The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 1

Old Friends

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 1987 on NBC

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  • Sophia makes an new friend at the boardwalk.

    Blanche and Dorthy are getting rid of the stuff,that they don't need.Daisy an sunshine cadet comes and help out.When she finds an teddy bear Fernando,left on the bed thinking that Rose didn't want it.Blanche lets her keep it.In the end,which made Rose looked for it thinking she had lost her bear.Meanwhile Sophia made an friend on the boardwalk name Alvin.These two seemed to be great friends from the start.However when he saw her sitting in her spot,he got mad at her.But when she sat in the other end of the seat.Alvin forgot about the fight they had yesterday.His daughter explained to Dorthy,about the problem that his father had.Which Dorthy reveals to Sophia,that Alivn had Alzheimer's disease.

    This was an very good episode.
  • Showed that the character of Sophia had more depth than just one-liners.

    I enjoyed watching Sophia and her friend Alvin enjoy their sitting on the boardwalk. It was very sad when we find out that he has Alzheimers. I felt so bad for Sophia because it proved she was not prejudice and she enjoyed the company. It was quite a beautiful episode. The part with Rose snatching the teddy bear from the rude girl was priceless. I wish Rose would've punched her too though.