The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 17

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Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1992 on NBC

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  • Dorthy is too competive

    Dorthy learns that Jeprody is having an try-out.So she thought that she could try it out and hopes to get her chances of being part of the show.Rose is not feeling herself.That is when the girls gave her an surprise an dog to cheer her up.So she start taking the dog to the hospital to cheer people up.Even to two couple as well when the wife is in the hospital bed.Dorthy is determined to win.She knows that she can do it.So when the try out came.She tooked all the answers away from the other two constent.After seeing everyone else with paper.She doesn't see she has one.That was when the man said nobody would be watching her.

    I believed in this episode Dorthy was too competitive during the try-out run.She didn't even let the others have an chance.Really she wasn't giving them an sporting chance saying "Nice Try"
  • What is "hilarious?"

    Though it would be difficult to choose a favorite episode of The Golden Girls, this one definitely stands out as one of the top for its hilarity. One of the funniest scenes is the one in which Dorothy falls asleep and dreams she is at the Jeopardy studio competing against Rose, along with a dumb jock. The categories are all related to farming and babes. Dorothy finds that she is losing to her dim-witted best friend and a guy who doesn't read. In exasperation she exclaims about Rose, "This woman is an Idiot!" To which the moderator responds, "Oh, really? SHE didn't get knocked up in high school." Simply riotous. The dream then ends with Dorothy losing to Rose in Final Jeopardy. Rose's response to the question, "Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?" is "Cary Grant" and they accept her answer over Dorothy's (Ulysses S. Grant). Dorothy's overzealous nature costs her a spot on the game show, as the recruiter explains that Americans "wouldn't route for" her. Sophia reminds her of a similar situation when Dorothy was little and beat the kids so badly at the Spelling Bee that no one invited her to their parties.
  • Season 7, Episode 17.

    I loved the beginning. Blanche has the dream about Alex Trebek, and he tells her to say things in the form of a question! Haha! Sophia tells Dorothy that she has a wonderful life for being able to answer questions on Jeopardy. Rose's old dog went back into her burning house to get the TV! Haha! It was sweet of Blanche and Dorothy to get Rose a dog. Blanche chases Jake, the dog, and Dorothy says that man's best friend is chasing man's best friend. Rose tells the Rusty story to everyone. Blanche thinks that 10% is only one out of five! Great episode.