The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 17

Nice and Easy

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 1986 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Blanche's visiting niece is a chip right off the old block when she dates a different man all night every night. Meanwhile, Dorothy does battle with a mouse living in the house.

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  • Blanche's niece is as big a slut as she is!

    This is a pretty good episode... it's fun to watch. I really don't like the actress who plays Lucy, though. That hair style is atrocious! (Ok, maybe it was popular in the 80's but still, it makes it hard to watch). Also I never thought she had much sparkle on the screen... Maybe with a different actress I would've liked the character better, although she's not someone who's supposed to be respectable, I guess. It IS funny seeing how many guys she racks up, though. Every time she mentions another one I just love Dorothy's reaction. Haha! Other good things about the episode... the Miami Vice freak fan that really latches on to Rose... so funny! Also the whole thing with Dorothy and the mouse. I love how she tries to talk to him at the end and then pretends like she wasn't when Dorothy catches her. I really don't like the scene at the end where Blanche convinces Lucy not to be a slut any more. I don't know, for some reason it just never seemed that well done to me. But oh well, I guess, the rest of the episode is pretty funny.moreless
  • Blanche wants the best for her niece.

    Blanche's heart-to-heart with Lucy was nice because it proved that Blanche, while she does enjoy the company of a man, doesn't go out of her way just to please them. She is just herself. The rat story was quite funny, especially when Dorothy talks to it. All in all. . .good season one episode.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The earrings Lucy is wearing when she returns home from her interview belong to Blanch. We have seen her wear them in several episodes.

    • "Oh, Lord, it's terrible" is how Rose comes off when it comes to Lucy sleeping with a random guy on a first date, but Rose already did something similar in "Rose the Prude" when on a second or third date she did the same thing with Arnie on the boat. There's not much difference between a first and second date.

    • Blanche tells her niece that whenever she dates a guy, it's because she likes him, not because she wants him to like her. However, that's not true. In the Season 1 episode Blanche and the Younger Man, Blanche really went out of her way to impress a gentleman half her age, and she seemed most interested in making herself the type of woman he'd want to date.

    • It is revealed in this episode that Rose is a devoted Miami Vice fan.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Blanche: I don't think you heard what I said. You are staying here tonight!
      Lucy: Aunt Blanche, I'm 20 years old. I'll go wherever I please. Come on, Ed.
      Blanche: You walk out that door, missy, and you can forget about coming back!

    • Blanche: Oh, Lucy darlin', let me get a look at you! Beautiful smile, long hair, gorgeous figure! Why, it's just like looking in the mirror.
      Sophia: Get some Windex!

    • Lucy: Aunt Blanche, you always told me if you have a stallion eatin' oats outta your hand, you best close the gate 'for ya' give him the sugar.
      Dorothy: You said that Blanche.

    • Ed: Rose, you're amazing! I've never met anyone so smart!
      Dorothy: For a police officer, you've led a very sheltered life, Ed.

    • Lucy: I hope I wasn't too much trouble.
      Dorothy: We enjoyed having you.
      Sophia: So did half of Miami.

    • Rose: It's not a rat! It's a cute little mouse.
      Dorothy: Rose, it doesn't wear white gloves and work at Disneyland! We're talking about a live rodent!

    • Blanche: Sophia, what are you doing?
      Sophia: Painting numbers on my toes. I keep forgetting their names!
      Blanche: Lucy will be here any minute. Honey, this doesn't look very nice.
      Sophia: I say, let relatives see how you really live. That way, they won't stick around.

    • Dorothy: (about Lucy) Blanche, this trip to the Bahamas is not with the doctor.
      Blanche: What do you mean?
      Sophia: The girl's a slut.
      Dorothy: That's not what I meant...exactly.

    • (After Blanche's niece announces her affair with a doctor.)
      Dorothy: That should give them something to talk about back in Dogpatch.

  • NOTES (2)