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  • The Golden Girls is undoubtibly one of the best sitcoms in televison history.

    I was actually surprised that this show only ran for seven seasons, and I just got the final season yesterday. I now have all seven. And am seriously happy. The Golden Girls has a ingenious storyline and use of all kinds of humor, one, in particualar, black humor. When I was just five, I would seriously laugh at hhow funny this was. I thought this would go longer than seven seasons.

    Wow, I mean this has to be on of the most intellegent piece of work since The Simpsons. This is a show that takes hold of you and doesn't let go.
  • Loved this show as a kid!

    Really loved this show as a kid. And that it is a classic growing up in the 80s. Bea Arthur was like the straight man or woman in the group. Always headstrong and willing to speak her mind. While Betty White was the cute and naive one that really could say dumb things. Though she didn't mean to. While Rue McClanahan was the sex-starved one, that always opened her house where the girls live to men. A role that was originally thought of to Betty White as she and Rue switched around. Estelle Getty was the oldest and though she was really the age of Betty, Bea, and Rue in real life. She really acted like a 80-year old and got it from Bea's character. Gave the girls lip at times. Such a classic and loved it!
  • A lovely classic

    Ok I love this show. When I say this to my friends they say I am to young to love this show. But thank god we have re-runs. I have been watching it once again for the past few months on the WE channel and it has brought back how much I have always loved this show. There is just something about the chemisty between the lady's on this show. And god I love when Betty White starts with the Rose story's. Someone please tell me how they keep a straight face during those lines. I wonder sometimes if Betty White add libs those or if it came straight from the script. A classic i will watch for years it never gets old.
  • Golden Girls kicks off on Hallmark March 1 with an 18 1/2 hour marathon!

    Picture it…On March 1, viewers can enjoy 18 hours of tales from St. Olaf, pizza-and knishes, Southern belles and sassy seniors with an 18 hour marathon of "The Golden Girls," which redefined the term 'Must See TV' for a generation of fans, and generations to come. With six seasons in the Top 10, 79 award nominations with 34 wins and 38% of America watching the finale, "The Golden Girls" stands in select company as one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. (L to R) Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur and Betty White star as four South Florida seniors sharing a house, their dreams, their loves and losses. Bright, provocative, clueless, and hilarious, these lovely mismatched ladies form the perfect circle of friends. Experience a full day of laugh-packed episodes from this landmark television series when "The Golden Girls" begins airing on Hallmark Channel beginning Saturday, March 1, 8:30 a.m – 2:30 a.m., and continues Mondays-Fridays 8-9 a.m., 4-5 p.m. and 12 a.m.-2 a.m., Saturdays 6-9 a.m. and Sundays 8:30-10 a.m (All times ET/PT).
  • Ok I admit this is strangely entertaining...

    Ok I admit it - i love the Golden Girls. I guess its nothing to be ashamed of the show is really good.

    every weekend i hop downstairs, flick in LivingTV and watched two episodes of the Girls. Any why not? they are entertaining and high addictive!

    Favourite character? Its gotta be Rose. her funny stories about St Olaf and her Viking Ancestory make the show worthwhile. Though Maneater Blance and Toughtie Dorothy are also great. But Sophia comes second with her quirkiness and rueful comments that are perfectly timed and well written.

    overall good stuff a great addition to weekend morning television.
  • Best show on television! It's just funny. Period!

    The Golden Girls is one of THE best shows in the history of television! The show has great jokes and plot lines. I've been a Golden Girls fan since I was at least a baby. I have seen every episode more than 10 times, but they just keep getting funnier and funnier. I like all the Girls, but Sophia and Dorothy and their one liners are my personal favorites. I also love Rose's ridiculous St. Olaf stories and (made up) words. Even in real life, I tend to quite Golden Girls lines. All and all, the Golden Girls will always be a favorite of mine.
  • Whether you're in junior high, college, or around the same age as the title characters, you will relate to this show and be hooked from the very first episode!

