The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 17

Questions and Answers

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

When the girls learn that Jeopardy is having tryouts in Miami, Dorothy and Blanche jump at the chance - Dorothy because she loves knowledge, and Blanche because she loves Alex Trebek. In the meantime, the stress of volunteering in a hospital is beginning to show on Rose, so the girls secretly get her a Retriever, which Rose names "Jake."

Dorothy and Blanche go to a center and take a written test to guage their knowledge, and Blanche resorts to trying to copy off the papers of the men on either side of her. After the test, they're informed that they'll be notified of the results by phone.

At the hospital, Rose brings her dog to help cheer up the patients, and discovers that he is a hit. One husband in particular remarks that it is the first time in years that he has seen his wife smile, and he's very grateful for Jake.

Back at their home, the girls wait for a phone call from the Jeopardy crew, and finally one comes in, which Dorothy answers. She listens eagerly and is exuberant when she learns that she has made the cut. She shows the same enthusiasm when she hears of Blanche's fate - that she flunked. In her excitement, Dorothy immediately begins to study anything and everything available that might come up in the Jeopardy tryouts. Rose suggests that Dorothy study up on the St. Olaf high school yearbook, which Dorothy scoffs, but after a warning from Rose and trivia posed, Dorothy answers the obscure St. Olaf question correctly, saying "I intend to win this." She is so intent, that she falls asleep on the sofa shortly thereafter and dreams that she is playing Jeopardy against Rose and a dumb jock who cares only about babes - and Dorothy ends up losing to both of them.

At the tryout center, Dorothy is matched up against two scientific intellectuals, but she rings in and gets the answers right several times, each time making a spectacle of herself with her overexuberance and rambling, until the moderator has to tell her to "shut up." After doing so well in the questions, however, Dorothy is stunned to discover that she did not receive any indication that she will be an actual participant in Jeopardy, and when she questions this, she is informed that "America wouldn't route for [her]." Devastated, Dorothy laments to Sophia, and Sophia reminds her of Dorothy's spelling bee in grade school, when she beat everyone so badly that no one invited her to any birthday parties.

The episode concludes with Rose finding out that one of her patients took a turn for the worse and passed away suddenly. When Rose observes the deceased woman's husband turning to Jake for comfort, Rose generously decides to give the grieving man her dog as a companion.
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