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  • If only real life was like this: Talking about sex all the time, wearing new color-coordinated outfits every day, resolving family issues within 30 minutes, and eating cheesecake without gaining a pound. Ripping stuff!!

    Sophia the stroke-ridden loudmouth.

    Dorothy the hapless stoic critic who got knocked up when young and married a twerp.

    Loveable Rose, the Asperger's sufferer.

    Blanche - free spirited and willing.

    Then come the actresses, each of which brings the character to life. They saw the characters and knew how to make them come to life. No "show acted by the numbers" here. These are 3D people and THAT is what makes for good television. Real actors who see the characters and know precisely what to do with them.

    Social situations, from menopause to artificial insemination (eeewwww!) to abortion to many more get covered; in the spirit of Norman Lear but with a somewhat refined approach that's equally worthy.

    But the comedy is what remains fresh throughout its 7 year run, even if seasons 3 and 7 are the least effective; and seasons 1, 5, and 2 the best. They're all good stuff.

  • I don't think there would have been a "Sex and the City" if it weren't for "The Golden Girls".

    I remember watching "The Golden Girls" at a young age. I hated the show at first and I thought it wasn't so funny. I felt that way because, I never really grasped the concept of the jokes then. Now that I am much older and the show is being aired in syndication, I can say that I really like this show! Yes, there are alot of sexual innuendos in this show and it may seem awkward to hear them coming from women over 50 (especailly considering the time this show was done). Lol, I guess that goes to show that one may never know what their aged mothers or grandmother are talking about to their girlfriends out of ear range. My favorite character in this show is Sophia. She may be the eldest of the crew and she may be a little senile but, without Sophie, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose's bond would fall apart. She was the rock that held them together. Furthermore, Sophie was as outspoken as they come (some of that due to the stroke she was said to have had at the beginning of the series) and she wasn't afraid to live a little (much to the dismay of Dorothy, Sophia's daughter). All of the characters had a special something to add that made this show so unique and ahead of it's time. "The Golden Girls" will always be one of my favorite shows.
  • All about 4 older woman living together always coming to each other when they have problem and others giving advice and also eating cheesecake.

    Golden Girl is an classic to me.I mean this came out since I was born! I didn't even know this at first about Golden Girls,till later on.Each girls has thier own special personality which makes them different and that is why everyone love the show cause its funny and has interesting things liked Dorthy ex husband who keeps coming to the house and bothered Dorthy.Me and Mom love to watched the Golden Girls.I watched this everyday at 6 and 6:30 pm.
  • What a great show about four friends.

    Picture it! 1985, 4 women, 2 of which are a mother and daughter, move in together and become great friends.

    This is just one of the reasons why I enjoy watching "The Golden Girls". Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia were such great characters on the show and it can be seen in the portrayal of the characters that they such great friends and were willing to help each other out, no matter what.

    Another thing that I truly enjoy about the show has got to be the St. Olaf stories that Rose tells and the "Picture it" stories that Sophia always told about what it was like when she was younger. Each lady had such great deliverance of the material in their stories that always made me laugh, espcially when Dorothy and Blanche's reactions were those of disbelief.

    Lastly, something else that I truly enjoy about "The Golden Girls" is the friendly insults that Sophia had for her yutz ex-son in law Stan and in the ways that she always called Blanche easy. Like the stories she would always tell, she had such great deliverance in her remarks to Stan and her timing was perfect in responding to whatever problem Blanche thought she had with her personal life regarding her many men.

    In all, these are just a few of the reasons why I enjoy watching the show so much. However, the only drawback I see the show had was how the occasional crazy scheme one (or all) of the girls had would backfire, but everything else about the show truly outweighs this little drawback. Truly, this is one great show.
  • A pretty good 80's sit com. It came from the same people that made the sit com "Soap".

    A pretty good 80's sit com. It came from the same people that made the sit com "Soap". This one was about 3 friends living together. At some point one of them moved their mother in with them so then there were 4 ladies living together. they were all getting on in their years but had very different personalities. Betty White stared as Rose Nylund and she was the ditzy one. Beatrice Arthur stared as Dorothy Zbornak she was the reasonable one that was pretty much always grumpy. She was the character that moved in her mother. the mother was played by Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo. She was the oldest member, although it was makeup - she was actually the youngest cast member. She was always forgetful and yet telling stories of the old days in italy. Rue McClanahan played Blanche Devereaux and she was the slutty one always looking for a new young man.
  • Golden Girls is about 4 older women living life. The End. LOL.