    If you want the honest truth, I remember loving "The Golden Girls" when I was as young as 6 or 7 years old. Obviously, all the jokes flew right over my head at that time, but every time my mom watched it, I couldn't help laughing at Sophia's wisecracks, Blanche's antics, Rose's naivety, and Dorothy's hilarious facial expressions. It may sound crazy that a kid that young can enjoy a show like this, but I swear I'm not lying. What can I say? Even Betty White herself (who played Rose) says that most of her fan mail from the show comes from the 25-and-younger crowd, and if you've ever watched it, you probably know exactly why.

    By the time I was old enough to really understand and appreciate the show, I was in high school, and my friend and I used to watch it all the time in college. While most of the people our age were going out to the bars freshman year, for us, nothing was more fun than grabbing dinner from the cafeteria and enjoying back-to-back episodes of "The Golden Girls!" It's the perfect thing to watch anytime you've had a long day and just need something to make you laugh. The series is so classic and timeless, and the writing is so high-quality, people are going to be watching it for years to come, and it's not going to lose one ounce of its charm. Successful TV series like these are rare and hard to come by, and the true credit goes to two things: (1) solid chemistry between the characters, and (2) clever writing that covers a wide range of relatable topics. "The Golden Girls" has both, and again, even though the premise is four older women living together in Miami, people of all ages can get hooked on it, and that's because it's funny. It doesn't take itself too seriously, the characters can laugh at themselves, and in the end, it's all about appreciating your friends and enjoying life.

    Each "golden girl" is unique in her own way. All four actresses gave each other the chance to have the spotlight once in a while, and when they came together equally, they were unstoppable. I always liked how Dorothy was the "underdog" of the group who was protective of the other three and was there for them anytime they needed it, even when they poked fun at her for never getting dates (which, unfortunately, was often). I also loved her quippy comebacks and sarcasm; her dialogue was written perfectly, and paired with her priceless facial expressions, it really worked well. The character of Rose kept the laughter rolling throughout each episode with her long, drawn-out St. Olaf stories and her somewhat childlike views on life (although she could surprise you every now and then), and no character on television ever got away with the things that vixen Blanche did for seven seasons, but then again, that was thanks to actress Rue McClanahan's pitch-perfect blend of humor and vulnerability. Lastly (but absolutely not least), Sophia is probably the favorite "golden girl" with most fans, because everything that comes out of her mouth is comic gold, and very few lines of dialogue from her are easy to watch all the way through with a completely straight face. She and Dorothy are a flawless mother/daughter team, and the two actresses really made the love/hate relationship an art in itself. I don't think many actresses could pull off what they did.

    In short, "The Golden Girls" is an amazing show that never, EVER gets old, and I feel sad for those who have not yet discovered it, because they don't know what they're missing. Anyone and everyone can find something in here that they love, and all it takes is one episode! 10/10, no doubt!
  • Four women share a home in Miami.

    The Golden Girls was great. It is one of the best comedies ever. Sophia and Rose are the funniest out of all four women. In order, it is Sophia, Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy who are the funniest. Dorothy isn't necessarily funny, but sarcastic, which I like. The way it ended was especially good. It gives Dorothy closure as it gives her character the boot, and Sophia, Blanche, and Rose make one more season of the show, under a new title: The Golden Palace. While the show lasted, it was hilarious. It shouldn't have ended. Every episode brought laughs and kept them coming. R.I.P. Estelle Getty (July 25, 1923 - July 22, 2008).
  • This is one of the funniest shows ever!

    I own the entire show on DVD. Nothing can comepare to Rose's St. Olaf stories or Sophia sarcastic sense of humor. This show was so risque for the 80's and way before it's time. It was great to see a show like this that provides a humor that is enjoyable to watch no matter how many times you watch it.

    This show has special moments of my life attached to it. I always told my husband that he would love it this show and he vowed not to ever watch it. I caught him watching it on Lifetime one day and the rest is history! This is not just a chick flick, it is something anyone can watch and enjoy.
  • These girls sure are golden!

    I love this show so much. Now I'm pretty young and my friends say that the humor is for 'old people'. I ignore those comments. I find the humor very funny, and the women sure are good at acting! I miss this show and I wish that it would come back, even though the actresses are pretty old now. But this show is so cute, funny, and creative. There should be more shows like this. But any shows like this would kind of be ignored with all the shows about girls dating guys and fake extreme action shows that people find so dang good today.
  • Just the kind of show I need and love.

