The Golden Girls - Season 1

NBC (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • The Engagement (a.k.a.) The Pilot
    In the series pilot, Blanche announces that her latest boyfriend, Harry, has proposed marriage. Hearing this, Rose worries over where she will live and later, worries that there is something off about Harry. Meanwhile, Dorothy is more than exuberant over Blanche's plans, but must also contend with her mother, Sophia, who arrives after her retirement home, Shady Pines, burns down.moreless
  • 9/21/85
    Dorothy's daughter, Kate, comes to Miami with an announcement. She's engaged to a podiatrist named Dennis. Dorothy is thrilled but her happiness quickly turns to anger when she realizes that ex-husband, Stan, is going to be invited. After 38 years of marriage, Stan had left Dorothy for a woman half her age. Dorothy threatens to make a scene at the reception which places Rose and Blanche in the role of peacemaker.moreless
  • Rose the Prude
    Episode 3
    Having not dated since her husband died, Rose reluctantly agrees to go on a double blind date with Blanche. However, while Blanche's date turns out to be a dud, Rose's date turns into a serious relationship and is later invited on a cruise which would involve sharing a stateroom, something she is not sure she's ready for. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia have a gin rummy marathon.moreless
  • Transplant
    Episode 4
    Blanche's sister, Virginia, comes to Miami for a visit and Blanche is convinced she's after something. Later, while out to dinner, she learns just what Virginia is after, Blanche's kidney. She soon must make a decision, give Virginia a kidney or let her find someone else. Meanwhile, Rose and Dorothy babysit for an infant.moreless
  • The Triangle
    Episode 5
    Sophia has been avoiding a doctor's check-up and when he shows up at the house, Dorothy finds herself with a new doctor boyfriend who later makes a pass at Blanche. But when Blanche tells Dorothy about it, Dorothy doesn't believe her. Dorothy accuses her of being a slut and when Blanche can't take no more of this, she orders Dorothy to move out.moreless
  • On Golden Girls
    Episode 6
    Blanche's 14-year old grandson comes to Miami for a visit and brings a new meaning to the term "generation gap" as he stays up all night every night, partying with a rough crowd. Meanwhile, Dorothy studies for her French final, with a guest in the house, while at the same time, she must share a room with Sophia.moreless
  • The Competition
    Episode 7
    In a bowling competition, it's Dorothy and Blanche verses Rose and Sophia. If Sophia and Rose win, Dorothy will allow Sophia to go back to Sicily for a visit with an old beau and if Dorothy and Blanche win Sophia will give her a pair of antique earrings.
  • Break-In
    Episode 8
    After a concert, the girls arrive home to discover their house has been broken into. This leads the girls to seek out means to protect themselves, including a security system, guard dog and mace. Meanwhile, Rose becomes so paranoid thinking the robbers will come back, she goes so far as to purchase a gun and, later, is forced to confront her worst nightmare.moreless
  • 11/16/85
    Rose's dynamic mother comes to Miami for a visit and it becomes apparent to everyone that Rose needs to lay off and stop smothering her energetic mother who just wants to live life. Meanwhile, Blanche is shocked when her aerobics instructor asks her out on a date, but she is concerned because he is half her age and she does all she can to make herself look younger.moreless
  • The Heart Attack
    Episode 10
    After a dinner party, Sophia suffers an apparent heart attack. A heavy storm delays the paramedics, so the girls try to keep her calm, while trying to stay calm themselves. Meanwhile, Dorothy must deal with the possibility of losing her mother.
