The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 2

Sick and Tired (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 1989 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Sick and Tired (2)
Dorothy continues to seek medical advice and turns to Harry Weston for help. Through Harry, Dorothy meets Dr. Chang who is finally able to put a name to Dorothy's malady, chronic fatigue syndrome. Meanwhile, Blanche goes on a writing binge resulting in a novel that is less then enthralling.moreless

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  • This episodes closing moments when Dorothy confronts the doctor she spoke too in New York, and lets him have it for giving her a poor diagnosis of just "getting old" and recommend that she see a psychiatrist, the audience applauded in agreement.moreless

    It was good to see Richard Mulligan and Park Overall as their characters from Empty Nest in this episode. The scenes that stole the show was Blanche being all loopy from being up and focusing everything on her book, and not Rose being considered the flake. The end moments with Sophia found a way to pay for an expensive bottle of champagne by making it taste bad had me laughing hysterically that it actually worked and the restaurant offered to pay for their meal surprising Dorothy, Blanche and Rose.moreless
  • Dorothy feeling helpless that doctors find nothing wrong with her that leaves her to believe that she could be dying. Blanche continues her romance novel, which leaves her in state of delirium and.moreless

    This episode of The Golden Girls is my all time favorite episode. Sick and Tired is one of the best written episodes of the series. In honor of Rue's passing, this episode stands out as her best performance as Blanche. Blanche stumbling into the kitchen after 72 hours without sleep and spouting off how she wrote the romance novel to end all romance novels, then comes to the island and see's the egg yolks in the bag from Rose's omelette's. Blanche's lines from there on are on of best ever to come out of a comedians mouth. The whole delirium is some of the best comedic performance that any comedian could want to aspire to, it ranks up to the comedy gold of Lucy or to the even zanier antics of Carol Burnett. Thank you Rue for being are friends and giving us a character that we well always love forever.moreless
  • Part 2 of the Dorothy is sick story. The best part is Blanche's attempts to be a great southern writer.

    The whole Dorothy sick story is really too much for me. Did we really need two episodes to go through all of this? It goes on way too long and then at the end when she confronts the doctor it is really obnoxious. Nobody would do that and no one would put up with it. A real case of Susan Harris getting on a soapbox and it really grates. I turn the sound off at the end of this one. Imagine saying 'you better start listening to your patience' A low point for the series.

    The Blanche story line however is a treat. When Blanche sees little balls of sunshine in a bag, it is really funny!moreless
  • LOVE IT!

    This, again, is one of my very favorites. It picks up where part one left off. Dorothy is still on the search to finding out what is wrong with her. She is still getting told she is crazy and the results are all the same. Then she finally finds out the truth: she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is close to my heart because i have it too. This disease should be brought to light more and people should know about it. Blanche has stayed up to write her novel and is very sleep deprived. The sleep deprivation has gone to her head and caused her to becaome loopy, for lack of a better word. She is absolutely hilarious and utters some of the funniest lines during the whole series.moreless
Richard Mulligan

Richard Mulligan

Dr. Harry Weston

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Park Overall

Park Overall

Laverne Todd

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Keone Young

Keone Young

Dr. Chang

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode, Dorothy drinks champagne.  However, in "Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself", Dorothy claims that she doesn't like champagne, and that it would only succeed in making her burp.

    • Viewed by 34.8 million people for the week. Ranked at #5.

    • Dorothy has quite vivid, florid words for the doctor as she tells him off, and is quite audible, but apparently all the other "patrons" don't even lift an eye, as apparently this is just an every day occurence in a fancy restaurant.

    • In the final scene, how likely is it that Dr. Budd just happens to not only be in Miami, but at the very same restaurant as Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose at the very precise moment they are "celebrating" Dorothy's diagnosis? I know sitcoms aren't realistic, but this is a little too much suspension of reality.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Rose: That is the first time I have ever heard anyone say they were so mad they could scream, and then actually do it. That's like saying, "I laughed all the way to the bank." I've never seen anyone do that either.

    • Blanche Devereaux: [about her romance novel] I don't believe it - another rejection! And this one's not even personal - it's a form letter! They just filled my name at the top, see? Oh I'm so upset - I put everything into this letter, Rose, all of me, I held nothing back. Then to have some snotnosed little kid from Harvard send me a form letter - oh! I'm so mad I could scream... AHHHHHHHH!

    • Sophia: Your heart is in the right place, Rose, but I don't know where the hell your brain is.

    • (Looking at a bag of egg yolks)
      Blanche: Rose, what is this? Yellow eyeballs are staring at me!

    • Rose: I don't understand any of this.
      Blanche: Of course you don't, Rose, you're from Minnesota, what have you read, Silas Marner? Paul Bunyan? Nothing, you know nothing!

    • Dorothy: Harry, am I gonna die?
      Harry: I'm afraid so.
      Dorothy: Really??
      Harry: Sooner or later I guarantee it!

    • Blanche: (about Vincent Van Gogh) He cut off his hair maybe I'll cut off mine!
      Dorothy: He cut off his ear.
      Blanche: I have too many earrings.

    • Blanche: My god! I'm hallucinating! Little balls of sunshine in a bag! Is this supposed to mean something?

      Rose: Those are egg yolks Blanche.

      Blanche: My brain's gone.

  • NOTES (3)

    • While this is the final episode written by our beloved Susan Harris,it can be assumed she had some say in the direction of at least some of the episodes.Surprisingly,she has no credited part in the finale episodes.Her final writing credit in the franchise would be the pilot for The Golden Palace.

    • Series creator and writer of this episode, Susan Harris suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    • Richard Mulligan (Harry Weston) and Park Overall (Laverne Todd) crossover from Empty Nest in this episode.


    • When in a state of exhaustion, Blanche tells Rose that a person in St. Olaf is well-read if they can get through the Sears catalog. Before the advent of the internet, the Sears catalog was very popular, especially during the Christmas season.