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  • I just did not like this episode with its saddness.

    I thought that this episode was not that well written. I mean you know of a person, who we never met, and then you write an episode having him die. This was not one of my favorite episodes. I only wish that there had been an extra scene at the end where Sophia is lying on the couch and wakes up and realizes that this whole death was just a bad nightmare and that she learns the important lesson. That would have made the episode better, in my opinion. I do feel, with the writers, that this was an idea from out of the blue and was not that good.
  • Just the kind of show I need and love.

    The Golden Girls is a comedy that I love to watch. Every chance I get, I watch it. I've even taped a couple of episodes. I've watched this show since I was a child. Mum and I have always loved The Golden Girls. This is a nice treat for me.

    When I feel depressed, this is the kind of show I need to calm me down. I've been feeling very depressed lately. So much has happened to me in such a short time, and it hurt me so much. I've been watching as much of this show as I possibly can. It calms me down. It's always made me feel a bit calmer when I heart those four women picking on each other and acting silly. Comedy is just what I need, and even though I don't always feel like laughing at the funny things that happen, I still think they are very funny. I do laugh at them when I'm in a happier mood, but when I'm down, I just listen to how silly they're acting. I calm down a little. It helps me.

    I know there will not be anymore episodes of this show. That was 16 years ago, but I just hope TV does not stop playing the re-runs. They always help me to feel a lot better.
  • Not bad.

    I have never been a fan of this show. But I must say that it is still a classic in terms of acting and its impact on the comedy scene. Perhaps there is no other show that has tried to emulate this one. I guess you could say it's one of a kind. I think I have watched only a few episodes, but not entirely. I find the storylines and pace of the show a bit dragging. In fact, I can't watch a full episode because I get bored. Overall, while it's not a show I like, it still is a classic to others alike. Thank you.
  • Golden Girls rock!

    Who could ever forget this show? I've loved The Golden Girls since I was little. Being little, I didn't understand everything that was happening, but I loved the show anyway. I loved to laugh at their jokes. Four senior citizens are living together in one house. There's Blanche. Blanche is the girly girl who loves to look cute and loooves boys! She can be vain at times, but she's still a great friend to have around. There's Rose. Rose is a total ditz, and I love that! She is so funny! You try to explain something to her, and she just... doesn't get it. I love her stories. Honestly, if I'm bored, I wanna hear her tell me one of her stories. The other girls find them annoying. I find them interesting and funny. Rose is so sweet and loving as well. Then, there's Dorothy. Dorothy is sassy, classy, and totally smart! She's the level-headed one. I love her sarcastic comments. She cracks me up. She can lose her temper at times, but hey, she's still a totally awesome friend to have around. I lose my temper too at times. Then, there's Sophia, Dorothy's mom. Listen to one line from Sophia, and you will automatically know where Dorothy gets her sass from. Sophia is incredibly sassy! I think the other girls should've nicknamed her Sassy Sophia. She is hilarious, and although she lets out some whacky insults, she is still an awesome person. I think all four of the girls are awesome friends. I wouldn't mind living with them. It would be like a party. I love this show so much. I really think it should be appreciated a lot more than it is. I sooo would love to meet the actresses from the show. You Golden Girls totally rock!
  • Just plain AWESOME!

    I love this show so much. Now i know that its not the most apporiate thing for an 11 year old to be watching but i love this show so much. I mean it's funny, and entertaining. It has drama and romance in it. But it can keep anyone entertain. I mean you can see the same episode a million times it never gets old and its always funny!!! I would definiatly reccomend that everyone should watch this show!!! I which that they would bring back the golden palace. I mean i was sad that the golden girls was over but then brought back like a tv show which was like a sequel to the show!!!
  • Proving you don't have to be young to be sexy, funny and socially relevant, "The Golden Girls" while formula sit-com TV is still worth watching for the truly hilarious antics of these post-menopausal women!

    No one is likely to ever accuse "The Golden Girls" as being ground-breaking in the traditional sense of the word, and yet, they did in fact do what had never been done before. The show took 4 very "non-teenage" women and put them into prime time. With hilarious and acid wit, sardonic and openly sarcastic barbs, the show was simultaneously engaging and touching.

    TGG did not shy away from touching on subjects that are still avoided on most mainstream TV and did it all with a good measure of fun.

    Never one to take itself too seriously, the show poked fun at the foibles of growing old gracefully.

    Even the idea of seniors like Sophia "hitting the sheets" were fair game and Blanche's version of Scarlett O'Hara was classic.

