The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 21

Sisters and Other Strangers

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Viewed by 31 million people, and ranked #8 for the week.

    • Rose says after graduation she went to St. Gustaf. However, in Season Four Rose says that to get to from St. Gustaf to St. Olaf you have to take a plane and then land transportation. If Rose was standing outside in the middle of the night in St. Gustaf, with the rain pouring down, with St. Olaf a two-day train ride away, how did she get home, and where did she spend the night? On the street?

    • According to the layout of the house, Blanche's room is the one at the end of the hallway. However, in this episode and many others, when the girls are in Blanche's room and the door is wide open, you can clearly see that to the right is the door that supposedly leads to Blanche's room.

    • Barbara Babcock is best known for her roles as Grace Gardiner on Hill Street Blues and as Dorothy Jennings on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

  • Quotes

    • (pro-Communism, and how it tells you what to do/read/think)
      Magda: When there is only one road, no one gets lost

    • Dorothy: It took you a long time to write out "Welcome, Magda"

      Rose: I thought that would be too boring so I decided to depict her escape from checkoslovakia.

      (Shows Cake to girls)
      Dorothy: Is that Barbed Wire?

      Rose: (cheerful) Isn't it amazing what you can do with Icing?

      Dorothy: You made that pack of Dog's look very realistic. But the revolution in checkoslovakia was a peaceful one, no one was chased by a pack of dogs.

      Sophia: (scoops up some frosting) But their good Dog's Rose.

    • Dorothy: Come here, Ma. I want you to taste this. (Sophia tastes the sauce) Well?
      Sophia: Wouldn't it be easier to put a pillow over my face while I'm asleep?
      Dorothy: Just set the table. I'm expecting Stan and his cousin soon.
      Sophia: Oh, then this sauce is perfect for them. Well, maybe just a drop more of disinfectant.

    • Blanche: (about her sister's new book) Dorothy, what am I gonna do? By the time she leaves, she's gonna be more famous around here than I am!
      Dorothy: Oh, honey, only if they close the Sheridan.

    • Rose: St. Olaf's motto was "better red than Ned!" Ned was sort of the town idiot.
      Sophia: When, on your days off?

    • Magda: So many books!
      Dorothy: That's why they call it a bookstore!

    • Dorothy: (about Gloria breaking Mrs. Doolittle) She not only broke it, but she made it so her eyes would never close again!
      Magda: Dorothy, let it go.

    • Dorothy: (about her sister ruining her favorite childhood doll) And how did Mrs. Dolittle's hair get singed? Did it herself? I think not.
      Sophia: Gloria's the one who had to get a rabies shot!
      Dorothy: I was a biter...

    • Sophia: (at the bookstore) If you need me I'll be in the bitter-children-of-celebrities section.
      Dorothy: Don't get lost.

    • Sophia: I hate Communists.
      Dorothy: Of course you do, that's because you were raised a Fascist.

    • Sophia: (to Stan's Cousin) So you're Stan's cousin?
      Magda: Please don't hold this against me.
      Sophia: She's okay.

    • Dorothy: (to Stan's Cousin) You can sleep in my room and I'll sleep with Ma.
      Sophia: Good now when I wake up screaming I'll have a reason.

    • Dorothy: I would kill Gloria if she ever wrote about my sexual escapades.
      Sophia: You'd kill your sister over a pamphlet?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Common Sense

      One of the books Dorothy recommends to Magda is Thomas Paine's 'pamphlet' entitled "Common Sense". It was published anonymously (signed, 'Written by an Englishman') in early 1776), and presented a strong case to American Colonialists to question British rule and push for independence. Paine made sure to write it in vernacular so it could be read and understood by the colonists, and the pamphlet was hugely popular.

    • Stan's cousin becomes addicted to Slurpees in this episode. Slurpees are a drink at 7-11conveniencestores that are under the Icee brand.

    • This episode makes reference to Vanna White's autobiography, Vanna Speaks. Vanna White is the woman who turns the letters to help reveal the puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.