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  • Could there be anything better than four old ladies yelling inside your TV? I think not...

    There\'s one show I remember from my childhood (I\'m 20), never watched it but my mother did, it was \"The Golden Girls\" (or \"Los Años Dorados\" as I knew it back then)... This show just kept going around my mind during the years although the series wasn\'t on tv anymore (Here in Chile), but one day I had the chance to watch the complete first season and some episodes from the second one; I enjoyed every minute of it, every episode made me laugh so hard and it still does, no other series had made me laugh that much, not even my personal favorites as FRIENDS or THE NANNY.
    Every character of the show is well defined; the goofiness of Rose, Blanche\'s charms, Dorothy\'s sarcasm and Sophia\'s clever answers had made the show the classic that it is. I hope I could watch the entire series some day (Waiting for the DVDs to arrive to Chile). One of the greatest shows I\'ve ever seen.
  • Four old ladies go through thier final years with sex, men, and cheese cake. The show is a hilarious and well written show. Even though episodes have been seen for many years they still make me crack up. what a classic four horny old ladies with cake.

    Best show of the 80\'s it was certainly the funniest show. Estelle Getty with her shocking comments, Betty White as a clueless innocent lady, Bea Arthur as a tall dateless woman, and Rue M. as a slut. great show and even though the guest characters were played by different actors it made no difference the girls held the scren through all of its years.
  • Four old ladies who don't let being old get in their way. They have fun and they help each other along the way.

    The Golden Girls was and still is a great show. I remember when I first watched it, and I did not understand at first, but after the show went off, I was ready to see more. Rose, Dorothy, Blance, and Sofia were all good characters to remember. They all brought something, and they made what I think a wonderful family of ladies. I still watch the show and I will never stop watching my Golden Girls.
  • Sitcom based on four 50+ women who share a house in Miami. For seven years we see them share moments of happiness, tragedy, pain and loving. This show proves that true friendship exists.

    Wining 31 awards includng 11 emmy awardsand 4 golden globes from its seven year run (1985-1992) This show has possibly the greatest chemistry between actors that I have ever seen in any form of medium. The timming is excellent and the hard hitting issues are beautifully tackled in a way to melt the heart.
    The jokes and plots are excellent and within a single episode, you will be made to laugh and cry and before its all over, you'll get a fuzzy feeling inside knwoing that there is still some good left in the world.
    The show has a beatiful set of regular charcters that pop in to say hello and brighten the show up even more. I have to say there is not a single episode is dislike throughout the seven year run and I would just like to say to the creators "thank you for being my friend".
  • The Golden Girls is truly one of the missed classic shows from the 1980s. Even though I'm fifteen years old, I still greatly enjoy this show.

    A world filled with men, laughs, and a butt-load of cheesecake. The Golden Girls is truly one of the missed classic shows from the 1980s. Even though I'm fifteen years old, I still greatly enjoy this show. I mean, sure, the cultural jokes may be irrelevant now, but if you know your history, you know exactly what they're talking about. The dry wit of Dorothy constantly clashing with the dimwit Rose is always an enjoyable moment. The cunning ways of Sophia always create humorous conflict within the house, which provides for countless memorable quotes and moments. And who can forget the sexpot Blanche? Man after man after man just doesn't seem to satisfy her. But, with these four widows, you can guarantee you'll continuously leave every episode happy.
  • These girls are golden!

    I simply love this show!

    The characters are so close to each other. And wacky!

    The stories are quite funny--which is something you wouldn't expect from a show centered around four middle-aged women who share a house in Miami and obsessed with getting older.

    I love "Sophia" and "Rose", cause they remind me of my great-grandmother.

    Never a dull moment with "The Golden Girls"!
  • Thank you for being a friend or at least a great TV show classic!