  • The Return of Dorothy's Ex (a.k.a.) Stan's Return
    Dorothy's ex-husband, Stan shows up to settle a piece of land in Miami they bought on their honeymoon. This leads to Dorothy and Stan rekindling old feelings resulting in the two of them spending the night together. Meanwhile, Dorothy, Rose and Blanche plan a vacation and Sophia is none too pleased when she learns she is not invited.moreless
  • The Custody Battle
    Episode 12
    Dorothy and Sophia have been bickering and Dorothy has been pleading for Sophia to give her some space. So when Dorothy's sister, Gloria, comes to Miami for a visit and asks Sophia to come live with her in California, Sophia quickly says yes. Meanwhile, Blanche is furious when Rose is cast as Lady Macbeth, in a local play, and not her.moreless
  • A Little Romance
    Episode 13
    Rose has been dating Dr. Jonathan Newman and begins to think their relationship is leading to the alter. However she begins to have second thoughts especially since he's a midget. Meanwhile, Sophia goes away for the weekend for her grandson's graduation.
  • That Was No Lady
    Episode 14
    Dorothy finds herself on the other side of the table when her latest boyfriend Glen gives her a shock when he tells he he's married. She surprises herself when she finds herself sneaking around to be with him. Meanwhile, Blanche unloads her old car on Rose in order to buy a new one.moreless
  • In a Bed of Rose's
    Episode 15
    Late one evening, Rose brings a man home and after he persuades her, they spend the night together. However, in the morning she finds that he has passed away. Even worse, she later discovers he was married, so Rose takes it upon herself to go to his wife and tell her what happened.moreless
  • The Truth Will Out (a.k.a.) The Will
    Rose is apprehensive about a visit from her daughter and granddaughter, since their reason for coming is to settle Rose's late-husband's will. But when her daughter takes a look at the will, Rose must explain where all of Charlie's money went. Meanwhile, Blanche gets caught up in the tabloids of a society murder.moreless
  • Nice and Easy
    Episode 17
    Blanche's visiting niece is a chip right off the old block when she dates a different man all night every night. Meanwhile, Dorothy does battle with a mouse living in the house.
  • The Operation
    Episode 18
    During a tap dance rehersal with Rose and Blanche, Dorothy injures her foot and later Dorothy is hesitant about having foot surgery just as she was scheduled to tap dance with Blanche and Rose in a dance recital. Meanwhile, with Dorothy out of the recital, Blanche and Rose must re-work their act.moreless
  • Second Motherhood
    Episode 19
    Blanche is romanced by a wealthy suitor who she learns has several small children. This fact dampens his proposal of marriage as Blanche ponders being a mother again. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Rose go to bat with the bathroom plumbing and a chauvinistic plumber who thinks they can't do it, because they're women.moreless
  • Adult Education
    Episode 20
    Blanche's psychology professor sexually harasses her when she goes to him for help on a difficult test. Blanche's professor makes her an harassing deal: If she has sex with him, he'll give her an "A" for the exam. Meanwhile, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia each try to get a hold of tickets for a sold out Frank Sinatra concert.moreless
  • Flu Attack (a.k.a.) The Flu
    A week before an awards ceremony for the Volunteer of the Year, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose each come down with a nasty flu, which compounds their arguing over who will win the prestigious award. Meanwhile, Sophia is having a hard time coming up with a date for the event.
  • Job Hunting
    Episode 22
    When Rose loses her job at the grief center, she begins searching for other sources of work. However, in the meantime she becomes incredibly depressed when she battles age discrimination. Meanwhile, Blanche tries to lose a few pounds and Dorothy is excited when a man she once had a crush on, contacts her and asks her out.moreless
  • Blind Ambitions
    Episode 23
    Rose's sister, Lily must deal with life as a blind person after recently losing her sight. Meanwhile, the girls hold a garage sale in order to buy a new TV but find it hard to part with things.
  • Big Daddy
    Episode 24
    Blanche's father, Big Daddy, comes to Miami for a visit, with an announcement, he's sold the family plantation and is setting out to become a country singer. Meanwhile, Sophia places a "curse" on a neighbor who refuses to remove his tree that fell over onto the lanai during a storm.
  • The Way We Met
    Episode 25
    One night after watching "Psycho," the girls find it hard to sleep so they stay up and reminisce about how they all came to live with one another.