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  • Four senior citizens who live together are pretty funny.

    It feels wierd to say but I like the golden girls. I started watching them when my fiancee was watching, but those ladies are funny. Estelle Getty is the one with the best timing and can make any situation funny. Bea Arthur is probobly the scariest looking women I have ever seen but it plays to her advantage and she is the one who holds the whole crew together. Rue Mclanahan is the worlds oldest hussy. There hasn't been an episode I've seen that she hasn't had a new date. The down right funniest though is Betty White. She is so dimwitted that I can't help but to crack up when she talks. Good show.
  • A wonderful all round comedy

    Golden Girls is one of those shows that have you from the opening line till the last one. It still is, so I can sit and laugh endlessly now as I did when I saw them originally.

    The half hour show was a hilariously funny look at the lives of three middle aged best friends and an independent and sassy golden aged mother all living together in a house in Florida. It portrayed life as a senior citizen in America, the struggle for decent jobs, lasting and fulfilling relationships and basic respect.

    Dorothy the school teacher, highly intelligent and divorced from Stanley, the deadbeat who keeps popping up at her doorstep. Blanche, the widowed, Southern Belle, whose initilas are 'BED' and who lives up to the reputation it denotes. Keeping track of Blanches love interests would be aimless...yet quite comical. Rose, sweet, simple, naive Rose. Rose is also a widow and eventually falls in love and shares a relationship with Miles. Last but by no means least is 'Ma'. Sophia, the eldest of the group, she is Dorothy's mother. Tough as nails and just as cunning, she minces no words and will quickly call a spade a spade oftentimes Blanche's trysts, Rose's naivety and Dorothy's lack of a love life easy targets.

    Watching reruns now on Lifetime are just as good as when they first aired. A classic in it's own right.
  • The Golden Girls is about 4 women above their 50s, living in the same house.

    The Golden Girls is a classic show, it revolves around 4 women Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose, each character has there own unique way about them, Although Sophia and Rose are known as the comedic ones Blanche and Dorothy have been known to crack a few jokes once in a while.

    The storylines where always good, and the women's different personalities often clashed which would lead to very funny moments, from Rose's St. Olaf stories to Sophia's Sicily stories, and Dorothy’s sarcastic comments to Blanche's constant obsession about her looks and different boyfriend in each episode, The golden girls never ceased to amaze me.
  • I can't get enough of this show.

    The Golden Girls is by far one of my favorite shows. It's just so funny to see these old women living like teenage girls. They date, throw parties, and love having fun just like school girls. The "Golden Girls" is one of those shows that can be watched over and over again for years. My girlfriends and I like to watch the show together and compare ourselves to their character. I think the concept of the show is great, and I hope when I'm in my 60's I have friends to help keep my esteem alive. I hope Life Time continues to air this classic show for more years to come.
  • 4 older women staying togehter in a home doesn't sound like the makings of a hit sitcom, but this show really was truly hilarious.

    When it first began, I was only 5, but I was still amused by it even at that tender age. Now, as I look back at the reruns of the show as a an adult, I realize that the show transcended age. Great shows, which this was, can trandscend their obstacles (like Cosby-having an all-black cast, or Seinfeld being about 'nothing'). These women make being older look like the cool thing to be, and that aint easy in a youth-obsessed culture like ours.
  • Great show!

    The Golden Girls was a really good show but above all that it was very original. To see a show where all the main characters are over 50 was groundbreaking. The women were funny, sexy, and enjoying their lives after their children left and their marriages ended. I was very young when I started watching it and I think it taught me alot. The show taught me that your vitality doesnt end at 50 or even 60. It also taught me not to underestimate senior citizens. Even without the age angle it was still a very funny show that never gets old. I've seen every episode multiple times and I always enjoy them.
  • I miss it and it was funny.

    It was awesome when it was on in the ninety's and eighty's. Dorothey was so funny and Rose was an funny idiot. I think Sofia was the best I loved her hugs they were so funny, she would neveer touch the person she was hugging. Blanch was hilarious she had so many guys and she never gave anybody "her" A-list guys execpt for Dorothey once. Dorothey was a some times mean to Rose she would hiot her in the head with the paper, it was so funny. Rose was really dumb especially when she brought the chicken home and that lady cooked it. I loved this show and still do. This show was awesome possum.
  • A hilarious show for every audience.

    My best friend introduced me to this show then I was about 9, telling me that I would definitely love Sophia. Boy, was she right! I love all of the characters, and all of the actresses fit their roles like a glove. Each character held an important part in the show, and the show wouldn't be the same with just one of these parts missing (The Golden Palace, anyone?). Dorothy's sarcastic comebacks and killer glares, Rose's St. Olaf stories, Blanche's romantic escapades, and Sophia's hilarious remarks make this show one for the ages. I definitely recommend this to anybody. I rate it a nine outta ten.
  • This show was great beyond measure!

