The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 23

Son-in-Law Dearest

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 1987 on NBC

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  • kate comes down for a visit, thinking that she's pregnant dorothy and the gang all get excited but then all are schocked when they find out that Dennis(kate's husband) had an affair with another woman

    The great thing about this episdoe, is how dorothy was able to relate to what kate was going through at the time,but unfortunately for dorothy she couldnt keep her mouth shut and forgive dennis, even after kate fogave him.
    The Subplot with blanche and rose watching i love lucy and rose not knowing what the show was, brought so much humor to the episode. I also enjoyed rose telling the story of how she and charlie would make love, every night from 7 till midnight. i expected by the end for there to be a misunderstanding, because as you know, rose told the story, but no. i laughed for a week
  • Dennis is such an cheater

    Blanche and Rose are planning to stay up to watch the "I Love Lucy" Marathon.Dorthy daughter has an big annoucement.Dorthy expect that Kate is preganat.Which got her excited thinking about it.But when Kate comes home.She has an bigger shock,which got Dorthy shocked.Kate and Dennis had an fight after he told about another woman he was kissing.So she left him.This got Dorthy upset of course even when Stan came this upset him as well.But when Dennis comes back.He and Kate talked now the two made up and Dorthy can't accept this fact that Kate,would made up with Dennis and forgive him.In the end Dorthy forgive Dennis.

    Not an really good episode.I mean if Dennis,cheated on Kate.Than those shouldn't get back together.
  • Dorothy's son-in-law is a cheater.

    Not my favorite storyline because it was all how the girls reacted to the news of Dorothy's son cheating on her daughter. I think it had the potential to be a lot funnier. The only somewhat funny part was the I Love Lucy marathon and Rose having never heard of them and saying "I Like Lucy." That was the only decent part.