The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 7

Not Another Monday

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1989 on NBC

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  • 'I want you to be there tomorrow when i kill my self'

    When i saw this episode i called a friend and told them i wanted to go out and just have fun. I saw these old women who hated life so much that they were willing to end it and told my self i wasn't going to waste my youth any more. I went and had a great time and forgot about everything in life except for this episode. Despite the high drama (i think this is the first time Sophia cries on the show), the girls do provide a large dose of humor. 'How can we tell if its a boy a girl'Rose Says.
    First Dorothy gives her a tired look then yells 'Turn on the Dolphins and see if it watches'.
  • In some Golden Girls episodes,there are lessons that are learned.It sometime teaches us the lesson.I think this episode proves to be one of them.

    After the funernal Sophia's friend was sad that her best friend was gone.The rest of the girls Blanche,Rose,Dorthy are babysitting an baby for an friend.Sophia's friend invited Sophia,for dinner.When she orders too much this has Sophia confused.But when her friend told her that she is going to get rid of herself.This got Sophie completely shock and her friend asked her to come and watched her when she goes.Of course,this get Dorthy shocked when Sophia told her what happened.So here is an lesson if you have an friend who wants to kill themselves than try to help them or consult with an consular who can help them.This episode was the greatest one yet.
  • Sophia is put in a difficult position when her friend asks her to be near her when she commits suicide. Meanwhile, the women babysit a sick child.

    This episode's plot and subplot were cleverly connected. While the main plot contained humor, it was only done in the most appropriate fashion. Not another Monday contained the humor Golden Girls fans love, but also a very touching story about a very delicate subject. It also explores the relationships between friends and what they will do for one another. In the end, Sophia forces her friend to see that her life is valuable. Before the baby leaves, Sophia tells him he's just a baby and to watch out for hard times in life. When he cries she tells him to stop or the other women will sing to him again.