The Golden Girls

NBC (ended 1992)





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  • One of my favorite shows ever!

    The Golden Girls was one of the most daring sitcoms ever to be shown on television. What kind of audience wanted to see women in their 50s (and one in her 80s!) living out their lives as roommates? Sure, if they were 20, but 50? No prominent men in their lives, or anything! 50 year old women living life to the fullest. But the excellent character development, cast choice, scripting, and, well...nearly everything about the show made it a hit! Perhaps the Golden Girls' only real flaw is that it gives the three leading characters very predictable (yet believable, for the most part) personalities. Blanche is the love hound; Dorothy is the sensible, slightly more mature one; Rose is, well, the ditz; and Sophia is the crude one. The writers, however, develop on this excellently. They make the four very realistic characters. Blanche is very selfish and vain, but has a soft spot for her friends which no man can overpower. Dorothy is often the butt of Blanche's jokes, many of which come unintentionally, but she usually takes it in good humor. She can be selfish on occassions, but she generally does what is best for her friends and family. Hey, there has to be a mature one to keep the order of things. Rose is the airhead, whom Blanche often insults (something I'll never understand, because she's incredibly friendly). Her long-winded stories and unawareness often anger her friends, but she always forgives them for their, well...cruelty, I suppose the word is. Finally, there's Sophia. She's always mixed up in a get rich quick scheme or irregular activity which most senior citizens couldn't think of doing. Needless to say, the scripters excellently sculpted the characters. The actors' performances are outstanding, as well. With Bea Arthur's strong body language, Rue McClanahan's ability to create false innocence while she's insulting a friend, Betty White's perfect 'airhead' voice, and Estelle Getty's acting as an old woman, there are few moments where the cast's acting will let you down. Well, I began to ramble about 500 sentences ago, so I'd best wrap this up. The Golden Girls is an undisputed classic, and I would recommend it to any budding TV fanatic.