The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 6

On Golden Girls

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1985 on NBC

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  • This episode is a showcase of each of the girls' morals and ethics, not to mention exceptional writing by Liz Sage.

    The best of episode of the first season (personal opinion, of course), this is one that quietly showcases each of the girls' morals and ethics and gives you undertones of how the girls were each raised.

    At the center of the episode is Blanche's 14-year-old grandson. He is staying with the girls for two weeks while his parents take a second honeymoon.

    David's rebellion quickly shows and it comes to a head when Sophia slaps him after a rude comment.

    Sophia demands respect, yet is a strict disciplinarian. "Personally, I like to lay into a kid with a melon baller."

    Blanche was raised pretty much free of personal responsibility. "When I was little, I didn't have to do anything. I raised my daughter the same way, and that's why David is the way he is now."

    Rose had a solid home life with high morals. "We had chores on the farm, and we had such a sense of accomplishment."

    Dorothy is the product of Sophia and a disciplinarian as well. "Blanche, you do what is best for David, not what is easiest for you."

    Exceptionally well-written by Liz Sage, this episode not only has some of the best lines of the series, but it brings some real life to it as well.
  • In this episode, Blanche's grandson David comes by to visit. Problems at home have a profound impact on David's attitude. A smack by Sophia puts him where he belongs. Blanche threatens her daughter that if she and her husband can't fix their marriange, th

    This is a great episode because it informs parents what could happen in a stormy marriage with a child (or children). Though everyone reacts differently in these situations, Blanche's reactions (and David's attitude) were very realistic. Dorothy's talk with David toward the end of the episode was informative because it was about reality--something that David had to learn to face. Another great episode!
  • blanche's grandson comes for a visit while his parents take a second vacation

    Though not the easiest episode to watch, the flow wasn't the greatest. I really enjoyed the show stearing away from the sexual innuendo it had covered in its first few episodes, to a family related episode. The scene were sophia slaps michael the audience clapped it, agreeing with sophia, i agreed with her intention but she really didn't have any rite to hit David.
    Sophia and Dorothy have to sleep together and sophia is making noise, not allowing dorothy to concentrate. Its a fantastic scene. One of my favourites of the series.
    All in all the one liners of this episode will stay with you and its what you'll rememeber from this episode, some of the best of the series are here, but if you want an episode that is a smooth ride this isn't episode for you
  • Blanche's grandson David learns that just because you're over 50 doesn't mean it's all downhill.

    I think it was a great episode especially for Sophia because she proved that you never talk to an elder that way. I thought her comment about Italians knowing how to "make love and sing opera" was priceless. The audience's reaction was great as well. I also loved how she slapped him, he truly deserved it. Blanche also showed that she's more than just manhungry and that she cared so much about him that she would've taken him in. A great episode of character development.