    I loved this show. I have all the current available seasons, and am seriously looking for the episode where ose makes a Gunuerkenfluerken cake. LOL! I loved loved loved this show. It so totally rocked!
    For me, this show was like a starting place for older women to do shows and things. I loved this show for that and amny other things.
    Some things I loved, and still do love about Golden Girls are:
    A. Dorothy's sarcasm. I took a personality quiz and, naturally, I was Dorothy.
    B. Blanche's ....uh.... well, Blanhceness, let's call it.
    C. Sophia's: "Picture its"
    D. ROSE!!!! I love Rose, and I need no reason to love Rose because she is awesome. I loved her St. Olaf stories, and most of all her Scandinavian words.
  • Hilarious, Roll on the Floor Comic Relief

    Golden Girls was a success because of the chemistry of the cast coupled with the writing - all were top notch professionals. The characters fit together so perfectly and never failed to entertain me. Beatrice Arthur was the key of this program's success due to her comic timing. When she left the show, Golden Girls ended because it couldn't have possibly functioned without her. The spin off that came from Golden Girls didn't last long. The weakest character for me was Betty White's whose drawn out Saint Olive stories bored me to death as it did the characters.
  • A wonderful show of 4 upper middle aged women sticking together and thriving in this cold world.

    What a wonderful show of 4 divorced or widowed Ladies living in todays world. Not just surviving, but thriving. I can see a little of them in me. Dealing with issues that we all must face every single day. These 4 ladies can teach us all about respect, trust and acceptance of all people. I just love watching them go through their daily lives and facing what ever is throwed at them. This is one viewer that hopes I have the grace and endurance that these ladies have when i am their age. I also hope to have the good friends that they are.
  • this is one of the best shows that has ever been on t.v. they had the best writers,and the best directors.i couldn't see any other women playing these parts.rose is my favorite golden girl.

    they had the best writers,and the best directors.i couldn't see any other women playing these parts.rose is my favorite golden girl with her st.olaf stories. they are a riot.blance is the sencond craziest on the show. and dorothy is the one who keeps them all together.sophia is the wise old lady who is always talking about her home town sicily.
  • I don't care how many times I see it...

    ...I still LOVE this show. It's definatley a fix for a lot of us chicks, there's just this cult-esque draw to it. But then, that's probably because a lot of us enjoyed it when it first aired.
    My little sister and I were kids when it first aired, and now as young women, we actually GET the jokes, heh. So, it's definately the aged/pre-sex and the city chick bible that so many of us rely on.
    Just because it's a sitcom that centeres 4 older women, doesn't make it a wall for guys too...I'm sure many guys... straight as well, probably like it too, but won't admit it. Granted, not as much as the ladies do, because I admit...there's definately a chick-bonding appeal. Maybe it's nice to know when you get older you still have a life and don't let age slow you down. Plus, I SO aspire to be Sophia-like when I get that old. Teheheheh...
  • A hysterical comedy about four over-the-hill women living together in a house in Florida.

    Dumb premise, eh? Who wants to watch that.

    Well, lots of use. Not only is it hysterical, you simply get addicted to the characters.

    Starting out, each of them are portrayed as flat stereotypes.

    Blanche, the wealthy southern Belle that's also a bit slutty

    Dorothy, the tall somewhat masculine subsitute teacher that can never get a date

    Rose, the ditzy swedish woman from St. Olaf, full of long pointless stories and completely naive.

    Sophia, Dorothy's mom, a Sicilian woman older than the rest who's also full of stories and has a taste for mischeif.

    Over the course of the show, the characters truly developed into truly unique individuals. You begin to see how this family, and they are indeed nothing short of a family, begins to deal and cope with the issues surrounding them.

    The Golden Girls is from an era passed. An era where sex didn't have to be for getting the viewer of. An era where a show did not need to resort to showing sexy young actors or lots of skin to hold an audience.

    Truly, a classic. One of the most fun and imaginative TV shows of all time.
  • Funny every day.

    There are some comedies that you watch once and understand why the laugh track was created. There are others that you watch over and over and wonder why the laugh track was used because it is unnecessary. The Golden Girls is the later. This show is incredibly funny no matter how many times you see it. Each actress is perfectly casts. It amazes me that the roles that Rue and Betty played were almost reversed as they are perfect in the roles they played.

