The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 18

Older and Wiser

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1991 on NBC

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  • Season 6, Episode 18.

    This episode rocked, like all the others, of course. I loved when Dorothy suggested that Sophia wear matching shoes. Sophia asked if they should match her bag, and Dorothy said she should match each other! Haha! Blanche made Dorothy remember good, complimenting names to call her. Priceless! I loved that Rose skipped school on the day they taught everything. That was pretty funny. Sophia couldn't remember Dorothy's name! Haha, I love her. Rest in peace, Estelle Getty. The Penny Saver that Blanche and Rose posed for was hilarious! I loved Dorothy in this episode, for once... I loved when she told Blanche that they would count the rings under her neck to determine how old she was. Haha, GG rocks!
  • This was a season six favorite of mine.

    I loved the story about Dorothy making Sophia think she has a job. However, I felt so bad when Sophia learns that it was all a trick just to get someone to watch her. Sophia is not that helpless. I felt really bad that Dorothy would do that. I really enjoyed the penny saver story. Rose and Blanche were fighting over who had the prettiest face and hands, and they were both being used because they were wrinkled. This was a very good episode.
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