The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 21

Sisters and Other Strangers

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Blanche's sister Charmaine comes to Miami to promote her new novel. When they meet, they seem to get along fine. Blanche gets an autographed copy of Charmaine's book from Charmaine and Charmaine asks for their father's pocket watch, which Blanche agrees to give her at the book signing. Blanche, after reading the novel, realizes that Charmaine has copied her life and published it into her novel.
Meanwhile, Stan's cousin Magda is also visiting from Czechoslovakia. Madga complains about life in America and capitalism. Dorothy is bothered by this and tries to convince Magda that freedom and political changes in Czechoslovakia are the best.
The ladies go to Charmaine's book signing and Magda is amazed by the volume of books and varied ideas. Dorothy convinces Magda to read two books that will explain capitalism to her - Common Sense and Vanna White's autobiography. Blanche then barges into the book signing and tells Charmaine that the book is trash. Charmaine arrives later, demanding the pocket watch. Blanche refuses to tell her and accuses Charmaine of ripping off her life for her book. Charmaine then explains that her book is based on her life - they're too much alike, which is probably the explanation to why they never got along and also why Blanche thought the book was about her. They embrace, and check their images on the ceiling mirror.
Madga decides to go back to Czechoslovakia to face its political changes because of Rose's story about changing her life and going to St. Gustaf.
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