The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 14

Sisters of the Bride

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1991 on NBC

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  • Blanche's brother, Clayton, is getting remarried and Rose is accepting an award for community service? Sounds simple, right? Well, Clayton is marrying another man and Rose technically loses the award to a longtime rival.

    Clayton first appeared back in 1985, as a recently divorced man who was afraid to tell his sister that he is a gay man. It was nice to see a guest star not only return, but have something worth wild happen with his character.

    In 1985, Blanche --eventually -- seemed ready to accept Clayton's sexual orientation. Yet, she is still not ready to accept the he can love a man as much as she did her own husband. It is a social contradiction that the episode does not shy away from and illustrates the silly prejudices involved with humor, warmth, compassion and real wisdom. As an added bonus, the episode offers some of the funniest scenes with Rose, through her highly competitive efforts to beat a longtime rival and receive an award. While these two story lines may seem unrelated, they are brought together very well in the episode and compel the audience to ask some very important questions; i.e. What is marriage and why do people volunteer?

    Both Blanche and Rose behave in an incredibly silly way, albeit for different reasons. Marriage is not about the gender of the adults involved. It is all about love, commitment, responsibility and family. Likewise, volunteering and other humanitarian work is not about winning awards. It is about helping your fellow human beings and giving back to your community.
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