The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 26

One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest (2)

Aired Unknown May 09, 1992 on NBC

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  • sad

    Dorothy and Lucas get married and move away, leaving Blanche, Sophie and Rose where the series has taken place. At the end of the episode they all share emotional goodbyes with Dorothy. Then at the end she leaves with Lucas, and the girls cry. The series ends on that note.

    It was pretty good, I like when series finales actually feel like series finales, with a good plot, good humor, and some great emotion. My overall grade for this episode is definitely, without a doubt in my mind, an A+. Simply a great, wonderful way to end the series. Bravo
  • A Perfect Ending

    This is one of my favorite Golden Girls episodes and I am thrilled that the final season DVD has come out so that I can watch it as one longer episode rather than the two episodes that it is in syndication. (There are some really funny scenes left out in the syndicated version.) This finale wrapped up the series beautifully. Dorothy finally got the happy ending she deserved as well as closure with Stan. Blanche, Rose and Sophia all decide to stay together in Miami. It's too bad that Dorothy's children and Miles are not in the episode. A perfect ending to a wonderful series!!
  • A great way to end a great show!

    I have to say that this episode has to be one of the most emotional series finale's that television has ever seen. The way that everyone starts crying and getting emotional at the end was very sad, plus Bea's performance running back in from different places to say goodbye one more time was phoenomonal. It kept us laughing right up until the end while still keeping the sad mood. The Golden Girls set a new standard in sitcoms and will be around for a long time.
  • Goodbye girs...

    I watched this episode for the first time a few weeks ago, actually, I bought the DVD because of it; I'm not from the United States but I was there when the DVD was out so I didn't even think about it and bought it right away, and I have to say... I LOVED IT! The episode made me laugh so hard and I was so sad in the end, it was a great way to finish this 7 years, the girls saying goodbye to one of them who had a new chance in life. The ending was sad and funny, Dorothy comming back over and over again was hillarious, and the final hug of the girls, all crying, was so touching. I hope I can get the other DVDs soon.
    Great series and great cast!
  • Into that good night.

    Dorothy marries Lucas and says goodbye to the girls. I thought the scene between her and Sophia in Dorothy's bedroom at the end was so touching. It was wonderful. I thought when Sophia cried at the wedding was also beautiful. I loved it when Rose kept looking back to see what door Dorothy would come in next, and when she didn't, the reality hit them. It was time to say goodbye.
  • Good bye to Dorthy and an new beginning for Blanche,Rose,and Sophia.

    Dorthy is finally getting married.Actucally remarried again.This time to Blanche's Uncle Luke.Stan is happy for her.That now she is going to be married again.Than an tearful good bye begin.When Sophia tells Dorthy,that she was planning to stay with Blanche and Rose.Since they need her.It was an very sad emotion.Between Mother and Daughter good bye.In the end,the final good bye where the girls say good bye to each other.It was so sad when they kept saying good bye to each other.It was really sad when the 3 girls started to cry.Now that Dorthy,is never coming back again.It was very sad,I nearly cried.I believed that Dorthy (Bea Author) decided to pursue something else rather to stay in the show.So that is why they ended Golden Girls.Than the new series went on Golden Palace.
  • After seven years, a tearful goodbye...

    Although it’s not the final time we see the gang together since Bea Arthur does show up on two episodes of The Golden Palace, it’s still an emotional and amazing episode. The part where Dorothy is trying to leave the house after marrying Blanche’s uncle Lucas had me in tears. She keeps leaving and then comes back twice and hugs the girls. After the final time, she doesn’t come back and you can see just how devastated the rest of the girls, Sophia, Rose, and Blanche are. It was so easy to just how difficult it was for Bea to leave the gang behind. It was emotional for me and I was only 12 years old. It’s evident just how much this cast meant to one another.

    It was so nice to see Stan finally let go of Dorothy after all these years of trying to woo her back. It was so sweet when Stan (who somehow ended up as Dorothy’s limo driver) drove her to her wedding ceremony and told her he could let her go now. I half expected him to say something in the church when asked if anyone had any objections, but I knew he wouldn’t. It was clear that Stan was actually glad that Dorothy found someone to make her happy and that Lucas was it.

    It was quite obivious that Sophia would decide to stay behind with Blanche and Rose since she did go one and star in The Golden Palace. However, it was wonderful watching her say goodbye to Dorothy alone in their old room and finally telling Dorothy that she was her best friend. Another crying moment for sure.

    Seven years of these girls eating cheesecakes, bonding, and remembering their past were some of the best on television. This was the perfect ending to a perfect show.

  • "...Cuckoo's Nest" is one of those episodes that reminds you to be grateful of what you have, for one day you might not have it again.

    Both parts of the episode "One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest" are amazing, yet sad episodes from this wonderful series. Though the final season of The Golden Girls wasn't necessarily top-notch, these final episodes keep everything in place the way it was from day one. Though the episode is somber, all of the classic personalities still manage to show through as always. The premise of the episode, the "we're-in-love-but-not-really-but-now-we-are" concept is not one widely used, but this show really pulled it off. My favorite moment of this classic certainly has to be at the end, when all the girls are having their final hugs, and they realize Dorothy isn't coming back. Obviously, she'll show up again on The Golden Palace, but this episode will require a box of Kleenex. The ending to this episode is perfect, as a Polaroid of the girls eating cheesecake develops. This episode just helps prove that not all series finales have to be bad.