The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 3

Rose the Prude

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Rose reveals (for the first time) that Charlie died while he and Rose were making love.

    • Sophia quips that Blanche only waited til the paramedics came to get with other men. However, in "In a Bed of Rose's," George died in a car accident and she was at home by the phone. On other occasions, Blanche was having a pedicure.

  • Quotes

    • Rose: I don't know what to wear on a cruise.
      Blanche: A life jacket and a great big smile.

    • Rose: I haven't been with a that special way...since Charlie died.
      Blanche: Oh, get outta here!
      Dorothy: Shut up, Blanche. Not all of us are classified by the Navy as a friendly port!

    • Sophia: Oh well, you know your Aunt Jean. She was always just two steps away from the gutter.

    • Dorothy: You know when you're twenty no matter what you do everything stays where its supposed to. Now when you lean over it looks like somebody's let the air out of your face.
      Blanche: What?
      Dorothy: Honey, lean over a mirror sometime and take a look at yourself.
      Blanche: Where's a mirror?
      Sophia: There's one in the tool drawer.
      Dorothy: I think you better take a sedative before you look.
      Blanche: Don't be silly, I look at my face all the time. How different could it be leanin' over. [leaning over and looking into the mirror] Oh my God!! Oh my God, Dorothy why didn't you tell me about this before?!!
      Dorothy: Only on your back Blanche. That way everything slides back and you look like you just had a facelift.
      Blanche: [leaning back and looking in the mirror] Oh you're right, I'm gorgeous. I'm gonna have to meet men lying down.
      Sophia: I thought you did.
      Dorothy: Of course that way not only does your face fall back but your chest does too. Unfortunately it falls back and off to the side.

    • Blanche: Sometimes from the pulpit, he'd be talking about sin and he'd look straight at me.

    • Blanche: As the reverend was performing the funeral services, I knew for sure he wanted me.

    • Dorothy: (To Blanche) How long did you wait after George died?
      Sophia: Till the paramedics came.

    • Dorothy: Tonight, the 30 years of humiliation ends!
      Sophia: Ooh. I'm so scarred, my dentures are chattering.

    • Dorothy: Gin.
      Sophia: You're taking advantage. You know I'm whacked out on blood pressure medicine.
      Dorothy: Honey, if the medication bothers you, change the prescription.
      Sophia: I like being whacked out!

    • Rose: I'm back.
      Sophia: So did you and Arnie play "Find the Cannoli?"
      Rose: What?
      Dorothy: Nothing. Nothing, Rose.

    • Rose: I'm depressed.
      Blanche: Is this about Arnie?
      Dorothy: No Blanche, she's upset because they keep changing the taste of Coke.

    • Rose: Some women don't like to kiss and tell.
      Blanche: Aw, shoot, honey, that's half the fun!

  • Notes

    • Harold Gould played a similar role in Soap, where, in a hospital, that character lost his wife in the same fashion in which Arnie lost his.

    • Five years from now Harold Gould will become a semi-regular, but it's in this episode that Betty White and Harold Gould first play a couple on the series. Perhaps coincidentally, both also at different times appeared on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Betty as Sue Ann Nivens and Harold as Martin Morgenstern.

    • The background shot featured during the closing credits is of Dorothy, Rose and Blanche sitting on the lanai chairs.

    • It seems that many actors, including Harold Gould, were in episodes of the sitcom Soap which was also created by Susan Harris. Harold Gould played Jody's roommate in the hospital, Richard Mulligan (Burt Campbell, Harry Weston), in episode 24, Gordon Jump (who played Officer Tinkler) and Peggy Pope (who played Carol's mother, Mrs. David) also starred on both. Don't forget Donnelly Rhodes who guest stars as one of Blanche's beau's in the second season of The Golden Girls. Rhodes starred as Dutch in Soap. Dinah Manoff played Carol Weston in a few Golden Girls episodes and on Empty Nest. Also, Bea Arthur played the angel in Jessica's Wonderful Life.

    • This episode is the first for Harold Gould, a real life professor, playing Rose's boyfriend Arnie. He would later return playing Rose's long term boyfriend Miles Webber.

  • Allusions

    • Rose: I'm depressed.
      Blanche: Is this about Arnie?
      Dorothy: No Blanche, she's upset because they keep changing the taste of Coke.

      This in reference to Roberto C. Goizueta's, CEO of the Coca-Cola Co., idea of releasing a new taste of Coke in 1985, the first change in 99 years of the formula. The public didn't like the changes and critics called it the biggest marketing blunder and the original formula was brought back.