The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 26

One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest (2)

Aired Unknown May 09, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • All four cast members have appeared in every episode. The only other show to do this is Friends.

    • Dorothy says the final line of the series. She says "You will always be my sisters. Always."

    • At series end, Beatrice Arthur and Betty White are the only cast members who never had their title card changed in the opening credits. Rue's was updated in season's three which featured a scene from "Take Him, He's Mine, and five with a scene from "Sophia's Choice." Estelle's was updated in season five as well, with a shot from "Fiddler on the Ropes."

    • At the end Rose asks what they can say about seven years of fights, laughter and cheesecake. However, in Season Three's Three on a Couch, Dorothy tells the therapist they have been together five years, meaning Dorothy, Blanche and Rose lived together for 2 years before the series started. That would mean, by this episode, with the exception of Sophia, the girls have been together for nine years.

    • Dorothy gets married to Lucas in a church. This is actually forbidden in Roman Catholicism, since Dorothy and Stan got a divorce.

    • When Sophia snaps the picture of Rose and Blanche, she is standing behind Blanche, in which the picture should show Rose and Blanche hugging, but when the picture is shown, it looks as if it was taken with Rose and Blanche facing the camera.

    • Once again, Dorothy is getting married and Michael and Kate are nowhere to be found.

  • Quotes

    • Dorothy: (to Sophia, Blanche and Rose) Your friendship is something I never expected at this point in my life...and I couldn't have asked for a better surprise.

    • Stan: You're getting married, and you couldn't give an invitation to Stanley Zbornak, the man who gave you his name?
      Dorothy: I'm sorry, Stan, the list was alphabetical. The Zionists aren't speaking to me either.

    • Blanche: What makes you think the newlyweds will welcome you?
      Sophia: Say, there's a fly in the metamucil.

    • Sophia: (about Lucas) You know, I think he's just nuts enough to show up at the wedding tomorrow.
      Dorothy: You're a furry little gnome and we feed you too much.

    • Sophia: (walking down the aisle, thinking to herself) I can't believe it. My Dorothy's getting married. I think I'm gonna cry. (sneezes) Whoa! Misjudged that one! (a few minutes later in the pew, thinking to herself) Oh, great. Of all the times to feel a sneeze coming on. (starts crying) I'll be damned.

    • Dorothy: Just me, Lucas and Freddy Peterson.
      Rose: Who's Freddy Peterson?
      Dorothy: That's what we named it! [referring to sex with Lucas]

    • (within the final moments of the episode)
      Dorothy: You will always hold a special place in my heart...
      (Dorothy walks out and closes the door. Rose, Blanche and Sophia pause...then they hug each other with tears as Dorothy moves on).

    • Blanche:(thinking) Oh my God! Dorothy looks so beautiful! Imagine if someone as beautiful as me is jealous. Imagine what Rose is thinking.
      Rose: (thinking in song) The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell.. Hi-ho, the dairy-o, the farmer in the dell!

  • Notes

    • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Technical Direction/Camera/Video for a Series.

    • This hour-long series finale was videotaped on March 27, 1992.

    • This episode aired on May 9, 1992. The Complete Fifth Season DVD would be released on the same date 14 years later, in 2006.

    • Viewed by 27.3 million people.

    • This episode features a recap of part 1 (in syndication).

    • Despite this being the finale, Harold Gould is not featured and Miles is neither seen or mentioned throughout the course of the two-parter.

    • This episode is set to be 2 months from the end of the previous episode. At the end of this episode, Dorothy and Lucas move out to Atlanta.

    • Dorothy and Lucas named their sex "Freddy Peterson"!

    • This episode originally aired as a one-hour special, along with the first part. In sydnication, this is shown in a separate 30-minute segment.

    • Bea Arthur would not be a member of The Golden Palace as she got married in this episode. She would, however, appear in a two-part episode.

    • This episode is the final episode of The Golden Girls ever produced. The following fall season, it would be spun off as The Golden Palace and would now air not on NBC but on to CBS.

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