The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 10

Stan Takes a Wife

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Apparently Stan was either never married, or got divorced, because the next time we see Stan in an episode, there's no mention of Stan's wife or a divorce for that matter.

    • This is the final Episode Veteran Writer Winifred Hervey would pen for the Show.

  • Quotes

    • Stan: (to the girls) Hey, well, there's nothing wrong with my taste. You've seen that ring that I picked out for Dorothy.
      Dorothy: (looking at the ring) Actually, he was going for a bracelet but the mechanical claw grabbed the ring.

    • Rose: Blanche, what are you doing home? I thought you were out on a date with Jerry!
      Blanche: So did I. He led me out of the movie theater, said he was going to go park the car, and that's the last I saw of him.
      Rose: I think you've been ditched.
      Blanche: Now, did I ask you? If I want advice on getting ditched, I'll ask an expert. Dorothy, did I get ditched?
      Dorothy: Yes, Blanche. But don't feel bad. Look what it's done for Sonny Bono.

    • Dorothy: (Stan enters the hospital) What're you doing here?
      Stan: I had second thoughts about the price I paid for the ring so I came over to discuss it with you. The neighbors told me what happened.
      Dorothy: Oh God, for once I'm glad that you're cheap.

    • Dorothy: I'm still in love with the man, and I can't let him marry someone else.
      Sophia: Is it just me or is the room suddenly getting darker?

    • Rose: He's wearing a girdle?
      Dorothy: And shoulder pads.
      Blanche: And knowing him, a sock in the crotch.

    • Dorothy: Did you lose weight?
      Stan: No, I'm wearing a girdle. Will Sophia be able to come?
      Dorothy: She wasn't up to it but she sends her regards, and baggies for the food, you're wearing a girdle.

    • Dorothy: Ma, you're supposed to be in bed.
      Sophia: When I feel bad, I have to distract myself, and there's only one thing that does that.
      Dorothy: Cooking a big meal.
      Sophia: No, making love in a closet, but hey you do what you can.

    • Dorothy: Oh Ma, you scared me to death.
      Sophia: You scared ME to death, you couldn't have put on a little makeup? There might be a single doctor in here.

    • Stan: (to the doctor) Now look, Sophia may be just another case to you, but we love her, and we want to be updated on her condition regardless. We want to be informed of how she's doing EVERY hour ON the hour.

    • Dorothy: My lasagna never tastes as good as Ma's, she says that's because I don't sing my marinara sauce. That's her secret, she sings opera to her sauce, except at Christmas then she sings Nat King Cole. (starts crying)
      Stan: I love your lasagna.
      Dorothy: You're just saying that to make me feel better.
      Stan: Is it working?
      Dorothy: (regaining composure) Like a charm.

    • Stan: Well, do I look like a man about to do it for the third time? Get married I mean.

    • Rose: Dorothy. Should I get Sophia a glass of water?
      Dorothy: No. You should sit there and watch her hack herself to death.

    • Dorothy: Either you follow the doctors orders or I'm going to call him and tell on you.
      Sophia: Ooo. What's he going to do, come over and spank me?
      Blanche: If he does, send him to my room when he's done.

    • (After Dorothy tells her that she's been dumped)
      Blanche: I've lost it!
      Sophia: In more back seats than anyone I know.

  • Notes

    • This episode is the closest to farce that Golden Girls ever came. The entire scene with Stan in the hotel room is complete farce.

  • Allusions

    • Dorothy: I hate waiting.
      Blanche: I hate hospitals.
      Rose: I hate when the people put each other down on Love Connection.

      Allusion: Rose is referencing the video dating game show which premiered in 1983 and was hosted by Chuck Woolery.