    The Golden Girls is a comedy that I love to watch. Every chance I get, I watch it. I've even taped a couple of episodes. I've watched this show since I was a child. Mum and I have always loved The Golden Girls. This is a nice treat for me.

    When I feel depressed, this is the kind of show I need to calm me down. I've been feeling very depressed lately. So much has happened to me in such a short time, and it hurt me so much. I've been watching as much of this show as I possibly can. It calms me down. It's always made me feel a bit calmer when I heart those four women picking on each other and acting silly. Comedy is just what I need, and even though I don't always feel like laughing at the funny things that happen, I still think they are very funny. I do laugh at them when I'm in a happier mood, but when I'm down, I just listen to how silly they're acting. I calm down a little. It helps me.

    I know there will not be anymore episodes of this show. That was 16 years ago, but I just hope TV does not stop playing the re-runs. They always help me to feel a lot better.
  • A show to remember.

    The Golden Girls was another one of my favorites while growing up. I was only five years old when it started playing, but even at a young age, I loved to watch it. I would sit on my mother's lap while she watched the show, and we would laugh through the whole half hour. All the characters have the abilities to put smiles on the faces of the most depressed people. I loved watching them insult each other and act silly during their fights. Then, they would make up, and I thought that was very nice. This show did teach me a lesson in friendship. It can teach others the very same lesson as well.
  • I love the show Golden Girls... great cast! -

    Perfect cast for the show Golden Girls... Love their theme music as well. My favorite actress in the show is Estelle Getty (Sophia)... but they are all great actresses and work perfect with each other. It's a show that makes me feel at ease and happy inside.... relaxing as well... takes the stress out of me. I have a cd of music in my car... and I have the theme music for this show on my personal cd that I listen to every day when driving to work. I'd like to say great job to the person who wrote that music to the show... I write music myself... and the music written and recorded for this tv show Golden Girls inspires me to write music. -
  • Golden Girls rock!

    Who could ever forget this show? I've loved The Golden Girls since I was little. Being little, I didn't understand everything that was happening, but I loved the show anyway. I loved to laugh at their jokes. Four senior citizens are living together in one house. There's Blanche. Blanche is the girly girl who loves to look cute and loooves boys! She can be vain at times, but she's still a great friend to have around. There's Rose. Rose is a total ditz, and I love that! She is so funny! You try to explain something to her, and she just... doesn't get it. I love her stories. Honestly, if I'm bored, I wanna hear her tell me one of her stories. The other girls find them annoying. I find them interesting and funny. Rose is so sweet and loving as well. Then, there's Dorothy. Dorothy is sassy, classy, and totally smart! She's the level-headed one. I love her sarcastic comments. She cracks me up. She can lose her temper at times, but hey, she's still a totally awesome friend to have around. I lose my temper too at times. Then, there's Sophia, Dorothy's mom. Listen to one line from Sophia, and you will automatically know where Dorothy gets her sass from. Sophia is incredibly sassy! I think the other girls should've nicknamed her Sassy Sophia. She is hilarious, and although she lets out some whacky insults, she is still an awesome person. I think all four of the girls are awesome friends. I wouldn't mind living with them. It would be like a party. I love this show so much. I really think it should be appreciated a lot more than it is. I sooo would love to meet the actresses from the show. You Golden Girls totally rock!
  • A great comedy show.

    When I was growing up I use to watch this show and think that it was just alright. I started watching the re runs, and now that I am older and get the jokes, I think that this show is hilarious.
    The show follows the lives of four women over fifty that share a house in Miami. One woman owns the house, while a Mother daughter pair rent, as well as a woman from a Dutch town in Wisconsin. Many nights are spent in the kitchen having chats about whatever issue has come up. You will also be entertained from stories from Sicily, and Saint Olaf.
    You will be introduced to Blanche's many lovers, and Dorothy's ex husband Stan, as well as the children of all the women.
    It is a cute show, that always makes me laugh.
  • Rose seriously is an airhead. But I love her. Dorothy deffinatley keeps it real. I absolutley love Sophia she is so funny and just like her daughter she keeps it real even is you dont like it. Blanche well her world pretty much revolves around men.

