The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 19

Second Motherhood

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1986 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Blanche is romanced by a wealthy suitor who she learns has several small children. This fact dampens his proposal of marriage as Blanche ponders being a mother again. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Rose go to bat with the bathroom plumbing and a chauvinistic plumber who thinks they can't do it, because they're women.moreless

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  • Some of my favourite one liners

    'Come on Dorothy, if the Egpytians built the pyramids, we can move this toilet'

    'Fine get me 20,000 hebrews and I'll have it out of here in no time'

    Oh that line just floored me. Dorothy is so DRY!!! The episode centers around Blanche courting with a rich man, and Dorothy and Rose attempting to install a toilet. However the storyline matters line, as the funny liners

    Sophia: 'Dorothy I owe you an apology about you not knowing anything about Plumbing, you're a genius...i go into the living room and there's a toilet in front of the television. Its an old ladies dream come true'

    I love Sophia

    B: How can I say no to the men I love, I can't even say no to the men I like'

    R: As Blanche is about to tell Dorothy something romantic her BF said 'Our biggest worry will be tank sweat'

  • Pretty good episode

    This is a pretty good story, with a couple of highlights. One is Blanche,flopping around in the seat on the plane. So funny, it reminds you of how great an actress Rue McClanahan was on the show.

    The second is the appearance of Lou the plumber, who shows up next season, as Mr. HaHa, which is one of the funniest scenes of the entire series. Here he's a funny plumber who gets the door slammed on him by Dorothy. The whole plumbing story with Dorothy and Rose is a good one and Sophia's comment about an old lady's dream and a toilet in the living room is really funny.moreless
  • And that's when it hit me, we don't even need our sludge tube!

    I like this episode a lot. It's nice to see Blanche being swept off her feet by a man that charming and it's touching how she chooses not to marry him to allow him to maybe spend more time with his kids. One does wonder why a man that age has kids so young (especially since they apparently don't have a mother) but I guess it could happen. Really though my favorite thing about this episode is the side plot with Dorothy and Rose trying to install the toilet. That is hysterical! Highlight: When Sophia talks about how much she loves the idea having a toilet in front of the TV! Also where Blanche tries to bring Richard into the house and sees Rose sitting on the toilet. Haha! I like the plumber, too. It's funny how they keep getting rid of him. I'd say this is probably one of the better episodes from the first season.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Blanche says her boyfriend flew her to Atlanta in his private jet for dinner. However, in "The Operation" Blanche tells of how she has a fear of flying that she never got over.

    • Blanche say she can't raise these children, but in "Bringing Up Baby" she says as long as the other girls clean up after the baby pees, she'd love to be a mother again.

    • Alan Blumenfeld plays the plumber Lou, in this episode and returns to The Golden Girls the next season to play Mr. Ha Ha in the episode entitled "A Piece of Cake" (2-25).

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Richard: Blanche, you're adorable.
      Blanche: (giggles) I know.

    • Dorothy: You know, at our age, we should be grandmothers, not mothers. Once a week, the grandchildren come over for a visit. You cook them dinner. They spill it on the furniture. They hide under your bed. You hurt yourself looking for them. They ask you what those spots on your hands are. They tell you they love you, and then, just before total exhaustion sets in, they go home and become their mother's problems.

    • Blanche: How can I say "no" to the man I love? I can't even say "no" to the men I like!

    • Sophia: You're not a mechanical person, Dorothy; you never were. For the first three months of your life, you tried to breastfeed off my camiole!

    • Richard: Did that champagne kick in, yet?
      Blanche: No... but if you're ready to make your move... I can pretend it did.

    • Plumber: You really need an expert. I can take a toliet apart blindfolded! Dorothy: Now there's a dying art.

    • Rose: Dorothy, if the Egyptians built the pyramids we can move this toilet.
      Dorothy: Fine, get me 20,000 Hebrews and I'll have it out of here in no time.

    • Sophia: Was that a plumber? Dorothy: No, Ma, no,it was alittle girlselling Girl Scout toilets. Sophia: You let a plumber get away? Dorothy: We don't need him. Sophia: Like hell! I'm going after him!

    • (Blanche is talking about Richard's son little Richard)
      Rose: Little Richard was in Bermuda?!
      Dorothy: Yes, Rose, he was burying Fats Domino in the sand.

    • Sophia: Dorothy, you're a genius!
      Dorothy: Ma, what are you talking about?
      Sophia: I wake up this morning and enter the living room,and there's a toilet in front of the television set. It's an old lady's dream come true.

    • Rose: Wow Dorothy, you sure know your way around a snake.
      Dorothy: I've had a lot of experience, I was married to one for 38 years!

  • NOTES (2)

    • When Dorothy and Rose come out of the "bathroom" waiting for the toilet arrive they actually enter thru Sophia's bedroom. Where is this new bathroom located?

    • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche, who is grabbing Dorothy's hand, and looking heavenward, at night, in the bathroom, after Blanche arrives home from her date.


    • Dorothy makes a reference to Tidybowl in this episode, which was one of the most popular TV commercials during the 1970's and early 1980's. The ad featured a tiny man sailing a boat in a balmy toilet freshened by Tidybowl.