The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 6

On Golden Girls

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

Blanche informs the girls that her grandson, David, is coming to stay with them because her daughter and son-in-law are trying to work things out and taking a trip to Hawaii. Dorothy is miffed, wondering how she'll study for her French final with a 14 year-old in the house.

Blanche returns to the house later, distressed. David was nowhere to be found at the airport. Moments later, the doorbell rings and it's a police officer who has Blanche's grandson with him. He had stowed away in the airplane lavatory and waited till it took off for the Bahamas. Blanche's fury with David soon softens, but the girls are less than impressed with him when David repeatedly insults them about their ages and speaks disrespectfully. He ignores the meal Rose made and opts instead to head to a burger joint he saw around the corner.

Forced to share a room together, Dorothy and Sophia get on each other's nerves. However, Dorothy begins reminiscing about her childhood and how her mother always smelled of Midnight in Paris perfume. They finally fall asleep contentedly.

David's disruptive antics continue through the week, and in the middle of the night one evening, Dorothy and Sophia wake up to hear music blaring. Rushing out to the living room, all four girls are stunned to find David with four guys they don't even know jamming to the music in their living room. Blanche turns off the music and demands to know what is going on. David explains that these are his friends and that he met these guys when he went for a pizza. Blanche, with the help of Dorothy, kick the guys out of the house. David gets real upset for treating his "friends" this way and yells, "You can kiss my attitude!" Sophia slaps him across the face for being so disrespectful. Shocked, David runs out of the room. Blanche is angry and turns on Sophia before following David outside. She tries to talk to him, and he confesses that it's the first time that he's ever been hit. David says that his own parents are too busy fighting with one another to pay attention to anything he does, good or bad.

The next morning, the girls compose a list of chores for David to do. Blanche is somewhat unsure of the idea, having never had to do much to help around the house when she was growing up. Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia attest to having done hard work all their lives, and say it will be good for David. Blanche finally agrees to make him do everything on the list.

That night, Dorothy catches David trying to sneak out of the house. He wants to run away, saying there is nothing and no one for him. Dorothy asks what his plans are, once he gets to who-knows-where. David tells her he'll get a job, and Dorothy sarcastically says, "as secretary of state." She convinces him to stay, saying that if he'll learn to speak English, she'll take over the vacuuming.

Blanche pours champagne for all of them on the lanai to celebrate Dorothy acing her French exam. David tells them that he's enjoyed his time so much he wants to stay with them and not return to live with his mom and dad. The girls are stunned, and Sophia gets him distracted in the kitchen with some ice cream so Blanche can devise a plan. Rose says that since they're all grandmothers, it would hardly be fair to expect them to raise a child this late in the game. Blanche calls her daughter, Janet, and uses some reverse psychology. She tells her daughter that she's decided to keep David and raise him herself. Janet, on the other end, protests wildly and says she's coming to get him, and Blanche threatens her if she doesn't do a better job of raising him.

In the final scene, when David leaves, the girls tell him he is always welcome to come visit, and he leaves on good terms, joking about handicapped animal stories from Rose, chores from Dorothy, and learning how to take swings from Sophia.