The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 11

Room 7

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dorothy and Blanche are in the kitchen discussing Blanche's latest news: they're going to demolish her grammy's plantation home in Atlanta where Blanche spent so many of her summers and Christmas vacations. While they're talking about it, Rose hollers from the living room. Sophia has passed out after choking on something. Rose revives her, but Sophia claims she wanted to die because she had a near-death experience and saw her late husband, Sal, in Heaven. Dorothy doesn't want to hear about it, and downplays Sophia's story.

Meanwhile, the girls drive to Atlanta with Blanche to see her grammy's plantation house one more time. After Blanche shows them the house, she handcuffs herself to a radiator, refusing to leave even though the demolition crew is ready to blast the house. The girls try in vain to persuade her to leave, but she refuses. Finally, Sophia shares with Blanche her own experience and that she was told that it wasn't her time – that she still had more life to live.

Blanche returns to Miami with the girls with a changed attitude, and Dorothy finally believes Sophia's tale of her near-death saga when Sophia calls her by a nickname that only Sal knew.

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