    It is still worth checking out on re-runs where it not only holds its own against a lot of what is being offered as television today, it is often the "best thing on" even though you know you have seen the story before.
  • If only real life was like this: Talking about sex all the time, wearing new color-coordinated outfits every day, resolving family issues within 30 minutes, and eating cheesecake without gaining a pound. Ripping stuff!!

    Sophia the stroke-ridden loudmouth.

    Dorothy the hapless stoic critic who got knocked up when young and married a twerp.

    Loveable Rose, the Asperger's sufferer.

    Blanche - free spirited and willing.

    Then come the actresses, each of which brings the character to life. They saw the characters and knew how to make them come to life. No "show acted by the numbers" here. These are 3D people and THAT is what makes for good television. Real actors who see the characters and know precisely what to do with them.

    Social situations, from menopause to artificial insemination (eeewwww!) to abortion to many more get covered; in the spirit of Norman Lear but with a somewhat refined approach that's equally worthy.

    But the comedy is what remains fresh throughout its 7 year run, even if seasons 3 and 7 are the least effective; and seasons 1, 5, and 2 the best. They're all good stuff.

  • Not one of but the best sitcom every to air! Golden Girls is already a classic. It has to be a classic to have been off the air 13 years and still watched by millions on Lifetime everyday!! Thank you Golden Girls for giving us a laugh everyday!

    Not one of but the best sitcom every to air! Golden Girls is already a classic. It has to be a classic to have been off the air 13 years and still watched by millions on Lifetime everyday!! Thank you Golden Girls for giving us a laugh everyday! I wish NBC could come up with something half as good today!
  • A fun show, with occasional nuggets of good solid wisdom.

    I always get a kick out of how the ladies all interact with each other (I particularly like Sophia’s dry forthright attitude and clever remarks), and the humorous situations they get themselves into. I also like Dorothy’s gentle but firm manner when she interacts with others and deals with day-to-day events. I think one reason we love this show is that the people in it seem quite human and “unaffected”, and so we can “feel for” and sympathize with them and the predicaments that they face. And once in a while, there is something said in a particular episode that really “hits the nail on the head” to illustrate a profound fact or idea that we all need to keep in mind as we live our lives.
  • Not to miss.

    The Golden Girls is a wonderfully written, extremely funny show that will always be one of the greatest comedy efforts of all time. The show has laughter everyone can enjoy, and explores topics that few shows dare to address. All four women won Emmy Awards for their roles and the show enjoyed extraordinary ratings and acclaim. Every aspect of the show provides for pure comedic entertainment that transcends the art itself. The show provides a look into how friends from very different backgrounds compliment each other and become the best of friends. Each character brings a unique dynamic to the plot and any viewer can learn, identify, and of course laugh at their adventures. Simply a show for the ages.
  • Four women sharing one house

    I like and dislike "The Golden Girls," depending on what episode I referring to. I lik "the golden girls," I didn't love "the golden girls," but there are stuff that I love. Of the four actresses I like Rue McClanaham the most. She can play sexy, even for a middle age woman. She can be very hot and sexy. I wrote a few letters to her in support. she probaby the real reason why I like "the Golden Girls." I like Beatrice Arthur. She's the brains of the four. Whatever anything happens, she whould figure things out. I like Betty White's characters, but that place she kept mentioning is annoying. Estelle Getty is the worst of the bunch. She not much of an actress. But apart from the shortcomings, I happen to like the series. Not enough to call it great, but I like the series.
  • Make more shows like this

    Quite hilarious. I think it used to be on Lifetime weekend nights, would watch with mom.

    Various ep (00, 15) Lifetime, TV Land
  • A lovely classic

    Ok I love this show. When I say this to my friends they say I am to young to love this show. But thank god we have re-runs. I have been watching it once again for the past few months on the WE channel and it has brought back how much I have always loved this show. There is just something about the chemisty between the lady's on this show. And god I love when Betty White starts with the Rose story's. Someone please tell me how they keep a straight face during those lines. I wonder sometimes if Betty White add libs those or if it came straight from the script. A classic i will watch for years it never gets old.
  • What could have been a brilliant show is dragged down by its own lack of consistency.

    The Golden Girls had a lot of potential, the acting was great, the writing was sharp and funny, but overall the show fails to live up to that potential because of its inconsistencies. The show is about 4 elderly women living together in Miami, Blanche is the designated \"slut\" who has bedded half of Miami\'s male population, Rose is a naive farmgirl from Minnesota, more specifically an odd little town called St. Olaf, Dorothy, the sarcastic \"everywoman\", and Dorothy\'s mother, Sophia, a wisecracking Italian. While the show features great acting and very sharp writing, but the show is never able to avoid having several mistakes. For example, we never quite know how Blanche\'s husband George died. In one episodes it is stated that he was in the hospital for a long time, while in another episode it is said that he died in a car accident. There are several mistakes like that and its very hard to ignore them when the number of one of the women constantly changes or when Dorothy is diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is supposed to be a crippling disease, but is never mentioned again.

