The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 10

Ro$e Love$ Mile$

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dorothy is leaving to go on a cruise with her doctor boyfriend, and she decides to leave her mother in Sophia's care. Meanwhile, Rose returns from a date with Miles, thoroughly fed up with how frugal he has become.

Blanche suggests that Rose go out with her and some of her rich Texas friends behind Miles' back. In the meantime, Sophia discovers a box of her old treasures, among which is a "to-do" list of things she wants to accomplish before she dies. On the list is "make amends with Guido Spirelli." Guido was the man to whom Sophia was betrothed but left to go to America. Blanche, hoping that Sophia will be occupied, suggests she write Guido a long, heartfelt letter.

When Rose goes to the upscale restaurant with Blanche and her two gentlemen friends, Miles happens to see them when he comes by to pick up some day-old eclairs. He can't believe Rose would do such a thing as cheat on him, and Rose feels just awful after he leaves.

The next morning, as Rose is explaining to Blanche how upset she is about everything, Blanche realizes that she has to take care of Sophia. Rose tells her that Sophia isn't there - she's left to go see Guido Spirelli and make peace. Blanche, realizing Dorothy will have a fit and blame her for it, goes after Sophia in Sicilly.

Miles takes Rose to the fancy restaurant in order to prove he's changed. When he orders nothing but tap water, Rose demands to know what's going on. Miles explains that he's on a fixed income and has recently found out he can expect to live longer than he even hoped. Rose is very understanding, and tells him that she doesn't mind paying for a meal once in a while. Dorothy arrives home from her cruise and Rose tries to cover for Sophia's whereabouts. Sophia walks in the door just as Dorothy begins to panic. Meanwhile, the closing scene shows Blanche getting acquainted with Guido and the natives in Sicilly after her pursuit of Sophia led her over there.

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