The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 10

Ro$e Love$ Mile$

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • On Sophia's list of things to do, her first thing is to lose 200 pounds. However, in "Rites of Spring" Sophia declares she has never been under 99 pounds. Also, if this episode were believed to be true, then it would totally discredit the episode in which Sophia states that her vanity of her beauty caused her to try and get the new beautiful girl in the village to move away so the men could continue fighting over her.

    • The man who plays Guido Spirelli (Phil Leeds) when Sophia is in Italy, also appeared as a waiter in the Second Season of Maude in the episode "Music Hath Charms." This is pretty rare that actors would reunite almost 20 years later (although Guido is never seen with Dorothy in this episode of The Golden Girls)

    • In this episode if you notice when Miles and Rose are in the restaurant as they flash back and forth to Rose, first her pocketbook strap is on her shoulder then it's off then it's on...

  • Quotes

    • Rose: (to Miles, at the fancy restaurant) You know, it's kind of nice not having to holler your order into the clown's mouth!

    • Angelo: (to Blanche) Sweets for my sweet, flowers for my flower, and cigarettes...for after.

    • Miles: The lady is going to have the eighteen fifty.
      Rose: (translating to the waiter) The trout.
      Miles: And I'm going to have a glass of water.
      Waiter: That's one trout almondine and one bottled water.
      Miles: Ah, no…that's tap water. I have a chlorine deficiency!

    • Restaurant Maitre d' to Server: (in an audible whisper, making fun of the fact that Miles has reservations and hasn't just come to collect day-old leftovers) Hey, look. Weber's eating!

    • Blanche: (fearing Dorothy's wrath over a missing Sophia) You remember how upset she was when you lost her keys?
      Rose: (frowning in dreadful remembrance) She uprooted a mighty sequoia!

    • (Blanche has asked Rose to go out with her and her friends from Texas)
      Rose: What makes this different from cheating?
      Blanche: You're not gonna get caught.
      Rose: (in a sing song voice) I'm gonna cheat on Miles, I'm gonna cheat on Miles.

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