    I love this show it is perfect. Its like my all time favorite show from back in the day. Even though I am young I deffiantley love this show. I watch it everyday. I've seen every episode. And yet I kan still watch this show over and over agian. My friends and I are kinda like these 4. I'm similar to Sophia I have the tendacy to be sarcastic. Before when I use to watch this show my friends used to look at me like why are you watching this its for old people. And I'll look them right in the eyes and say well I'm a old lady then.
  • I'm showing my age, but this show is one of my all time favorites.

    I watch The Golden Girls once a week on Fridays. I have always loved the show, but as I have gotten older I have come to appreciate some of the humor much more than when I was younger. Betty White has got to be one of my all time favorite characters in the show. With her happy go lucky attitude and "not the sharpest tool in the shed" character, I think she steals the show. Dorothy has always bet subtley funny; the voice of reason and yet the pessimist. Blanch and Sofia are also brilliant in the show and all four of the characters together make for a bucket full of laughs. Even if it is before your time, you should check it out.
  • This show is funny. I can't believe I'm just now getting into it. I love all the girls. The sarcastic one, the airhead, the man-reeler, and even the rustic storyteller. Just watch the show and see which is which.

    I'm a teenager in the more recent generation and this show is honestly a guilty pleasure for me. I can't get enough of it. Although Dorothy isn't the cutest of the bunch, I think my friends would see me as her personality type. To me, Rose is not only a funny air head, but also a witty storyteller. Blanche is my least favorite character because she feels like she needs a man in order for her to survive. As for Sophia, she's like the grandmother from hell sometimes, but she's always there to give her daughter and the others a good laugh and a side of hijinks. A quirky, guilty pleasure. Love it!!!
  • The Golden Girls!

    This show is still enjoyable, even though it aired way before my time. It's the greatest comedy next to Will & Grace. The Golden Girls dealt with some tough and controversial issues using comedy, which only made the show more amusing to watch. I love Dorothy's wittiness, her remarks, and her sarcasm! She makes me laugh all the time. All the characters are interesting to watch. I love Rose's stories of St. Olaf and Sophia's "picture it" flashbacks. This show all in all is remarkable and the fact that it is still being aired today, shows how timeless this classic comedy really is.
  • Just plain AWESOME!

    I love this show so much. Now i know that its not the most apporiate thing for an 11 year old to be watching but i love this show so much. I mean it's funny, and entertaining. It has drama and romance in it. But it can keep anyone entertain. I mean you can see the same episode a million times it never gets old and its always funny!!! I would definiatly reccomend that everyone should watch this show!!! I which that they would bring back the golden palace. I mean i was sad that the golden girls was over but then brought back like a tv show which was like a sequel to the show!!!
  • I have been watching this show since I was 10 years old. This is one of my favorite shows of all time!

    I have been watching the golden girls since 2003 and I've already gotten 5 box sets for it. It is an all time classic. Although they do talk about mature things, there are episodes where there is a lesson involved and that we should take things into context. Also, as I think of it, if Betty White played Blanche and Rue McClanahan played Rose as it was orginally supposed to be, it would be so hard to imagine White being a slut and McClanahan being an idiot. Anyway, the Golden Girls is one of the greatest series out of all series and there is no denying it.
  • It's also a personal favorite. The girls made me laugh, made me cry and always a friend to me.

    Everyone from young to old loves this show. It's timeless and ageless. They talked about serious issues and funny issues. Great jokes and wonderful acting. The writing is one of the best from television. And the girls are like a blanket and a cup of tea. They make you feel better and warm all over. The Golden Girls is a show that you can get comfortable with. Put on your at home clothes, sit in your favorite chair and wrap yourself in the funny that is The Golden Girls. It's beyond fabulous and can't be beat. Good times for all.
  • The Golden Girls talked about time sensitive material. AIDS, Menopause, Death, the whole nine yards. Throw in a little comedy and you have a masterpiece. I suggest that you watch AT LEAST one episode. You'll be hooked!

    The Golden Girls talked about time sensitive material pertinent to the 80's, including AIDS. Menopause, Death, the whole nine yards. Throw in a little comedy and you have a masterpiece. I suggest that you watch AT LEAST one episode. You'll be hooked! I wish they hadnt been taking off the air. I couldnt stand to watch the re-runs, I had to run out and buy all 7 seasons!!
  • They don't make them like this anymore!

