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  • 4 old ladies, 4 completely different personality’s, living in Miami

    This show is all about laughs. The main characters are 4 , 3 who are in their 50’s 1 who is in her 70’s, each character has such a different personality. There is Blanche, the hot for guys, Rose, the dimwit though she is funny as heck, especially her stories of her home town. There’s Dorothy the fairly normal one , cant get many dates and Sophia who holds the family together. I have watched this show and laughed almost the entire time, that’s how funny it is at times. I think people of all ages can enjoy this show. Though many men wouldn’t admit to liking it, I know there are some out there. Though the show is mostly a comedy there are a few episodes that have a more serious tone, which is pulled off beautifully by the actresses
  • 10
    I feel that The Golden Girls is the funniest, most consistantly entertaining show in the history of television. The only off episodes, were the ones trying to launch pilots of other shows. The acting was top-notch & while the clothes are severly dated, the humor & comedic timing will never be.
  • Put four old women, with completely different personalities, and you have the Golden Girls. This is a show that centers around their friendship, and the relevant social issues they encounter. They are consistently hilarious and joy to watch, over and over

    I love watching the golden girls. Who knew four old women put together would make great t.v? The golden girls is genius. The show is smart, funny, and socially pertinant. Its a classic, and yet it never gets old. I love it. The Golden Girls is a comedy that I reccommend because their jokes are a laugh riot, and the dynamics between the girls are great. No other four women could ever pull off what the golden girls did, and without them sitcom t.v would be lost. Stop reading this review already, flick to lifetime and watch the show that can change your perception of what really makes a good sitcom, a good comdey, and great t.v.
  • The Girls!!

    I dearly love the Golden Girls. It was very clever, witty and funny. Many people my age think it is pointless, but it is quality entertainment. Thank you for being a friend!
  • hilarious

    i find tht golden gris is an amazing comedy show tht combines everything needed to make an unoriginal concept very interesting.
    together we follow Blanche,Dorothy,Rose,and the other one for a ride tht no one will ever forget.
    Estellle \getty always stelas the show as Ma,and all four actresses act off of each other with such power and complexity u have to burst out with laughter everytime they get up with their mishaps.
    it is highly original and very very very very funny.
    i love all of the seasons and find something interresting everytime i watch this telly programme.
    i love it and if u havemnt already seen this show i recommend it.
  • Simply phenomenal

    There are a number of words to describe this show, but not just one could describe all the things it was and still is. "The Golden Girls" was an honest, entertaining narrative about people coming out of middle age, but not quite yet at their twilight years. Each of the characters were well developed from the beginning and superbly portrayed. The writing was always so fresh, yet classic and because of that the show has remained relevant and has become timeless. While always hilarious, there always seemed to be some little piece of reality and a lesson taught in each episode. Dealing with issues like Alzheimer's Disease, AIDS, Addiction and just life in general, the show succeeded in more than just making us laugh. Now that the DVDs of the show have been released, it has found a new audience, as well as retaining it's old following. I started watching this show out of curiosity and was immediately hooked, I was in stitches at the simple, yet brilliant humor. Perfectly cast, the four actresses played off each other very well and all four of them very deservedly won Emmys for their performances. Shows like this are what television is all about and it is a shame that current sitcoms don't live up to the same caliber has ones of yesteryear. "The Golden Girls" will always have a place in television history as one of the very best programs written.
  • One of the best comedies of all time

    I'm old enough to remember when this show originally aired. Even back then, my sisters and I would laugh hysterically at the antics of Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia. The family favorite was always Sophia because she was so sarcastic and blunt, just like my sisters and me. The brilliant writing still speaks today, though some of the subjects may be dated, the comedy is often timeless. I enjoy this show still, now on Lifetime where I am able to relive the hilarious lives of these spinning women, a pickup every morning before I have to go to work. Long live the Golden Girls!
  • The Golden Girls rules

    This is the best show ever. Everytime i watch it, it make me feel happy and it always put a smile on my face.
  • No other...

    If there was absolutely NOTHING else on tv and this was the only thing on, I would be the HAPPIEST person in the WORLD...there is no show that can eclipse this in my world...!~
  • Please bring it back. I miss the show and would love to be able to relax and enjoy it again evey afternoon if possible.

    It is a program that is well written, calming, refreshing, enjoyable and funny to break up my day.
    God Bless our dearly departed Estelle.......She was a great great lady. If only we had more shows like this today, but since we don't we have to rely on the old ones that brought us peace,and love.
    If they are brought back they will not only produce funds but bring relaxment, enjoyment, and a good funny to many. I know Canda missed programs like these, and would love to see them again and again.
    We never tire of watching simple, good, clean, shows of this nature.
  • This sitcom is the only good thing Lifetime will ever show.