    From “Hi its me Stan” to “Back in St. Olaf”, the Golden Girls mean laughter and a smile on every face during each episode. This show is about as good as it gets! Four old women, an annoying ex husband, and crazy mixed up stories from a small Minnesota town just spells classic. I have watched this show for seven years now and have seen every episode at least twice and I have no negative remarks. The show is funny on all levels of comedy and is a must see for everyone, yes I said everyone. This show also had great guest from Burt Reynolds and Leslie Nielsen to Bob Hope and Dick Van Dyke. If you need a nominee for the best classic TV show the Golden Girls is a great choice.
  • What do you get with 4 ladies living in the wild city of Miami? A party full of laughs, tears, and intense drama that'll leave you in intense withdrawal after the show ends.

    I love this show. What better way to show the lives of 4 elderly women then by having them face through several problems in one show. We have Blanche, the over obsessed diva. Dorothy, a substitute teacher who knows the in's and out's of life. Sylvia, Dorothy's Sicilian mother who makes cracks at everything she encounters. Finally we have Rose, the dummy from St. Olaf, Minnesota. Each of these characters go through their own sort of development through the whole show; that's what makes it so addicting to watch. Watch, enjoy, and relax this show of drama, comedy, action, adventure and so much more. You'll be glad you did.
  • A show to keep watching

    The Golden Girls was or is a show that you can watch and re watch again and again and still laugh every time. Each time you watch you can pick up on something you may have missed before. When it first come on some of the humor about being older wasn't relivent but now that I am getting older its more now then back then. The way the girls worked together was classic. The show was sad and funny. It was creative and sincere. Not to many shows can make you laugh and cry in the same episode. I would love to see the original cast back together to try a run at a new Golden Girls.
  • 4 old women who live in a house together in Miami Beach Florida. They learn to become each others best friends and learn lifes lessons even in the twilight of their years. It is a comedy that will forever be remembered as a classic.

    The show itself is very well developed in every aspect. It makes a lot of sence as far as episode to episode which is more than we can say for most syndicated long running shows. Nothing is lost between episodes. The characters are witty, funny, and can be related to on a number of levels. Weather you are sarcastic, socially aloof, intellectual, or dim whitted you will be able to relate. The golden girls is a classic that should be watched by everybody.
  • All I can say is that I love this show.

    I only started watching Golden Girls a few months ago,but like any other comedy,it captured my brain.The girl's four completely different personalities are what make the show so darn great.It's witty remarks and "precious moments" keep it alive today.Personally,my favorite character is Sophia.For an 80 year old woman,she sure has a lot of kicks left.
  • You just gotta love 'em...

    The Golden Girls is a reflection of a true sitcom-well-scripted humor. I mean, who couldn't love the antics of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia? Dorothy's sarcasm, Blanche's unbelievable sexual escapades, Rose's dumb-blonde routine, and Sophia's...well, Sophianess (hey, I just made a new word!)...each of these make the Golden Girls a non-stop laugh fest!

    Though Golden Girls is great with humor, it deals with a lot of serious issues, such as death of loved ones, disease, drugs, poverty, and many others. And with each of the episodes with these issues, there's always a moral message about humanity.

    So if you're bored and want a laugh, watch the Golden Girls-you won't be dissapointed.
  • The Golden Girls is a show that revolves around the day to day lives of four older women: Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia. The show takes place in Miami, Florida.

    I have been watching The Golden Girls since I was a little girl. I am only 21 years old now and it is still my favorite show ever. I have memorized practically every episode and I just love watching it everyday. Sophia is my all-time favorite on the show. She is so funny and I love all of her witty comments. It is so hard to believe that she was actually the youngest one out of all of them. I own the first season on DVD and I cannot wait until the rest of them come out. I only wish there had been more than seven seasons because The Golden Girls was definitely a big hit!
  • It shows that your friends are always there.

    The Golden Girls is a great 80\'s comedy that makes older people feel young again. Even though I am 13, I watch this show all the time, and it has became my favorite television show ever. I reccommend it to everyone, men and women, and I hope that the next generation of people will adore it as much as I do. All in all, it\'s a really interesting show, and it has great actresses in it. It shows that your friends are always there.
  • I get wet from excitement when I see it. . .