    All in all, The Golden Girls is a good show, but don\'t expect to watch a few episodes, only to say \"But didn\'t in the other episode she said that....?\"
  • A pretty good 80's sit com. It came from the same people that made the sit com "Soap".

    A pretty good 80's sit com. It came from the same people that made the sit com "Soap". This one was about 3 friends living together. At some point one of them moved their mother in with them so then there were 4 ladies living together. they were all getting on in their years but had very different personalities. Betty White stared as Rose Nylund and she was the ditzy one. Beatrice Arthur stared as Dorothy Zbornak she was the reasonable one that was pretty much always grumpy. She was the character that moved in her mother. the mother was played by Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo. She was the oldest member, although it was makeup - she was actually the youngest cast member. She was always forgetful and yet telling stories of the old days in italy. Rue McClanahan played Blanche Devereaux and she was the slutty one always looking for a new young man.
  • This has got to be one of my favourites...

    "The Golden Girls" is funny and also sad sometimes. But mostly funny. This show taught me that old people aren't always boring. No way! They really crack me up sometimes! Especially Sophia. And Rose's St.Olaf stories with all those hard to pronounce Swdish/Norwegian words. I think one of the saddest things that has happened during the series was when Big daddy died. He was such a nice guy:(

    oh well...good show! Worth all its awards.
  • Excellent use of inuendos

    It really makes me laugh. The setting is dated, but the jokes are timeless. As our society ages, this kind of show has more appeal every year. Recommend that they find a similar set of actors with the same chemistry that is depicted in this series. Sophia is especially critical to the play among the characters.
  • Although this show ended a few months befor I was born I still enjoy watching it and apreciate it's humour. Sophia is the funiest.

    A funny show that was original and abit quirky. With loveable charachters like Rose and Sophia, it makes for a nice 30 mins to spend your day. It went for the right amount of time not too long and not to short. And unfortunatly Estell Getty(Sophia) has Parkinsons deisies. Golden Girls were truly golden! lol (how corny)
  • This show is hilarious!!! Even though they are old they still had some crazy moments and jokes. I especially love Dorothy's and Blanche's reactions towards Rose's old St. Olav stories.

    One word to describe this show-- HILARIOUS!!! This one of those shows you to get a good laugh at a bunch of old ladies. They all have an unique personalities that somehow keeps them getting along. A really fun show and good sing-along theme song. This is one of the rare shows that my mother, my sisters, and I would all watch together again and again.
  • wow this was like wooo.

    Wow this show was good and i still like watching it. I didnt know people that old like talked or acted like that lol i thought they all just sat there all day and like knitted lol well im 13 i didnt think they did much of anything well was i wrong lol well anyways this was a an awesome show and so like happy that lifetime brought it back!!!!
  • They had to of be doing something right to be having people of all ages watch this show!

    This show is so good, that we find ourselves picking which of the characters we are most like. A Blanche, Dorothy, or Rose. They may be 50+ but they are still fabulous. Sophia is my favorite character on the show, (Estelle Getty), probably because she's the most honest, and isn't like the "typical" mother role you have in mind. She loves her kids, but shows Dorothy more of a tough love. The friendship they all have is heart warming. They have their share of fights but always work through it. Of course, until the end of this show when Dorothy gets married and goes off while the other three form the Golden Palace. It's not as good as the original Golden Girls. God help me if I get that theme stuck in my head. (Thank you for being a friend...) It'll be there for days.
  • Funny, hilarious many times, entertaining, classic... A lot of good things can be said about "The Golden Girls".

    Funny, hilarious many times, entertaining, classic... A lot of good things can be said about "The Golden Girls".

    Watching this series is easy to think anything can be solved either with a hug or with a piece of cheese and chocoloate cake. Memorable characters made a memorable show and four great actresses gave the life. Four different women: Dorothy (Bea Arthur) the witty, ironic, and sarcastic girl; Rose, the naive and good-hearted girl; Blanche, the maneater and spicy girl; and Sophia, more sacarcastic than her daughter and the one who always makes up stories about Sicily.

    It is very easy to love them and it is very easy to laugh with them. It doesn'tmatter how much time has passed since the first time the series was broadcasted, this show is classic because of a reson, it was pioneer in the genre putting four middle aged women talking about anything with humour and a bit of drama. A must see.
  • The elderly version of Designing Woman.