    The Golden Girls is a classic example of superior ensemble acting that has become virtually extinct in today's world of unscripted, reality television. The writing was cutting edge; the acting was superior, and the result was seven years of laughs that continue to live on through syndication and DVD season packages. The show was a mixture of hilarious comedy and poignant realism, tackling such issues as age discrimination, HIV and AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, aging, and death while showing that life does not stop because one has reached age fifty. If you were a fan during the initial run, tune in to relive some of your favorite moments. If not, become a new fan as the show continues to touch a new generation of viewers.
  • Four women sharing a house in Miami? Sounds pretty good to me. Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty show awesome performances.

    The Golden Girls is about four women sharing a house in Miami. The Cast were Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty, respectively. The characters were Dorothy Zbornak, a fiftysomething teacher who's everyday conversation was often laced with sardonic comments (played by Bea Arthur), Rose Nylund, a dense Minnesotan who is known for her long, pointless storie about her hometown, St. Olaf. (played by Betty White), Blanche Deveraux, man-hungry landlord of the girls (played by Rue McClanahan and Sophia Petrillo, Dorothy's mother, who moves in after her retirement home, Shady Pines, burns down. Sometimes Dorothy ex - husband Stan (played by Herb Edelman)would appear, usually if something went wrong in his life. At the end of the series, Dorothy marries Blanche's Uncle Lucas (played by Leslie Nielsen), becoming Blanche's aunt. Dorothy and Lucas now reside at Hollingsworth Manor in Atlanta. I believe this was most painful part of the series.

    I think that the premise of the show is good, the cast and recurring characters were selected wonderfully, they really brought the spice to the Golden Girls and the episode plots were pretty funny. What does that make, a really good meal and a really good series. I hope this show will never be forgotten.

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  • So so so funny!

    This show is so funny and yet so smart! It was way ahead of its time! Every episode made me laugh! is isi isi is isi isi is isi i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i ii i i i i i i i ii i ii i i ii i i i ii i i i i i ii i i i ii i i i ii i i ii i i ii i i i ii i i ii i i ii i i i ii i i The End!
  • Not to miss.

    The Golden Girls is a wonderfully written, extremely funny show that will always be one of the greatest comedy efforts of all time. The show has laughter everyone can enjoy, and explores topics that few shows dare to address. All four women won Emmy Awards for their roles and the show enjoyed extraordinary ratings and acclaim. Every aspect of the show provides for pure comedic entertainment that transcends the art itself. The show provides a look into how friends from very different backgrounds compliment each other and become the best of friends. Each character brings a unique dynamic to the plot and any viewer can learn, identify, and of course laugh at their adventures. Simply a show for the ages.
  • This Show Helped Shape the Face of American Prime Time.

    Television in the 1980s ushered in a new aethetic in the landscape of prime time. It is undeniable that The Golden Girls played a significant role in helping shape that landscape by elevating comedy to a new form. Up until it's premiere, no other telelvison show had existed previously that highlighted the senior citizen demographic in the way that this show did. Specifically, portraying middle-to-elderly women as vital, independent and "sexy" were not even part of the radar until this shows' incepetion into the American television fabric.

    The Golden Girls did so in such a controverisal and incredible way. The writing is supreb and so right-on! The chemistry between the four cast members was uncanny, with the most perfect timing I've ever seen on television situation comedy. It's no wonder why it continues an amazing cult following, one that doesn't seem to be dying down.
  • picture this miami 1985 four mature ladies living in the same house all of which have a completley different character Sophia the oldest full of anecedotes from the 1920's her daughter Dorothy smart & wise cracking,Blanche sexy & man mad & dumb Rose

    How i love these four completley different woman going threw their midlife crisis with humour, sitting around the kitchen table talking dirty! & about their past & present lives,I love Blanches tales when she was younger in the deep south & Sophia picture this Scily 1922! although i have to agree with the girls Roses stories of St Olaf used to drive me mad like them.loved Dorothys one liners never failed to make me laugh,all four gave a performance of a life time & seemed to be having the time of their lives fantastic!
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