    The beauty of the casting is that my favorite character changes with my mood and my position in life. Sometimes Dorothy's practicallity appeals to me. Other times it is Rose's simplistic view of the world. Sofia's wisdom (and lost thoughts) may be what I need at other times. And then there's Blanche (who is my favorite).

    It's a good thing this show runs multiple times a day.
  • GOLDEN GIRLS will always make me laugh

    golden girls in my opinion is the best show tv has ever had i know it was befor my time because im only 14 but still ive seen evry episode and i still laugh and cry at the same things i own all 4 seasons that are dvd rite now and i cant wait for the other seasons to be released GOLDEN GIRLS was the second longest running all female lead show charmed being number 1 but still its the best ever im constantlly being sarcastic like dorothy and sophia GOLDEN GIRLS IS THE BEST
  • I can watch this show every day for the rest of my life over and over again. It's that good!

    I would love to be one of the Golden Girls. It shakes the sadness of growing old away. This show is so funny and so touching. I love it! Every character is so lovable. And they alll represent a part of you... Blanche: the lovable and sexy woman who can get any man she wants. Rose: the dim-witted woman from St. Olaf who can make anyone laugh by her constant stupidity. Dorothy: the smart and wise one of the group, who can never get a date. She is almost the main character most of the time. Sofia: the smart-ass. She must be one of the most funniest characters of all time. You can never expect what she would say next.
  • A Very Funny Show a youngin' can love

    The Golden Girls was a very funny show, whether the girls are cracking on Blanche as being a whore, Dorothy and her mother, Sophia's witty sarcasm, or Rose's niave "blonde" nature. The show is also very heart warming, like when Sophia and Dorothy think maybe there was a mix up in the hospital, and Sophia tears up the blood test results, or when the girls donate their lottery ticket to a homeless shelter.
  • theyn are one of the best shoes ever to hit the tv!

    i sure do wish that there was more people like them in real life. today people are just so unloving,uncaring and unkind. not only that no one wants to be real friends 4 life people are just so fake. these ladies workes ouy each and avery problem together,stuck together like glue no matter what if onnlyn more of us were like them the world would be suchn a better place to and learn maybe we could all learn something from them if we just opened our hearts ands minds sure it was ansd is funny but it teaches so many real life lessons. i wish there were more reruns to enjoy!
  • This show is just hilarious.

    I hated the fact that NBC canceled Mama's Family. But I am glad that it's time slot was replace with this show and with two Mama's Family stars is fantastic. Every line of dialogue is great, making this show a classic. With all the "higher-than-thou" characters Betty White has played in the past, it seems odd for her to play a dumb-witted character, but she did a miraculous job playing Rose. Younger than Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty did great job portraying her mother. Bea did great playing the only character that wasn't insane, and Rue McClanahan did great coming from a "manless" Aunt Fran to a "man-chasing" Blanche Devereaux. All four stars did a superb job bringing these characters to life.
  • Never gets old! Still funny and something I look forward to watching.

    I've watched this show since the 1980's. I continue to watch it @ 6 and 6:30 on Lifetime. It has always been one of my favorite shows, and even today it still is. The show had such an impact when it was airing on Primetime. It is a great show.
  • I see no problem with it.

    This show is pretty funny. Even though i have only watched it a few times, i still find it intresting and hilarious. And they say you cannot appreciate good humor if you do not know what good humor is. The dipwad who came up with that should be accused of lieing. This show is awesome.
  • I still love it

    I can't imagine life without the Golden Girls it is such a better one than without it, looking forward,, to a eppy that I have not seen, or paid much attention too.. No one will ever hold the place this show does in my heart.. it is one of my all time faves and I don't see it being replaced
  • 4 old ladies living in a posh house in Miami...can\'t get any better than that!!

    Who knew that old ladies could be funny as heck? I never get tired watching Dorothey , Blanche, Rose, and Sophia (my personal favorite!!)up to their crazy antics! I hope when I get old, I get to be like them (or at least Sophia).
    My favorite episode is when Blanche\'s grandson stays over at their house and he is just as rowdy as can be. Sophia gets fed up with his attitude and slaps him!

    Blanche: Is that all you Italians know how to do, scream and hit?

    Sophia: No, we also know how to make love and sing opera!
  • This show never stops being funny!