    The Golden Girls is kind of like the elderly version of Designing Woman but funnier and better.
    Four woman and different personalities live in a small house in Miami where they laugh, cry, and share their lives over cheesecake. Dorothy Zorbornack is a divorced, substitute teacher; Sophia Petrillo is Dorothy's mother and comes from Sicily; Blanche Devoure is widowed and has many lovers in Miami; and Rose Nylund is a widowed housewife from St. Olaf, Minnesota.
    What makes the show so hilarious is how different everyone is that it's funny. Golden Girls is funny, smart, and clever. That has wit and heart. And makes old age seem fun.
  • Four women live together in an apartment

    As you can see, this show is my guilty pleasure. I enjoy The Golden Girls' unique brand of humor and find Sophie Petrillo especially hilarious (which is why Sophie Petrillo is my icon). Here's a bit of trivia: Estelle Getty, who played Sophie Petrillo, was actually two months younger than Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy Zbornak. She was wore quite a bit of make-up to create the illusion that she was old enough to be Dorothy's mother.
    Thank you for being a friend. Travel down the road and back again. Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant. And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew. You would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say, thank you for being a friend.
  • I don't care how many times I see it...

    ...I still LOVE this show. It's definatley a fix for a lot of us chicks, there's just this cult-esque draw to it. But then, that's probably because a lot of us enjoyed it when it first aired.
    My little sister and I were kids when it first aired, and now as young women, we actually GET the jokes, heh. So, it's definately the aged/pre-sex and the city chick bible that so many of us rely on.
    Just because it's a sitcom that centeres 4 older women, doesn't make it a wall for guys too...I'm sure many guys... straight as well, probably like it too, but won't admit it. Granted, not as much as the ladies do, because I admit...there's definately a chick-bonding appeal. Maybe it's nice to know when you get older you still have a life and don't let age slow you down. Plus, I SO aspire to be Sophia-like when I get that old. Teheheheh...
  • Love these four ladies

    What's wrong with me?!?! A 30-something watching Golden Girls in reruns on Lifetime?!?!?!

    This show is still as fresh as it was when it originally aired. I gotta give Kudos to the writers who came up with the hilarious stuff that came out of Rose's mouth!

    Those four ladies had some great chemistry together, and I enjoyed watching it when it was originally on the air and now in reruns.

    It's nice to watch a show with people in their 50's. It's something that hasn't been on TV in a long time, everything now is the 20-somethings that live in New York! (A mold that NBC keeps using!)

    Long live Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia!
  • superb

    this is one of those shows i am really surprised i even considered watching, let alone like. i would not tell anyone i watch this, because i doubt any of my friends have heard of it, and if so, they wouldn't like it, i am betting. but as for me, episodes i have seen have a good balance between emotion and humor. i also find that the main characters are very likable. My overall grade for this is a B because whilst I do like it, I do not consider it a perfect program by any means. Still very good
  • A great comedy show.

    When I was growing up I use to watch this show and think that it was just alright. I started watching the re runs, and now that I am older and get the jokes, I think that this show is hilarious.
    The show follows the lives of four women over fifty that share a house in Miami. One woman owns the house, while a Mother daughter pair rent, as well as a woman from a Dutch town in Wisconsin. Many nights are spent in the kitchen having chats about whatever issue has come up. You will also be entertained from stories from Sicily, and Saint Olaf.
    You will be introduced to Blanche's many lovers, and Dorothy's ex husband Stan, as well as the children of all the women.
    It is a cute show, that always makes me laugh.
  • Great show!

    The Golden Girls was a really good show but above all that it was very original. To see a show where all the main characters are over 50 was groundbreaking. The women were funny, sexy, and enjoying their lives after their children left and their marriages ended. I was very young when I started watching it and I think it taught me alot. The show taught me that your vitality doesnt end at 50 or even 60. It also taught me not to underestimate senior citizens. Even without the age angle it was still a very funny show that never gets old. I've seen every episode multiple times and I always enjoy them.
  • A hilarious show for every audience.

    My best friend introduced me to this show then I was about 9, telling me that I would definitely love Sophia. Boy, was she right! I love all of the characters, and all of the actresses fit their roles like a glove. Each character held an important part in the show, and the show wouldn't be the same with just one of these parts missing (The Golden Palace, anyone?). Dorothy's sarcastic comebacks and killer glares, Rose's St. Olaf stories, Blanche's romantic escapades, and Sophia's hilarious remarks make this show one for the ages. I definitely recommend this to anybody. I rate it a nine outta ten.
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