The Golden Girls

NBC (ended 1992)





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  • You don't have to be over fifty to indulge in and appreciate this show!

    I think what makes this continuous Miami cheesecake party so much fun for women is that we all have or desire to have a little of each of these four characters in us. There is a child dying to come out (Rose) a teacher who longs to share her wisdom (Dorothy) a bad girl/princess (Blanche) and a no nonsense, wisecracking woman who never misses a beat (Sophia). As these women share cheesecake among other delicacies at the table in Blanche's beautiful, large kitchen, all of our conversations with other women are represented. All of us discuss sex, our families, previous relationships, dreams and aspirations and punctuate it all with a little or a lot of craziness as we see with Rose's endless stories of St. Olaf. These Nordic fairy tale like wild adventure stories told by Rose are a delightful contrast to Blanche's many true and exaggerated racy escapades. In the middle are Dorothy's hilarious disgust at both extremes and Sophia's predictably hilarious topper, "Picture it Sicily 19--" opposite Rose, and sexy senior citizen remarks opposite Blanche.

    I appreciate the running theme of Stan's and Dorothy's love for one another that somehow continues even up to its affectionately platonic form in the last episode where Dorothy marries Lucas. Another intensely endearing and relatable theme is Dorothy's and Sophia's relationship with all the fighting, making up and affection that the unique mother-daughter relationship entails.

    This is a racy comedy even by 21st century standards, and it deals with a lot of heavy thematic sexual elements, so it may offend a lot of people. However, if the conservative viewer can see the four women as symbols for the need of balance in her life - childlikeness, sophistication, sensuality and wit, this comedy through all of its worldly twists and turns can be any woman's occasional cup of coffee or tea and slice of cheesecake sans the calories.