    This show never stops being funny! The original "Sex and the City," this show focuses on the lives of four older women who live together in Miami. Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty's caustic humor and sarcism never stop making me laugh. The chemistry between all four women was fantastic, and it was basically a show about all the women's various relationship and life problems that are largely talked out over cheesecakes in the kitchen. Rose's "St. Olaf" stories and Sophia's outrageous tales about her life in Sicily always bring a smile to my face and usually teach a life lesson as well. Thank you Lifetime for bringing back this classic show!
  • A show for all. My mom and I used to watch it all the time.

    Golden Girls is always going to be my favorite show at heart. These four brilliant women: Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Bea Aurthur, and Estelle Getty always find a way to make me laugh. Their characters all have such strong differences, yet they are also so very believable as four aged friends. The over-sexed vixen: Blanche, the naive one: Rose, the Sarcastic one: Dorothy, and the well...even MORE sarcastic one: Sophia (and believe me sarcasm has a happy home on this show). Together these four women weather all sorts of difficult things while still remaining true to each other throughout the entire run. If you're ever having a blue day, grab a cheescake and the remote control and tune into "Golden Girls".
  • Although this show ended a few months befor I was born I still enjoy watching it and apreciate it's humour. Sophia is the funiest.

    A funny show that was original and abit quirky. With loveable charachters like Rose and Sophia, it makes for a nice 30 mins to spend your day. It went for the right amount of time not too long and not to short. And unfortunatly Estell Getty(Sophia) has Parkinsons deisies. Golden Girls were truly golden! lol (how corny)
  • This was a great tv show

    Having just watched a tv marathon on the Golden Gilrs i have to admit this was a graet show. It is some of the best comedy that was and will ever be made. All the characters are lovable and funny. This is a great family show. The ratings prove that and the story lines do as well.
  • WOW!

    Two words: Blanche Devereaux !
    Who didn't tune in to see the Samantha of her time. It was all about that accent. But doesn't mean that the others weren't funny. I'm so addicted to this show. I still find myself watching the dvd over and over and over. I've seen season 2 about 3 or 4 times allready.
  • Will Always Be My Favorite!

    I have watched "The Golden Girls" my entire life!They are sooo funny. I have seen every episode a thousand times. My favorite episodes are when Dorothy and Sophia dress up as Sonny and Cher, when all the girls are in the play Henny Penny, and when the heater goes out and they all end up in the Sophia's bed together! They Will Always Be A 10 in my book! :)
  • This show is about four funny single women all around or above 50 who live together in miami. Blanche, the southern, concieded (likeable) slut, the sweet and naive Rose, the sarcastic and laid-back Dorthy, and Dorthy's mother, the hilarious but harsh Soph

    This show is one of my favorites. Dorthy and Sophia are hilarious to me as the sarcastic mother and daughter. Blanche is someone that at first it seems like you wouldn't like her, but fortently, Rue (the woman who plays her) does Blanche's concieded provocative tendincies in a way that makes her still very likeable because you can see under her the image she protrays that she's not as sure of herself as she tries to make people think and does it soley because she thinks she has to in order to be beautiful interesting and desirable, she's very sympathetic. Rose, although so naive at times is very annoying, is the adorable light-hearted peacemaker of the group. When everyone else is freaking out she is the one whose very opstimistic and thinks it can be solved by one of her hilarious "St. Olaf" childhood stories. Dorthy is the logical sensable one and has quicker and funnier comebacks/one-liners than anyone i've ever seen. Her mother Sophia is adorable loveable hilarious and unlike any old lady i've ever seen. She may be the oldest but she sometimes thinks like a woman in her 20s which makes for some hilarious moments although she can be quite harsh at times. This show definitely deserves some reconization for all the laughs and tears it has brought to us for years.
  • Wow this show is very funny its about how 4 old women live together and get themselves into the funniest and life lesson learning situations! i totally think this show should come back on the air and it's like my new best friend! i totally love this show

    i think this show should deffinitly come back because you can learn a lot of lessons from this show about old age and what happenes when u get older and i think this show is very funny you get a good laugh while learning a lesson and you dont even know your learnin something!! totally love it
  • Definately one of the best of all time. I recommend this show to any age group. This is really a classic worth buying.

    I just got season 1 and 2 and waiting to get season 3 now in November. We need more shows like this one. In my opinion this shows was about everything and other words, they discussed everything under the sun...and it was always done tastefully!. They were the ones that brough that sense of craziness situations, together with reality and I am just so sad that Mrs. Getty is sick this days. I would love to see a show reunion. Instead of just a reunion like they had few years back.
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