The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 17

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Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1992 on NBC

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  • Dorthy is too competive

    Dorthy learns that Jeprody is having an try-out.So she thought that she could try it out and hopes to get her chances of being part of the show.Rose is not feeling herself.That is when the girls gave her an surprise an dog to cheer her up.So she start taking the dog to the hospital to cheer people up.Even to two couple as well when the wife is in the hospital bed.Dorthy is determined to win.She knows that she can do it.So when the try out came.She tooked all the answers away from the other two constent.After seeing everyone else with paper.She doesn't see she has one.That was when the man said nobody would be watching her.

    I believed in this episode Dorthy was too competitive during the try-out run.She didn't even let the others have an chance.Really she wasn't giving them an sporting chance saying "Nice Try"