    When I say I get wet frome excitement, I am using it as an expression. The show is a wonderful series that was a hit from it's debut back on September 14, 1985. It was a hit, for seven years, and it proves that old truly is gold.

    Right On Golden Girls!
  • This show is hilarious!!! Even though they are old they still had some crazy moments and jokes. I especially love Dorothy's and Blanche's reactions towards Rose's old St. Olav stories.

    One word to describe this show-- HILARIOUS!!! This one of those shows you to get a good laugh at a bunch of old ladies. They all have an unique personalities that somehow keeps them getting along. A really fun show and good sing-along theme song. This is one of the rare shows that my mother, my sisters, and I would all watch together again and again.
  • The absolute BEST sitcom ever created, played by the best actresses for those roles, all came together with genius scriptwriters to bring us The Golden Girls.

    Although I was too little to remember when the episodes premiered, I am a HUGE G. Girls fan. Can't wait until Season 3 is out on DVD!! The show had the best, most colorful characters, and there was a consistency throughout the show of cast and characters that your rarely see in sitcoms (i.e.: Three's Company, Designing Women, etc.)....Watch the show as much as I can find the time in the morning, and then at 6/6:30 at night, and then again at 11:00 on the weekdays, and Lifetime has recently begun ((awesome)) to air an episode on Saturday around noon. If I had 1 wish I would want to meet these ladies..They seem so genuine and real, and bet they have a lot of stories to tell! After all, they have known each other practically their whole careers, and continue to be buds to this day. Isn't that kewl? Anyhoo, just wanted to agree with everybody that this is the BEST show ever put on TV .. :)

  • A fun show, with occasional nuggets of good solid wisdom.

    I always get a kick out of how the ladies all interact with each other (I particularly like Sophia’s dry forthright attitude and clever remarks), and the humorous situations they get themselves into. I also like Dorothy’s gentle but firm manner when she interacts with others and deals with day-to-day events. I think one reason we love this show is that the people in it seem quite human and “unaffected”, and so we can “feel for” and sympathize with them and the predicaments that they face. And once in a while, there is something said in a particular episode that really “hits the nail on the head” to illustrate a profound fact or idea that we all need to keep in mind as we live our lives.
  • \"The Golden Girls,\" a classic much like \"I Love Lucy,\" will always be in the hearts of millions. The characters Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, & Sophia were not made up over night, they were creativly made up by a brilliant writer.

    \"The Golden Girls,\" a classic much like \"I Love Lucy,\" will always be in the hearts of millions. The characters Dorothy, Rose, Blance, & Sophia were not made up over night, they were creativly made up by a brilliant writer. Thank you Susan Harris for a wonderful WONDERFUL television show. I would recommend this show to anyone, even my worst enemy. LOL.
  • What Can I Say That Hasn’t Been Said?

    Golden girls is a classic that can be enjoyed by everybody. Four lovable Women different in each way but they unite through friendship and cheesecake. It’s a well-written show that tackles serious issues in a thoughtful manner. The Acting is excellent.
    The characters are witty, funny, and loveable that people can be related to on any level. Whether you are like Rose to Sophia you will be able to relate in some way or another.
    Granted they don't always get along but it's so comical and enjoyable to watch.
  • Excellent use of inuendos

    It really makes me laugh. The setting is dated, but the jokes are timeless. As our society ages, this kind of show has more appeal every year. Recommend that they find a similar set of actors with the same chemistry that is depicted in this series. Sophia is especially critical to the play among the characters.
  • Picture it: Four ladies sitting around eatin' cheesecake.

    What is really left to say about this comedy series that hasn't been said? Wonderful acting, superb writing, great cast interacation, that's what makes it a top-notch show. Sophia, Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche all seem like real people who you would love to know or might already do. The show at times was gut-busting funny and sometimes so thoughtful and emotional you couldn't help but cry. Each episode is filled with quotes you find yourself saying to others right after you've watched it. Nothing beats Rose's St. Olaf stories and Sophia's wit and humor about Sicily. Hey, and what better way to solve a problem than cheesecake, I say.
  • This is the best show in the world. What could fail when you bring together 4 over 50 women, great writing and great cast.