    The Golden Girls, which ran on NBC from 1985 until 1992, centers around four women all near or above the age of 50. Created by Susan Harris (Soap, Empty Nest), the series was an immediate hit in it's Saturday night timeslot.
    The show mainly involved four women. The stories involve… More dating and solving various problems. The story of the week sometimes included issues such as harassment, homosexuality, impotence, AIDS, death, and adultery.

    This sitcom is hilarious, original, and clever as it takes real life situations and makes them funny, sad, or weird.

    RIP Dorothy, Sophia, and Blanche

    10 out of 10

  • "The Golden Girls" an Emmy Award-winning series is a show about four single women in Miami Beach, Florida, who are middle-aged but young at heart — trounced all competition, earning the title of number-one new series of the season.

    The Golden Girls is one of the most warm-hearted tale series you could ever set your eyes upon. My first reaction when catching a glimpse of the show was how I would be interested. In my opinion it was like watching Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101”, but then The Golden Girls became so much more than just four elderly room-mates learning to cope. Their friendship is a kind of love any woman would dream of having. The adventures and mishaps they solve together while finding the joy of comedy throughout the good and the bad is what brings these lovely ladies together.
  • The Golden Girls is a classic show that still today is one of the funniest shows ever.

    What a show! From the theme song to the fantastic characters to the OUTRAGAEOUS storylines to the hilarious acting, The Golden Girls is a classic show that will forever remain one-of-a-kind. The theme song perfectly fits the show and it's quite fun to hum along with! The characters are simply perfect. Rose is my favorite but I always like the naive ones. Some of the innocent/ignorant stuff she says has me laughing for hours! But my favorites are the St. Olaf stories! hahaha! =) Dorothy's sarcasm is just priceless! Sophia is also beyond hilarious and remains one of TV's only Catholics. Blanche is, well, Blanche. If they had to kill off one character, I'd hope it'd be her. She's pretty funny sometimes but her arrogance gets on my nerves. I always feel that the others are too mean to Rose and while mild joking was funny, some of the things they said to her were pretty mean. Other than that, the show's perfect and I'm so excited all the seasons are getting released on DVD! =)
  • Who knew?!

    Who knew watching a show about four 'elderly' women and I use that term loosely, would be so entertaining! If you watch this show for nothing else - just watch it for the laughs! The banter and snarky remarks between the ladies is always sure to raise a chuckle out of anybody - who doesn't like grumpy old people have an argument! ( And arguments are something they have plenty of!) I really do love this show and it is easily a tv classic. The show was popular way back and a rerun or two can be seen on tv - The Golden Girls will never grow old! It simply doesn't age - the comedy in it is timeless!
  • A staple of 1980s sitcoms.

    The Golden Girls (1985-92) is one of the best sitcoms of the 1980s. When it first aired in 1985, I knew this show was going to be a success. The writing, acting, and direction was simply wonderful. The characters are well drawn. Dorothy Zbornak, Rose Nylund, Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux (yes it spells BED) and Sophia Petruillo are all iconic TV characters that will never be forgotten. My personal favorite characters are Rose and Sophia. However, I also like Dorothy and Blanche.

    I am happy to own all 7 Seasons of the Golden Girls. I love all seven seasons of this wonderful sitcom. Here is my star rankings of each season, one star to four stars (best): Season one***1/2, Seasons 2-4****, Season 5-6***1/2 and Season 7***. I am hoping that they release Golden Palace (1992-3). I consider this show as Season 8 because it is a part of the Golden Girls universe. Speaking of which, I hope Empty Nest (1988-1995) and Nurses (1991-4) will be released on DVD. RIP to the wonderfully talented Estelle Getty, Beatrice Arthur and Rue McClanahan. You all are sorely missed. God bless you all and thank you for being a friend...
  • You don't have to be over fifty to indulge in and appreciate this show!

    I think what makes this continuous Miami cheesecake party so much fun for women is that we all have or desire to have a little of each of these four characters in us. There is a child dying to come out (Rose) a teacher who longs to share her wisdom (Dorothy) a bad girl/princess (Blanche) and a no nonsense, wisecracking woman who never misses a beat (Sophia). As these women share cheesecake among other delicacies at the table in Blanche's beautiful, large kitchen, all of our conversations with other women are represented. All of us discuss sex, our families, previous relationships, dreams and aspirations and punctuate it all with a little or a lot of craziness as we see with Rose's endless stories of St. Olaf. These Nordic fairy tale like wild adventure stories told by Rose are a delightful contrast to Blanche's many true and exaggerated racy escapades. In the middle are Dorothy's hilarious disgust at both extremes and Sophia's predictably hilarious topper, "Picture it Sicily 19--" opposite Rose, and sexy senior citizen remarks opposite Blanche.

    I appreciate the running theme of Stan's and Dorothy's love for one another that somehow continues even up to its affectionately platonic form in the last episode where Dorothy marries Lucas. Another intensely endearing and relatable theme is Dorothy's and Sophia's relationship with all the fighting, making up and affection that the unique mother-daughter relationship entails.

