The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 5

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 1987 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof (Continuity): Rose claims that the oldest niece must give the speech at a relative's funeral and claims she is the oldest niece. But, in "Blind Ambitions", it seems as though her sister, Lily, is older than Rose. Lily reminds Rose of something that happened when she (Rose) was 6.

    • Sophia says in 1931 her and Sal were newlyweds and were married for 52 years. This would mean they were married until 1983. However, in several different stories he's been dead for over 20 years.

    • Not only does Rose say she graduated here, but attending the ceremony were several colorful characters. Fat Jerry. Old & Young Yohansen, but most notably, Big & Little Gustaf. In other episodes, Rose had an Uncle Gustaf. At one point he was a coal miner, and at another point he committed suicide by hanging in the barn.

    • In this episode Dorothy is afraid of flying while in another episode Blanche mentions that she is afraid of flying. Dorothy apparently got over her fear pretty easily when, just 3 months later, the girls flew across the country to LA to "Grab That Dough" and Dorothy apparently had no qualms about it.

    • Notice in this episode, Rose says she read a speech at her high school graduation, because she was validictorian. However, in the episode "Yes, We Have No Havanas", she has to take a history class taught by Dorothy, in order to recieve her high school diploma, because an illness made her miss her graduation.

  • Quotes

    • (The girls are on a plane)
      Rose: Don't be silly, Blanche! Not all of it's coming true! You haven't heard the voice of God!
      Dorothy: That's right, Blanche.
      Captain Lord (over speaker): Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Lord speaking. I hope you enjoy your flight.
      Blanche: Oh no!

    • Captain Lord (over speaker): Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Lord again. If you all look out the left side of our aircraft, it will tip over!
      (Everyone has been looking out the left side, now they scramble back to their seats in panic)

    • Rose: Dorothy?
      Dorothy: We made a rule. No talking. It shakes the plane.

    • Dorothy: (after drinking champagne) No, it didn't help me relax, it just makes me want to burp ... And If I burp, the air pressure in the cabin will change and we'll fly into a mountain.

    • Sophia: (to Dorothy's joke) Just because you have a chin doesn't make you Jay Leno.

    • Blanche: (preparing for the funeral) Damn! I don't have one thing in black that isn't see-through.

    • Blanche: Oh my God! Look! All the men on this plane, they're all bald.
      Dorothy: It's alright, Blanche. The captain just turned off the no-bald-men sign.

    • Dorothy: Rose do me a favor and fasten your seatbelt...over your mouth!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Sophia: I always drink wine during cooking contests, and My Sister Sam

      My Sister Samwas a sitcom on CBS from 1986-1988 about a woman (named Sam) who's teenage sister comes to live with her.

    • Rose mentions that the plane full of bald men were on their way to a Mr. Clean reunion. Mr. Clean is a household cleaning product.

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