The Golden Girls

NBC (ended 1992)





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  • The best show of all time

    It would be impossible to say that people didn't love this show. Its was shown on saturday nights and was able to remain in the top 10 for 6 years. One could only imagine if the show was aired on a thursday night...perhaps an even greater legacy.

    Its legacy is undoubtedly great. Its ability to appeal to a market of both young and old people and those in between is what makes it so popular. Every character was funny. Every Chracter had distinctive character traits that the writers used timelessly. Dorothy was the witty sarcastic one.
    Rose the dimwitted Blonde with the endless stories.
    Blanche was the promiscious southern belle, who never got sick of male company.
    Sophia was the blunt and frank old sicilian whose heart attack had killed off the part of her brain that censored what she said.

    All the ladies won emmy's and were nominated countlessly. The show won the emmy for best comedy twice and was nominated six times. That kind of record highlights the shows humour and timelessness.

    A classic.