The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 7

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1987 on NBC

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  • Hilarious first half, although the second half does slow down a little.

    Okay, so the story line is somewhat far-fetched, but are we not used to Christopher Lloyd expecting us to suspend our disbelief and just laugh at the characterisation?.

    The epsiode's first half really was funny. Here are few of the best one liners
    Rose:'That little floozy stole Blanche's clothes'

    Blanche: 'Omg they've spread my backside all over the front page'
    Sophia: 'Must have been a wide angle lense'

    Rose: 'Then why does it say that the explosion was so big it shattered windows in the building next door'
    Dorothy: (Yelling) Rose, that's an article about an earthquake guatamala'

    However, Gil possibly winning the election because he slept with Blanche, was too far fetched for me.

    The ending was surprising, to say the least. Gil was once a woman.

    Fav Line:

    Rose to blanche about not believing her 'You should make us eat dirt, give us the silent treatment'
    Dorothy: Rose, if you give us the silent treatment, I will eat dirt.
  • The girls believe that Blanche slept with a city councilman, but then learn that it was all a lie.

    I do believe this is a good episode in the sense that the girls really underestimate Blanche and don't realize that she doesn't sleep with <b>everybody</b>. Sure she enjoys the company of men, but that doesn't mean she's a common whore. I liked when it turned out that the girls were wrong and how they tried to apologize to Blanche. I thought the funniest part was the <i>Facts of Life</i> joke.
  • Somewhat ridiculous, but mostly boring

    This episode is ok, but I think it misses truly being funny. It's another third season episode (much like "The Artist") that's really only entertaining the first time you see it, when you don't know what's going to happen in the end. Once you know what the big twist is, it's kind of dull. But unlike "The Artist," in "Strange Bedfellows," the jokes are not funny enough to make it worth watching, nowhere near the usual Golden Girls standard. It's dull to the point of being hard to pay attention to. Plus, the plot is pretty ridiculous when you think about it. I'm sorry, but who really cares whether the wimp wins? And the twist is very unbelievable. And I don't think Dorothy and Rose would've been so unfair to Blanche, either. But all in all, it's not horrible to watch. I'd watch it if it was on, but it's not very funny, and way below the Golden Girls norm.