    This is a racy comedy even by 21st century standards, and it deals with a lot of heavy thematic sexual elements, so it may offend a lot of people. However, if the conservative viewer can see the four women as symbols for the need of balance in her life - childlikeness, sophistication, sensuality and wit, this comedy through all of its worldly twists and turns can be any woman's occasional cup of coffee or tea and slice of cheesecake sans the calories.
  • The Golden Girls is a series about four women with completely opposite personalities living together.

    The Golden Girls is an awesome show where the laughs never stop! It is easy to relate to even for younger viewers because one can relate to each of the characters at some point and I\'m sure all us girls have met a guy or two like stan lol. The cleverness, wit, and love so evident in the show is what makes it special. Also the fact that it tackled such topics as homosexuality and AIDS during the 80\'s really sets it aside from other shows!
  • classic

    The Golden Girls ended the year i was born and still watching reruns now makes me laugh. Thats the true test, whether the show/ the jokes will still be funny not only years after the show ended but if they would entertain an audience that might've never even heard of the show and are too young to even know the actors. I began watching the reruns recently and i loved the series. i've seen Betty White in several movies before but not the other actors/actresses. Still despite that im still able to enjoy the banter, and awkward yet funny situations middle-aged woment get into.
  • The best show of all time

    It would be impossible to say that people didn't love this show. Its was shown on saturday nights and was able to remain in the top 10 for 6 years. One could only imagine if the show was aired on a thursday night...perhaps an even greater legacy.

    Its legacy is undoubtedly great. Its ability to appeal to a market of both young and old people and those in between is what makes it so popular. Every character was funny. Every Chracter had distinctive character traits that the writers used timelessly. Dorothy was the witty sarcastic one.
    Rose the dimwitted Blonde with the endless stories.
    Blanche was the promiscious southern belle, who never got sick of male company.
    Sophia was the blunt and frank old sicilian whose heart attack had killed off the part of her brain that censored what she said.

    All the ladies won emmy's and were nominated countlessly. The show won the emmy for best comedy twice and was nominated six times. That kind of record highlights the shows humour and timelessness.

    A classic.
  • It's also a personal favorite. The girls made me laugh, made me cry and always a friend to me.

    Everyone from young to old loves this show. It's timeless and ageless. They talked about serious issues and funny issues. Great jokes and wonderful acting. The writing is one of the best from television. And the girls are like a blanket and a cup of tea. They make you feel better and warm all over. The Golden Girls is a show that you can get comfortable with. Put on your at home clothes, sit in your favorite chair and wrap yourself in the funny that is The Golden Girls. It's beyond fabulous and can't be beat. Good times for all.
  • The Golden Girls is a show about four women, all over the age of fifty, who live in the same house, and give viewers a lot of laughs. It should've never been cancelled. The Golden Girls created seven years of great fun and lots of laughs.

    The Golden Girls is a great show. It is one of the best comedies ever. Sophia and Rose are the funniest out of all four women. Every episode is fantastic in its own unique way. The way it ended was especially good. It gives Dorothy closure as it gives her character the boot, and Sophia, Blanche, and Rose make one more season of the show, under a new title: The Golden Palace. While the show lasted, it was hilarious. It shouldn't have been cancelled. It was an amazing show. Every episode brought laughs to the viewers. For seven years, The Golden Girls brought laughs to viewers and made television worth watching.
  • theyn are one of the best shoes ever to hit the tv!

    i sure do wish that there was more people like them in real life. today people are just so unloving,uncaring and unkind. not only that no one wants to be real friends 4 life people are just so fake. these ladies workes ouy each and avery problem together,stuck together like glue no matter what if onnlyn more of us were like them the world would be suchn a better place to and learn maybe we could all learn something from them if we just opened our hearts ands minds sure it was ansd is funny but it teaches so many real life lessons. i wish there were more reruns to enjoy!
  • Thank you for being a friend or at least a great TV show classic!

    From “Hi its me Stan” to “Back in St. Olaf”, the Golden Girls mean laughter and a smile on every face during each episode. This show is about as good as it gets! Four old women, an annoying ex husband, and crazy mixed up stories from a small Minnesota town just spells classic. I have watched this show for seven years now and have seen every episode at least twice and I have no negative remarks. The show is funny on all levels of comedy and is a must see for everyone, yes I said everyone. This show also had great guest from Burt Reynolds and Leslie Nielsen to Bob Hope and Dick Van Dyke. If you need a nominee for the best classic TV show the Golden Girls is a great choice.
  • Sitcom based on four 50+ women who share a house in Miami. For seven years we see them share moments of happiness, tragedy, pain and loving. This show proves that true friendship exists.

