The Golden Girls

NBC (ended 1992)





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  • Simply phenomenal

    There are a number of words to describe this show, but not just one could describe all the things it was and still is. "The Golden Girls" was an honest, entertaining narrative about people coming out of middle age, but not quite yet at their twilight years. Each of the characters were well developed from the beginning and superbly portrayed. The writing was always so fresh, yet classic and because of that the show has remained relevant and has become timeless. While always hilarious, there always seemed to be some little piece of reality and a lesson taught in each episode. Dealing with issues like Alzheimer's Disease, AIDS, Addiction and just life in general, the show succeeded in more than just making us laugh. Now that the DVDs of the show have been released, it has found a new audience, as well as retaining it's old following. I started watching this show out of curiosity and was immediately hooked, I was in stitches at the simple, yet brilliant humor. Perfectly cast, the four actresses played off each other very well and all four of them very deservedly won Emmys for their performances. Shows like this are what television is all about and it is a shame that current sitcoms don't live up to the same caliber has ones of yesteryear. "The Golden Girls" will always have a place in television history as one of the very best programs written.
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