    I can't believe this show has ended... i guess all good things must come to an end! It was probably the greatest show of its kind!

    I love all the ladies... they each had an individual charm
    that was remarkable beyond measure!

    I truly miss it!

    Sophie was my favourite character! She was spunky, sarcastic, funny, intelligent and had great stories to tell!

    This show was defenitely a must see for me!

    I give it five stars!
  • Proving you don't have to be young to be sexy, funny and socially relevant, "The Golden Girls" while formula sit-com TV is still worth watching for the truly hilarious antics of these post-menopausal women!

    No one is likely to ever accuse "The Golden Girls" as being ground-breaking in the traditional sense of the word, and yet, they did in fact do what had never been done before. The show took 4 very "non-teenage" women and put them into prime time. With hilarious and acid wit, sardonic and openly sarcastic barbs, the show was simultaneously engaging and touching.

    TGG did not shy away from touching on subjects that are still avoided on most mainstream TV and did it all with a good measure of fun.

    Never one to take itself too seriously, the show poked fun at the foibles of growing old gracefully.

    Even the idea of seniors like Sophia "hitting the sheets" were fair game and Blanche's version of Scarlett O'Hara was classic.

    It is still worth checking out on re-runs where it not only holds its own against a lot of what is being offered as television today, it is often the "best thing on" even though you know you have seen the story before.
  • My Guilty Pleasure

    I'd have to say that the Golden Girls has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years! Ever since I was a little girl, my grandmother and I have watched the show together, making it a favorite past-time. You can imagine how excited we were when the seasons came out on dvd. All of my friends laugh at me when I pop in a Golden Girls disc, but I just can't help it. Not only is the show hilarious, but the characters are both so rounded and well-developed, that it's hard to pick a favorite. I love the way they accent each other and each provides their own little comedy, bringing the show to it's comedic whole! I especially love the relationship between Dorothy and Rose, they are both so funny! Too bad they couldn't still make new episodes!
  • This is show CANNOT get any better(period).

    I love this show. It is one of the best shows ever made. I love each girl's personality and the way each of them makes this show special. The Golden Girls is hilarious and yet it also teaches us something worth knowing and something we may use in life someday. If it was up to me to decide I would let Golden Girls run on for ten more years if possible. I hope there will always be a channel showing it on television because a wonderful classic like this should never stop.
  • Clasic

    I love this show. It still comes on, on Lifetime about 3 times a day. I have to say that this is one of the most Classic, funny shows and I think that all the characters are great. I love the way Sophia and Dorethy act around each other and how they play off each other and. I also love Rose and Blanche. I just think that every character and different but they are all very very very very very and many times over very very very very very funny in my opinion and I just love watching this show.
  • This is such a Great Show.

    My mother got me hooked into this show and ever since then I try not to miss it. I love all the characters and how they even each other out. The story lines are simply awesome. You can go from very important stories right into a very funny one. Of coruse no matter what You have Sophia's witty remarks against everything Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose has to say. I just love the Mother daughter relationship between Sophia and Dorothy. They can talk about anything. And they get mad at each other, and call each other really cute names, but no matter what they always love each other in the end. This is one great show.
  • Four women sharing one house

    I like and dislike "The Golden Girls," depending on what episode I referring to. I lik "the golden girls," I didn't love "the golden girls," but there are stuff that I love. Of the four actresses I like Rue McClanaham the most. She can play sexy, even for a middle age woman. She can be very hot and sexy. I wrote a few letters to her in support. she probaby the real reason why I like "the Golden Girls." I like Beatrice Arthur. She's the brains of the four. Whatever anything happens, she whould figure things out. I like Betty White's characters, but that place she kept mentioning is annoying. Estelle Getty is the worst of the bunch. She not much of an actress. But apart from the shortcomings, I happen to like the series. Not enough to call it great, but I like the series.
  • Four women live together in an apartment

    As you can see, this show is my guilty pleasure. I enjoy The Golden Girls' unique brand of humor and find Sophie Petrillo especially hilarious (which is why Sophie Petrillo is my icon). Here's a bit of trivia: Estelle Getty, who played Sophie Petrillo, was actually two months younger than Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy Zbornak. She was wore quite a bit of make-up to create the illusion that she was old enough to be Dorothy's mother.
    Thank you for being a friend. Travel down the road and back again. Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant. And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew. You would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say, thank you for being a friend.
  • The Golden Girls is a show about four women, all over the age of fifty, who live in the same house, and give viewers a lot of laughs. It should've never been cancelled. The Golden Girls created seven years of great fun and lots of laughs.