    Wining 31 awards includng 11 emmy awardsand 4 golden globes from its seven year run (1985-1992) This show has possibly the greatest chemistry between actors that I have ever seen in any form of medium. The timming is excellent and the hard hitting issues are beautifully tackled in a way to melt the heart.
    The jokes and plots are excellent and within a single episode, you will be made to laugh and cry and before its all over, you'll get a fuzzy feeling inside knwoing that there is still some good left in the world.
    The show has a beatiful set of regular charcters that pop in to say hello and brighten the show up even more. I have to say there is not a single episode is dislike throughout the seven year run and I would just like to say to the creators "thank you for being my friend".
  • Four old ladies who don't let being old get in their way. They have fun and they help each other along the way.

    The Golden Girls was and still is a great show. I remember when I first watched it, and I did not understand at first, but after the show went off, I was ready to see more. Rose, Dorothy, Blance, and Sofia were all good characters to remember. They all brought something, and they made what I think a wonderful family of ladies. I still watch the show and I will never stop watching my Golden Girls.
  • Could there be anything better than four old ladies yelling inside your TV? I think not...

    There\'s one show I remember from my childhood (I\'m 20), never watched it but my mother did, it was \"The Golden Girls\" (or \"Los Años Dorados\" as I knew it back then)... This show just kept going around my mind during the years although the series wasn\'t on tv anymore (Here in Chile), but one day I had the chance to watch the complete first season and some episodes from the second one; I enjoyed every minute of it, every episode made me laugh so hard and it still does, no other series had made me laugh that much, not even my personal favorites as FRIENDS or THE NANNY.
    Every character of the show is well defined; the goofiness of Rose, Blanche\'s charms, Dorothy\'s sarcasm and Sophia\'s clever answers had made the show the classic that it is. I hope I could watch the entire series some day (Waiting for the DVDs to arrive to Chile). One of the greatest shows I\'ve ever seen.
  • Four old ladies go through thier final years with sex, men, and cheese cake. The show is a hilarious and well written show. Even though episodes have been seen for many years they still make me crack up. what a classic four horny old ladies with cake.

    Best show of the 80\'s it was certainly the funniest show. Estelle Getty with her shocking comments, Betty White as a clueless innocent lady, Bea Arthur as a tall dateless woman, and Rue M. as a slut. great show and even though the guest characters were played by different actors it made no difference the girls held the scren through all of its years.
  • The Golden Girls is truly one of the missed classic shows from the 1980s. Even though I'm fifteen years old, I still greatly enjoy this show.

    A world filled with men, laughs, and a butt-load of cheesecake. The Golden Girls is truly one of the missed classic shows from the 1980s. Even though I'm fifteen years old, I still greatly enjoy this show. I mean, sure, the cultural jokes may be irrelevant now, but if you know your history, you know exactly what they're talking about. The dry wit of Dorothy constantly clashing with the dimwit Rose is always an enjoyable moment. The cunning ways of Sophia always create humorous conflict within the house, which provides for countless memorable quotes and moments. And who can forget the sexpot Blanche? Man after man after man just doesn't seem to satisfy her. But, with these four widows, you can guarantee you'll continuously leave every episode happy.
  • Ok I admit this is strangely entertaining...

    Ok I admit it - i love the Golden Girls. I guess its nothing to be ashamed of the show is really good.

    every weekend i hop downstairs, flick in LivingTV and watched two episodes of the Girls. Any why not? they are entertaining and high addictive!

    Favourite character? Its gotta be Rose. her funny stories about St Olaf and her Viking Ancestory make the show worthwhile. Though Maneater Blance and Toughtie Dorothy are also great. But Sophia comes second with her quirkiness and rueful comments that are perfectly timed and well written.

    overall good stuff a great addition to weekend morning television.
  • Golden Girls kicks off on Hallmark March 1 with an 18 1/2 hour marathon!

    Picture it…On March 1, viewers can enjoy 18 hours of tales from St. Olaf, pizza-and knishes, Southern belles and sassy seniors with an 18 hour marathon of "The Golden Girls," which redefined the term 'Must See TV' for a generation of fans, and generations to come. With six seasons in the Top 10, 79 award nominations with 34 wins and 38% of America watching the finale, "The Golden Girls" stands in select company as one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. (L to R) Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur and Betty White star as four South Florida seniors sharing a house, their dreams, their loves and losses. Bright, provocative, clueless, and hilarious, these lovely mismatched ladies form the perfect circle of friends. Experience a full day of laugh-packed episodes from this landmark television series when "The Golden Girls" begins airing on Hallmark Channel beginning Saturday, March 1, 8:30 a.m – 2:30 a.m., and continues Mondays-Fridays 8-9 a.m., 4-5 p.m. and 12 a.m.-2 a.m., Saturdays 6-9 a.m. and Sundays 8:30-10 a.m (All times ET/PT).
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