    Not only do I have Betty White as my avatar, but I have Season 1 throught 2 in my movie library. This show was the greatest show of it's time. And now 14 years later the issues that were discussed on the show are relavent today. I feel strongly about this show that I put my money to where my mouth is and bought the show, even though I could see it on Lifetime everyday. Whenever I feel down I pop in my Golden Girls and have a laugh. That brings me up and makes my day. I bet that it does everyone else.
  • I love this show it's soo funny

    The characters are witty, funny, and loveable that people can be related to on any level. Whether you are like Rose to Sophia you will be able to relate in some way or another. It really makes me laugh. The setting is dated, but the jokes are timeless.this kind of show has more appeal every year.
  • Guilty pleasure doesn't begin to describe it...

    Being caught watching The Golden Girls is like being caught eating a quart of ice cream out of the container: embarassing but still wonderful.

    The combination of all the characters couldn't be better. The plots can get old, but great acting keeps it together.

    I especially enjoy Rose, and her overall incompetent kindness. Blanche can get on my nerves, but only ocassionally.

    Overall, the strain of quickly changing the channel and jumping on the inside is well worth being able to watch The Golden Girls.
  • this show rocks!

    what can i say about the golden girls they rule blanche,dorthy,rose and sophia this show every season made you cry,laugh,dream,and make you come back for more

    Season after season was better than the best please don't make me decide what is my favorite season cause there isn't one

    "This is life a went back to my meatballs"
  • Four old women + different backgrounds = A FABULOUS SHOW! I was just a baby when the show first aired, but, recently, I've found I happen to love it!

    I absoulely love the Golden Girls. And the spin off, the Golden Palace, too. I look forward to the reruns. I think I just might be tempted to by the DVD's. That Rose and Sophia keep me tuned in. One seems to have no clue what's going on and the other can't seem to control her tongue, no matter what's going on! I love this show!I can't wait until all the seasons are on DVD.
  • Put four old women, with completely different personalities, and you have the Golden Girls. This is a show that centers around their friendship, and the relevant social issues they encounter. They are consistently hilarious and joy to watch, over and over

    I love watching the golden girls. Who knew four old women put together would make great t.v? The golden girls is genius. The show is smart, funny, and socially pertinant. Its a classic, and yet it never gets old. I love it. The Golden Girls is a comedy that I reccommend because their jokes are a laugh riot, and the dynamics between the girls are great. No other four women could ever pull off what the golden girls did, and without them sitcom t.v would be lost. Stop reading this review already, flick to lifetime and watch the show that can change your perception of what really makes a good sitcom, a good comdey, and great t.v.
  • People will still be talking about this show for years to come.

    I am so glad that I turned to the right channel at the right moment to catch this show. "The Golden Girls" is truely one of the greats. It has the ability to catch the attention of every generation with the great setup of four women with completely different personalities living together in Miami. I always enjoy catching reruns of this show.
  • One of the funniest shows ever made.

    The Golden Girls is by far one of the funniest shows ever put on television. Dorothy, Sophia, Rose and Blanche are to seniors, what Sex and the City's Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda are to thirty somethings.

    Sophia is by far my favorite character. Classic Sophia line:

    Dorothy: Oh, you'll have to excuse my mother. Sophia: Oh, you heard that? I thought I was safe
    backed up against these pillows.

    I can't help but laugh when Rose and Dorothy are making up a new jingle for Miami. "M-I-A another M-I, M-I-A-M-I spells Miami Beach." Hilarious.

    In fact, the only downfall of "The Golden Girls", is when they do not stick to their tried and true formula. Stop bringing in so many guests. Dorothy's ex-husband, Stan, could've been left out in my opinion. The same goes for any and all of their children making appearances. Let's not get into the whole "Empty Nest" crossover disaster!

    Overall, "The Golden Girls" was one of my favorite shows ever. They don't make em like this anymore!
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