    The Golden Girls is a great show. It is one of the best comedies ever. Sophia and Rose are the funniest out of all four women. Every episode is fantastic in its own unique way. The way it ended was especially good. It gives Dorothy closure as it gives her character the boot, and Sophia, Blanche, and Rose make one more season of the show, under a new title: The Golden Palace. While the show lasted, it was hilarious. It shouldn't have been cancelled. It was an amazing show. Every episode brought laughs to the viewers. For seven years, The Golden Girls brought laughs to viewers and made television worth watching.
  • The Golden Girls first premiered in the fall of 1985. Even today, the issues they covered in each classic episode are still relevant today. With over 7 seasons full of love and laughs, The Golden Girls were truly that: golden.

    The Golden Girls is my number one favorite show of all time. I have seen every episode at least twenty times and it never gets old! From time to time, I even find myself quoting this beloved and treasured show. It approached issues like gay marriage and AIDS in a groundbreaking way that had not been done before. It let us, the viewing audience, laugh at the serious side of life and it showed us that no matter what one goes through, one truly can make it with friends. I have so many favorite episodes of this show, it would be impossible to list them all in this review. Suffice it to say, there are many, many, many favorite episodes of mine. While there is not one season of The Golden Girls I dislike, my favorite three seasons are from 5-7. For some reason, those are the freshest,hippest, funniest episodes to me. One great aspect of this show, in my opinion, is the diversity of character. You have Blanche, the sexy one; Rose, the naive one; Dorothy, the embittered one; and of course Sophia, the outspoken one. All of these character components meshed together and thus created a very easy going chemistry between the cast. In every episode, there was something for a fan of any age and its universal appeal is something that has contributed to The Golden Girls staying power, not only in the pop culture scene but in the American subconscience as well.
  • Just because you reach 50, doesn't mean that life is all downhill.

    This NBC classic set out to prove that life doesn't end once you reach 50, and that you still have a lot of living left to do. Our four ladies made us laugh week after week, and for 6 consecutive seasons was never out of the top 10 in the Nielsen's ratings. The final season it dropped to #30 but it was still great. It went out on top and these sassy ladies will never be forgotten.
  • Wonderful show

    I love this show! Dorothy is the smart one who gets put down for being "unattractive", Rose is the naive one who gets put down for being "stupid", Blanche is the sexy one who gets put down for being a "slut", and Sophia is the wise cracker who gets put down for... nothing really, I don't think.

    Despite going through many putdowns, they still love each other like a family, and are always there for each other no matter what.

    The show goes through many different subjects that the 80s never really grasped on, which got many viewers, and was a highly popular show. It's been called the original "Sex and the City", but that show will never beat this one!

    My personal favorite person is Sophia. She's funny with her Sicilian stories starting with, "Picture it, Sicily, [year]."
  • I love The Golden Girls!

    The Golden Girls was, and still is, one of my favorite shows of all-time. I love everything about it.

    The characters all are wonderful:
    Dorothy is the sensible yet sarcastic one
    Rose is the dumb one who really means well
    Blanche is the promiscuous one who has been around the block a 'few' times
    Sophia is the incredibly witty one who doesn't take crap from anyone

    I've seen every episode of the show and I own all of the dvd sets. I'll be watching TGG for years to come.

    Kudos to Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White and Estelle Getty for making this show so awesome.
  • This was a show that was set in Miami, Florida. It featured 4 seniors as roommates. They becaome the best of friends, family and enemies at times. They dealt with issues where in those times were taboo.

    Oh where do I start? I love, love, love the Golden Girls. I watch this show religiously. I know every episode by heart. I know each line and plots just by what they say to each other in teh beginning of each episode. It's my personal fave because I can live vicariously through by wishing I had friendships like they had. I've had a roommate before and it was nothing like this. They dealt with issues that other shows at that time strayed away from. they set a new standard for how women in their seniors should be looked at. they dealt with sexually active teens, unruly teenagers, homosexuality, death of family members and many other things. It's a great show.
  • wow this was like wooo.

    Wow this show was good and i still like watching it. I didnt know people that old like talked or acted like that lol i thought they all just sat there all day and like knitted lol well im 13 i didnt think they did much of anything well was i wrong lol well anyways this was a an awesome show and so like happy that lifetime brought it back!!!!
  • I'm serious no one knows I watch this well only my sister, my mom and my dad, but no one else.

    These 4 ladies all rock! I can always just sit down and watch this show in the summer whenever I'm bored or am just in the mood for a wholesome TV show.

