it down. Sophia concedes she's going to prison. Dorothy fears that it might be a looming possibility.

When Rose is questioned by Herb, she attests that she's the levelheaded one of the group, and then proceeds to tell them some of her infamous stories. After hearing her, Herb tells her he'll plead insanity for Sophia.

As Dorothy consoles Sophia, they recollect on one of their finest moments: playing Sonny and Cher while Rose played the piano, and also some of their arguments.

Sophia announces afterwards that she's jumping bail and moving back to Sicily.