The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 14

Sisters of the Bride

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1991 on NBC

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  • Blanche's brother Clayton is getting married.

    Blanche brother pays an unexpected visit to miami.He tells Blanche,that he is getting married.Which got Blanche shocked to find out that her brother Clayton was getting to married to an man.As if she still can't face the truth that her brother is gay.Even though she thinks he should marry an woman.Rose is also hoping to win the volunteer award.But unfortunelly she didn't win.She was accepting for the person she hate the most.So she decided that she would try harder to get the award.So Blanche accepts her brother as who is and what he is.If I found out my sibling was homosexual.I would accept it.I mean after all we are still family.I am just saying if.They aren't really homosexual.
  • If it's not bad enough that Clayton's gay. . .now he wants to get married.

    It was great seeing how Blanche worrying about what people will think about her. It was also great to see her brother telling her off and how she should accept it. I thought it was funny when she caused the fiasco at the banquet and how funny it was when Rose thought she won, and then took the trophy home and wanted to get the other woman's name off of it. Also, seeing Sophia trying to set Dorothy up at the banquet was funny. This was a very good episode.
  • Blanche's brother Clayton arrives in town to announce that he is getting married to his friend Doug. Blanche has trouble getting used to it. Meanwhile, Rose is up for Volunteer of the year award.

    This is another episode that endears so many gay fans to the Girls. The reaction that Blanche has is incredibly accurate, especially for the early 90's. You know she loves Clayton, but she just can't get used to him being gay "I don't mind that Clayton is a homosexual, I just wish he wouldn't date men"!
    Even as she stumbles, she eventually comes to terms and accepts Clayton and Doug.
    The other story on the show gives us vintage GG comedy. Sophia is selling dates with Dorothy in exchange for services for the banquet, while Rose gets carried away thinking she has won the award.
    My favorite line is from Dorothy. "You'll have to excuse my mother. She survived a slight stroke and to be frank, it's left her a total burden. One of my favorite episodes.
  • Rose's funniest scene in the entire show, in my opinion, is right here.

    This is not an episode that most people would probably think of as a good one to have as an all time favorite, but it definitely is for me. This is one of those episodes where you really never get to catch your breath between laughs because the funny stuff just keeps coming and coming... The plot itself (Blanche's brother getting married) is not that funny a subject, but the jokes are just precious. To name a couple... "I'm think I'm doing a pretty good job covering how upset I am"..."Like how you started sobbing at dinner when Clayton asked for more fruit cocktail?" and "Oh look, they're skipping!... OH GAWD!" Funniest line right there.

    But what really makes this one of my favorite episodes is the side plot with Rose and the volunteer award. If I had to pick a single funniest scene from the entire series, Rose making a fool out of herself at the banquet when she doesn't win would be a top contender. "She doesn't need that on her mantle... SHE'S on her mantle!!" Oh my God, I never stop laughing at that. This is Rose's competitive nature at its absolute most hysterical. The whole thing is utter genius, and I'd never get tired of watching it. This is the show at its best, and in its sixth season, too. You have to love it!
  • Blanche's brother, Clayton, is getting remarried and Rose is accepting an award for community service? Sounds simple, right? Well, Clayton is marrying another man and Rose technically loses the award to a longtime rival.

    Clayton first appeared back in 1985, as a recently divorced man who was afraid to tell his sister that he is a gay man. It was nice to see a guest star not only return, but have something worth wild happen with his character.

    In 1985, Blanche --eventually -- seemed ready to accept Clayton's sexual orientation. Yet, she is still not ready to accept the he can love a man as much as she did her own husband. It is a social contradiction that the episode does not shy away from and illustrates the silly prejudices involved with humor, warmth, compassion and real wisdom. As an added bonus, the episode offers some of the funniest scenes with Rose, through her highly competitive efforts to beat a longtime rival and receive an award. While these two story lines may seem unrelated, they are brought together very well in the episode and compel the audience to ask some very important questions; i.e. What is marriage and why do people volunteer?

    Both Blanche and Rose behave in an incredibly silly way, albeit for different reasons. Marriage is not about the gender of the adults involved. It is all about love, commitment, responsibility and family. Likewise, volunteering and other humanitarian work is not about winning awards. It is about helping your fellow human beings and giving back to your community.
  • Season 6, Episode 14.

    This episode rocked! I loved it! Blanche's "homophobia" was pretty hilarious. Rose was also funny in this episode. I absolutely LOVED when Blanche yelled, "Fire!" before her brother can introduce Doug as his partner. Then she covers it up by saying, "It was a small fire... It's out now..." Haha, it was great. This is definitely The Golden Girls at its finest. Rose rocked in this episode. She wanted the award so badly and, in a way got it. The previous winner that she lost to seven times has died, and she knows she will win. However, the dead woman still won the award which was hilarious! Rose's reaction was hilarious. Sophia, as usual, is up to her tricks and sells Dorothy to a man so she can get a discount. This episode is GG at its finest, and the writers should be awarded greatly.