    I'll just plop down on the couch and be prepared to go into Miami where the show takes place. Sometimes my sister watches it with me.

    So what if it was made in the 80s it's a good show! Heck I watch I Love Lucy!

    Whenever I watch it I know that I'll be ready to hear one of Rose's St. Olaf stories or see what Sophia is up to, or find out what man Blanche is going out with today.

    Whatever it is I'm sure it will be a couple of hanndfulls of laughs and thoe heartfelt Golden Girl moments that make understand why you watch this show.

  • Four older women live in the same house.

    The only reason I found this show was because my mom was happening to watch it! And let me tell you that it is funny! I mean they are all your old kind of grandma type, but it is still funny! The one girl who is kind of slutty is the most strangest to me because she is like a player but she is most likely over 50! And that is alot! But I have never seen much of all the episodes, just the ones that are on when my mom watches. My favorit character is the dumb one because it amazes me at how stupid yet funny she is!
  • What could have been a brilliant show is dragged down by its own lack of consistency.

    The Golden Girls had a lot of potential, the acting was great, the writing was sharp and funny, but overall the show fails to live up to that potential because of its inconsistencies. The show is about 4 elderly women living together in Miami, Blanche is the designated \"slut\" who has bedded half of Miami\'s male population, Rose is a naive farmgirl from Minnesota, more specifically an odd little town called St. Olaf, Dorothy, the sarcastic \"everywoman\", and Dorothy\'s mother, Sophia, a wisecracking Italian. While the show features great acting and very sharp writing, but the show is never able to avoid having several mistakes. For example, we never quite know how Blanche\'s husband George died. In one episodes it is stated that he was in the hospital for a long time, while in another episode it is said that he died in a car accident. There are several mistakes like that and its very hard to ignore them when the number of one of the women constantly changes or when Dorothy is diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is supposed to be a crippling disease, but is never mentioned again.

    All in all, The Golden Girls is a good show, but don\'t expect to watch a few episodes, only to say \"But didn\'t in the other episode she said that....?\"
  • a somewhat funny show

    this show was on the air for way too long in my opinion. the funniest one on the show was without a doubt estell getty. every time she took the stage she seemed to make me laugh. the whole cast did a good job considering it was a sitcom in the 80's.
  • Change the channel!!! No way I don't have the heart to do that. I need a good laugh.

    I love the Golden Girls. They were four women who if you put together made one heck of a woman. You take Dorothy's class, brains, and sophsitcation. Then mix it with Blanche's wildness, sex drive, and beauty. You put some of Rose's cuteness, bubbleness, and patience. Then top it of with Sophia's fiestiness, wisdom, and most of the time understanding. All those combined make a woman that maybe every woman wish they could be.
  • I never really knew the lives of the elderly were so much fun before watching this show!

    An amazing TV show! Four elderly women talking about sex, relationships, personal problems, all while eating an entire cheesecake in 30 minutes or less! The stories that Sophia and Rose tell are classics. The humor/stupidity in both of them is to die for. I always love to hear how sexy Blanche thinks she is, yet it annoys the heck out of everyone else. Dorothy is usually the sane one around the house... usually. Not only is the show hillarious but it also deals with problems that everyone sooner or later faces: not enough money, dying family, losing friends, but the girls help eachother through anything. The show may have ended but it will live on in our hearts and minds for all eternity.
  • Amazing, outstanding, and really funny.

    What a great plot of four old women all formly married and extremely different sharing a house together through it all the four friends delt with serious issues such as aids, homosexuality, inter racial marriage,harassment, death, and many more tough issues which makes this series a beloved classic which ran for seven seasons, five of which was in the top ten of the nielson ratings.

    What is truely amazing is how this show avoided jumping the shark with consist recasting of recurring guest stars, and disappearing characters such as Sophia sister, Angela, and consist disappearing boyfriends. One thing that had to help it was the chemistry between the four main actresses that almost always makes you smile.

    The writing was also perfect with different stories and tough issus with both humor and being very serious.

    The four were strong and refuse to give their sex lives to old age, mainly Blanche Devereaux, who after her husband died decided to experiment alot more, but although she was a slut, she was completely loyal to her husband.Blanche is also a very proud southern, and happy to admit it. Then their is Rose Nylund, the clueless, innocent, and sweet one of the group. Next we have the oldest and smart mouth, Sophia Petrillo, who although really mean is caring, sweet, and wise. Finally we have Sophia daughter, Dorothy Zbornak, the leader of the group, who strong and smart, but sadly, she can't seem to get over her ex husband, Stan, which may not be a bad thing considering she can never get a date.

    This is by far one of the best shows from the 80s and ever made, which made it possible for such shows as Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives. It is for sure a classic.
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